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(if we do a big bangup HIC fight, then if we do have a Grace, then it could be an attempt to make a more satisfying "ending" than the Waste of Space/Hussie. We have a huge climatic showdown without even CARING about Lord English or the Alpha timeline, and find relevance on our own.

It turns out the meaning of our doomed sessions was the friends we made along the way ™
((Oooh I like that! How bout this:

1.) We find Formerly Alpha John but learn that he can't help us due to actual Alpha John having already entered their universe (and most of us are barred from entering cause you know tons of us are ded :P)

2.) We reconvene once again in Flare Town (which is now hereby our hub) and learn that that gigantic Black hole Predominant! Calliope opened had grown and is now starting to consume Flare Town (putting our friends in jeopardy)

3.) HIC already got sucked in, there she either gets teleported someplace else or she somehow encounters the Purplish Genesis Frog.

4.) Something bad happens (no idea what)

5.) We open up the plot point where we look for a way to stop this, by maybe finding a Grace player or something?

6.) Black hole would get smaller and stop sucking other players (since I kinda doubt we can completely get rid of it?)

7.) Ok so here's why I introduced that Purplish Frog in the first place... Maybe it can be fixed by that Grace Player and once they do we can turn it into an imperfect but good enough universe for the living characters to get in.

Bonus.) Or maybe we can have some bonus plot point where through the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP (and tons of Life players) we revive some of the ghosts and have them live hapilly in that totally-not-cheated universe, while others that stayed dead could just stay in Flare Town, helping other chumps in need.
((Hell yes. The Power of Friendship™ saves the day. Let's get all Care Bears with this shit. Alright, so, the Grace character would be the one who's been fucking with Hussie and the one to help undo the damages done by The Pocket... I think it makes sense that the natural counter to both Hussie and predominant Calliope as space players (Waste of Space and Muse of Space, respectively) would be a time player. The Grace of Time could maybe rewind the frog back to when it was healthy? Then Jane as the Maid of Life could offer everyone a second life, right? That's what she did in the final battle at least. That way the ghosts could live in the newly rewound frog universe happily ever after. We just need some reason to tie )(IC into this so we can fight her as the end boss. My original thought was that she was after Roxy's friend, ghost troll Calliope from the speciesswap verse, in order to capture her and deliver her to their universe's Caliborn/Lord English. Maybe she could take some interest in the new purple genesis frog universe as a way to fulfill her goals of recreating Alternian society? Like, she could have frognapped it and our characters would need to fight her to get it back and out of her evil clutches? The Grace of Time might be the one to metaphorically or literally push our characters in the direction of the frog and )(IC out of sheer frustration of the plot coming to an utter standstill. What do you guys think?))
((Sounds perfect! Maybe I can call other RP-ers into rejoining this RP? Like @la devotee? I can chat with her and get stuff done if you'd like! :D
((i'm down
((also @freedom are you letting sessions collide die?
((@Vantas! Ofcourse not! I'm loving that RP. :D
((Imma weigh in here and say that feeding OCs to some arbitrary final boss seems kinda cheap but I'll just go along with whatevs happens.
(I am down, I especially like the idea of the Grace interfering with us directly, as a contrast to Hussie being all "man, my self-insert can't do TOO much with the characters". "*shove* no, the plot is over THERE, dunkass", says the Grace.

Oh man, suddenly I am sure that if a Waste of Space was messing with predominant caliborn, than the Grace of Time was probably the one messing with predominant calliope.
((Oh so we're gonna try focusing on Calliope? I'm down
@Ancient hmm, maybe we can have a main villain... But not necessarily a final boss? If that makes sense? Cause that'll be hilarious, seeing a Grace being like "I'm finally getting this fuckers at the right direction!" But suddenly- "GODDAMNIT!!!" :D
((Let's remember, an antagonist isn't necessarily a villain. The Grace of Time might have attempted to stop Lord English, but ended up going too far by mistake, to his/her horror. A nuanced and flawed character is so much more INTERESTING than straight up evil.
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