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Turnus smirked at the new laurels placed upon his neck. As Kilius frolicked in the icing with everyone else, Turnus kept talking with Dirk.

Turnus: ]~[ Whilst it's a shame you're so willing to pass on leadership that easily, I've never been one to turn down some hoofbeat mouthbounty ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Give me a moment ]~[

Turnus looked to Kilius and his eyes flashed purple. At that moment, Kilius' did too and a purple aura flashed outwards like a camera. From there, no more frolicking.


Turnus: ]~[ There, I've put my forebruder to use ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ As someone who has Rage give them aid, I quickly understood just how much of a grasp I had on this facet of reality ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ As such, I can direct my own Rage through Kilius and let his special effects do their job ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Judging by the kind of mental combat I've just done in my head, the festivities should've come to a grinding halt ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Here's your chance to speak your part ]~[
AB: So. Just to keep everyone up to date. John is not at his house, but there IS a shit ton of cake brandishing salamander consorts. Does John like cake? Should we check every damn floor of this mess for him?
AB: Also, Kilius may or may not have just had a stroke or some shit.

AuthorBotJunior has left the bubble entirely and rejoined Dirk, Roxy and Turnus.
ABJ: Hrmmm...

JadedResearcher is slightly less lost. Once JR started to recognize obvious quest markers, JR could at least figure out how to get to the Denizen's lair. Cheating at SBURB is easy if you know how it generates all it's hyperflexible custom planets. JR is pretty much 100% sure that John wouldn't still be hanging out in the lair of the Denizen that killed him, but fuck having a goal is better than being completely lost.
ROXY: (hoofbeat mouthbounty?)
DIRK: Hand over leadership?
DIRK: No, see, you've got it all wrong.
DIRK: I was never the leader of this clusterfuck, I just kicked it all off.
DIRK: I'm not cut out for leadership anyways.

ROXY: (wtf is hoofbeat mouthbounty?)
DIRK: Whatever you just did sounds pretty cool, but I don't know what do you expect me to do with it.
DIRK: What we need isn't a leader, we've been doing fine without one so far.
DIRK: What we need is a common goal, something to work towards.
DIRK: Right now that goal is finding John, but we have no idea where he is.
DIRK: He's not in the house, so that puts us right back at square one.
DIRK: He might not even be in the bubble. Hell, he might not even be a ghost anymore.
DIRK: Maybe he got sucked into
The Pocket, or maybe Lord English double killed him to death.
DIRK: In short, there's nothing for me to do here.

ROXY: (no 4 reals tho, what is hoofbeat mouthbounty?)

Meanwhile, in the bubble, the consorts are acting a lot less frantic now, and Junior watches Kilius with concern.

JUNIOR: You okay?

((Here's a sneak peak of the end game boss for this RP.))
(eee, best boss. Did you make that?)

The AuthorBot has dutifully reported whatever the fuck is happening with the best rapper in all of paradox space. Despite having a...fondness...for the organic troll, she can't bring herself to actually be CONCERNED. He's a GodTier, for literal god's sake, which basically means infinite back ups unless they manage to find themselves being actually useful, which is pretty much never.

AuthorBotJunior is bored. Very, very, CRITICALLY bored. The humans she met up with seem dedicated to just standing around, and while she can get behind a solid policy of uselessness, she does not abide BORING uselessness. She zips away from the humans before they even notice her presence.

Between JR getting lost, and the AuthorBot and Nate being distracted by cake and rage seizures, AuthorBotJunior is completely unsupervised, and able to brainstorm her own solutions to the boredom problem.

Who knew shaving cream was so flammable?
By that time, the crew would've heard a crash up stairs, which startled even Cernun from afar. It was actually Cali, who as a few may know, isn't really the best with piloting her robot body. Blue Dirk just looked at her, he is close to chuckling, but her robot body isn't really capable of such emotions (he's working on fixing that though, don't worry, no evil ghost in the shell shit is gonna go down, the roleplayer crosses their heart)

Blue Dirk just sighed and went in through the hole in the wall left by Cali, who is already looking around the room. Dirk Egbert went down only to see the cake party shenanigans, having no opinions of it whatsoever.

DIRK: So my Mindy bullshit really didn't worked didn't it?

That was when Cernun responded in the memo.

CS: O= it clearlyy didd.... Except youu alll flew in so quicklyy before Ii realized it ain't your Jo=n t=at'ss t=eree....
CS: Sorryy aboutt t=at....
CS: T=is is strangee sincee my spaciall clairvoyance neverr failed me before....
TG: no, you did well! its fine OuO

That was when Cali went down and looked excitedly at the cakes, perhaps too excitedly actually since she almost jumped in before being pulled back by Dirk Egbert.

Cernun took a peak as to what is up with Bio, seeing nothing wrong they proceed to continue watching over the others.

Blac, Snow, and Rain all worked together to stitch up a nice temporary body for Alex out of many zombie parts (through Lifey thing shenanigans), Alex looked at it, disgusted, before Blac shrugged, which told her this is the best they can do. Alex gulped and jumped in the new body, it is just as bad as she thought, it felt rotten just being here, but she doesn't want to offend the Life Player family, especially since they tried so hard to make it look like her, and so she gave them a thumbs up, only for her decaying thumb to fall off. Welp she has to deal with this for a long while....

And finally, Joel is reunited with the Carapacians he seemed his parents, leaving Louces to stare at him awkwardly. They aren't progressing much if people can't tell.
Kilius growled and the aura receded back into him. He panted for a bit, looking annoyed.


The ground shakes as he yells. He seems to calm down after getting this out of his system.

Meanwhile in floofy hood city.

Turnus: ]~[ You say we don't need a leader, yet here I am ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ If anything, I'm sure that THE GRUDGE can lead us there ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ That is, if you really feel up for it ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ No shame in calling it quits and letting someone capable take charge ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ I'm being coy of course, there's plenty of shame in that ]~[
((@JR Haha, fuck no. I WISH I had that kind of talent. My friend sent it to me, and I've got no idea where he found it.))

Dirk shrugs.

DIRK: Fuck it. I've got no better ideas.
DIRK: If you have a way to find John, then go for it.

Meanwhile, with Kilius' ragey thing subsiding, the consorts go back into full freak the fuck out mode. It is utter chaos. Junior and the others are so distracted that they fail to notice the light growing brighter on the distant horizon.

Who knew oil was so flammable?
ABJ: Interesting!!!
AB: Oh. Fuck.
JR: Oh. Fuck.
JR: anybody still on the Memo??? SOMETHING is going down. Is anybody in a fight? there a fire...fuck...yes. I smell burning. Goddammit @ABJ.

The AuthorBot carefully considers her words.
AuthorBot: Nate. Better, Redder, TT? Rad Rapper? We are FUCKED.
AuthorBot: I'm getting reports that there is a fire somewhere on the planet made of ALMOST EXPLOSIONS, wind, and FUCKING OIL.
AuthorBot: There is a 92.71027408039126% that we need to get the fuck out of this enclosed space.
TC: ¥o Flar£ +own i$ gr£a+.
TC: Wh¥ i$ +h£r£ $o mu€h baking $+uff?
TC: I+'$ weirding m£ and Lui$ ou+.
BC: I +hink Jan£ did +ha+? Or John?
BC: Idk I n£v£r kn£w John w£ll and +h£ Jan£ I m£+ wa$ from a $£para+£ +im£lin£.
GH: We're all stuck in a voidy hole.
GH: We could use some help, like right fucking now.
BC: Oh righ+.
BC: I forgo+ +o $hoo+ down +h£ bodi£$ for Al£% and €ali, whoop$.
BC: Look ou+ b£low.
Two clone bodies in test tubes would be shot down from the lab to the locations of their host. Cali's would land right by Dave and cause him to do the emotionless looking frightened reaction and destroy a couple more houses before reaching Cali.
Alex's body would land right on a zombie player that was about to eat Malis.
Dave then did the Strider frown as he realized that John wasn't here.
NATE has currently distracted himself watching Game Grumps, but responds anyways. Arin is cut off from talking about how he's "gonna pre" as the video pauses.

RS: Uh, explosions? Like, real ones?

RS: Is this an imminent demise type of thing, or can it wait?

RS: I think we should keep looking as long as we can, I know I've definitely been looking hard. Definitely.
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