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The AuthorBot is not impressed with Nate's inattentiveness.

AuthorBot: The almost-explosions are not the threat, Nate. The almost-explosions are what passes for ambiance on this cake and oil themed planet.
AuthorBot: Instead, the threat is that apparently there is a fire. On a planet made of wind, oil, and concussive blasts that push the wind and oil around.
AuthorBot: It seems you wish to die trapped in a house fire, Nate. DO you want to die trapped in a house fire? Because that is the most likely course of events should you remain, trapped in a house, that will soon be on fire.
AuthorBot: While you achieve your life long dream, *I* will be vacating the house and resuming looking for John out in the open, where death by fire is at least something I can look out for.

The AuthorBot floats out of the house without a second look back. Fuck organics and their inconsistent survival instincts.
Well god damn. That got his attention really fucking quickly. Despite the fact that he could IN THEORY become incorporeal and avoid consequences, that seems like way too much fucking trouble. Besides, explosions are fun to see from a distance.

>NATE: Abscond

RS: Well, okay. That seems like a good idea to me. I mean, you were built to withstand a lot of heat, or at least your old body was, but I'm not sure about the new one.

RS: I'm not gonna ask for you to look around inside for us.

RS: Where is everyone? I get the distinct sense that zombies are about for some reason. Is it the Doom player? It's the Doom player, isn't it?
Cali looked at the new "body" Cernun gave her, she's fine having a robot body and seeing a random one fall out of the sky out of nowhere is a different brand of what the fuck for her.

CALI: wat?

She doesn't notice the fire spreading her direction before Dirk Egbert nonchalantly pulled her and her body away from that and immediately out of the house before reacting to the body Bio dropped near them.

UT: OK, I literally have no idea how to react to this.
UT: Iean we appreciate it all but I don't remember ordering one up from you, hell, I never even knew you could just make bodies out of thin air like this.
TG: ye! agreed!
TG: i mean sure ty for the free life if u wanna compare this to a video game
TG: but i guess i'll keep it on back up since i have this bamf not body of mine! OUO
TT: Holy shit! I don't know about you all but this is an actual blessing from the Gods or whoever, I'm going in!!

Alex excitedly jumped into the new body, immediately leaving the rotten one behind. Which kinda startled everyone on this planet? Kinda?

Meanwhile Cernun is having a hard time finding them cause of that voidy hole.
That's when Bio does the risky voidy thing that will probably end bad as usual. Cernun would feel their seer powers piercing through the voidy hole, and able to locate their friends. This won't last long though.
Hal was kissing the shit out of Black but was interrupted by the sudden pod drop. Malis got scared too. And I guess thanked Alex for being near him so the pod would land there(?).
Dave is flying away from the fire and saving all the apple juice he can find.

Dave drop the apple juice.

Vic is currently absconding with Luis in his arms away from the fire.
He gotta protect his waifu man.
(stumped as to how to proceed)
((Same here... :/
I'be been trying to figure out what I can do from this point to get things moving towards the end game, but I have no idea what that should be. How do you even end something like this? To be honest, I didn't think I'd get this far. Kinda expected this this to die in obscurity, and now we've got 73 pages of incredible collaboration and kickassery with no ending in sight. Does anyone have an idea of what we could do for an ending? I suppose "they all went back to Flare Torn and lived happily ever after" is a half decent cop-out, but it doesn't feel right after we've all put so much work into making this a fucking epic. I'm open to any and all suggestions, even if you think it's stupid please just go ahead and post it. Let's have an end game brainstorming session!))
((Honestly i thought the end would be like a dramatic boss battle where we'd have to like, sacrifice one of our OC's to go and destroy this boss, and the boss would take the Oc's down with them. As for said boss, i've been debating between the HIC or some kind of rogue player who has been causing all the trouble to the group. Ans then Flare town happy ever after.
((Is that okay? or should we think of something else?
((I am setting up something with that Purplish Genesis Frog I keep mentioning, like it could turn into a universe that is so effed up (cause Rain and Joel cheated trying to revive it) the main boss villain popped out from it, or hell maybe the Frog ITSELF is the bad guy? I honestly have no idea, and I think it is open for others to interpret. Whatever it may end up I plan on killing some of my OC's before or during the final battle. As for other ideas? I do like having that Flare Town idea though we could introduce a bs plot where they can find Alpha John and... Let the living players reach Can Town, or maybe just their universe in general maybe...? Oh and we can also stick with your Grace player antagonist plan? I hope my ideas help, since a lot of them are really rough musings.
(()(IC would work as a final boss, I could bring her back into the narrative via Roxy, and by extension, Roxy's species swap friends. It'd be nice to tie up those loose ends. The Purplish Genesis Frog would also work as a possible plot point, maybe our characters would have to destroy it before it can mature into a fucked up universe? I believe RS mentioned something about stopping the destruction caused by The Pocket earlier, and I think that would make a nice end goal. We've also got the hypothetical Grace character who could either be an end boss or fill a supporting role. If we go for a supporting role then I'm thinking something like predominant Calliope in the end of Homestuck, except instead of creating The Pocket they might be able to help our characters undo it. The challenge here comes in how we would have to tie in all three plot points: )(IC, the Frog, and the Grace. Any more ideas?))
Nah das it homie, i like the idea of a boss fight tho. but if taht happens we all need an oc to fight and possibly riggidy wrecked and die.))
((i vote the hic as the bossfight since her ships are probably still in the bubbles
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