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Vic and Doomed Luis's flushed feelings for each other is developing nicely, they savor this few moments together.

Cali is still staring at Dirk Egbert going into his "Mindy-Thing" state, to make this less awkward she just began reading the memo. Doing so is better than watching your friend struggle fruitlessly at you own idea. By the way, the roleplayer forgot to mention that Cali is the one whom convinced Blue Dirk to do a Mindy thing, though she sort of regrets it now since it doesn't seem to work very well.

At that time as Bioline is left resting in the labs by Cernun, Cernun went and strapped themselves back in the machine and responded to the memo.

CS: Ii cann possibly =elp in findingg your Jo=n.... As well as wit= your currentt predicamentt @JR....
CS: Just give me aa feww moments....

And thus Cernun goes using their Seery thing and scans the bubble to find whatever they are all looking for.

Blac accepted the kiss, but immediately cuts back to her two reunited girls and proceeds to, you guessed it, choke hug them. The two awkwardly stare at each other since Snow is... Kinda pissed that Rain goes all mysterious and shit while Rain is also getting really guilt tripped.

BLAC: I knew I'd find ye here! Thank heavens yer dad drives like a mole on ground, amirite??

The two are still being chocked at that time so they didn't responded, that was when Blac noticed Alex floating around like the GHOST that she is, which shouldn't be possible without a dreambubble, but hey, she's a Life player. Finally she lets go of her "daughters" and walked up to Alex, leaving Rain and Snow to pant after being deprived of oxygen like that.

BLAC: Looks like ye got some ghost girl over here. Don't worry pal, yet gal Blac here knows how that feels.
ALEX: Uh...

Alex is quite confused as to how the fuck she ended up like this, a ghost within some zombie infested place, this is beyond weird even for SBURB standards.

Meanwhile, for the two characters that the roleplayer had a time out roleplaying, Louces and Joel looked the familiar bunker, which turns out to be Joel's old home, which is weird since wasn't that supposed to be in that void Medium their trio abandoned??? He opened the bunker, still remembering how to deal with its complicated lock mechanism, before entering...

None of the players noticed this as of now but that purple frog Joel and Rain were experimenting on is still lost in some sort of void... Frankly it croaks, clearly alive and loving being here, this seems to be a bad omen... But nah, whatever bad stuff that may happen, it won't until a very long time has passed.

((I have no idea if whatever I'm setting up would affect the main story. Anyways, I hope nobody minds, :v
((Thanks @JR!
@Vantas, which Dirk did Dave land by? You gotta be specific when talking about Dirks.
@Freedom, I don't mind at all! In my opinion, the more chaotic the end game, the better.
Alternate subtitles were either "now with an update before ass o'clock at night" or "now with over 700 replies!"))

While Dirk is doing the mindy thing and searching for John, Junior decides to do some manual searching. First thing to do is check out the house that's sticking out of the oil in the distance. He takes off from one of the shale islands and starts flying at a slower pace than usual, being careful to skirt around any explosive areas.

TT: What's going on down there?
TT: explosions
TT: mostly
TT: Yeah, I got that part.
TT: What are you doing specifically?

TT: going to
TT: house
TT: rn
TT: Alright.
TT: Stay on the memo and keep us updated.

TT: Okay.
TT: Did I just get sassed by Junior?
TG: omg
TG: highfive junior

TT: Don't encourage him.
TT: highfive
TT: Fucking christ.
((Orange dirk

Vic was savoring this moment quite well. Thanks to Jane and Jake's wild imaginations, Flare town was amazing for them to explore. They talked and talked and saw amazing things and did lovey stuff.
Hal joined Black in the family choke hug.
Zeta looked up at ghosty Alex, waving.
Cyris is currently helping Mal out of the wreckage of the ship.
Aaaand Bio is awake now PHEW-
Alright, this is new.
Beyond the vorizon of Flare town was an explosion. Surrounded by more explosions. Someone was fighting. If they looked they'd see Gama trying to fend off HIC drones with an unknown player. And the player was a Heir of Void.
Guess what guys? We got ourselves a badass over here.
It's mothafuckin Leo.
Here to wreck your shit and drink fucktons of soda.
AuthorBot floats up to the SBURB standard "House, But Really Fucking Tall" structure. It appears to be desserted. And also, deserted. Which is to say, there are fucking cakes just everywhere. Who would even need all these cakes? Nobody actually present right now, that's for sure, since it is empty.

She turns back to gesture at Nate.

AuthorBot: You probably sound way more "friendly" to non-robots, and apparently this John kid responds to that kind of shit. You wanna try knocking on the door or whatever?

Meanwhile AuthorBotJunior is zipping around and being excited at the almost-explosions up until the point where she realizes the actual lack of danger.

AuthorBotJunior: Hrmmm....

JadedResearcher is flinching with every stupid shitty not-explosion and wandering around identical fucking paths winding around identical fucking oil rivers. They are floating near the ground because the explosions seem somehow more manageable there, like somehow it's the clouds themselves that are igniting. The clouds make it too hard to see even the tallest of structures, especially since JR is managing to go the exact wrong way.
NATE shrugs. He figures that John would be more receptive to, like, a person he actually KNOWS knocking on the door, but admittedly, people who are both familiar to John and willing to enter the bubble were in rather short supply at the moment. He does not currently notice that JR is lost as fuck.

NATE: Well, I guess that's probably a good idea, yeah.

NATE: But there's also the possibility that things are rumbling too loud for him to hear. Bluh, I'll just knock anyways. Can't hurt.

>NATE: Knock.
Just then Dirk Egbert's Mindy powers kicked in, at the same time, Cernun spotted the John they were looking for.

UT: Well.
CS: Well....
CS: O= um.... Youu firstt....
UT: I think I spotted John Me.
UT: He's in a house.
CS: Yess.... Ii know....
CS: Ii guesss youu won't need my =elp muc= wit= t=is t=en....
CS: Anywayss.... Good luck.... Ii need to deal wit= my companionn....

TG: yay! noice! i knew you'd nail it dirk! OUO

As Blue Dirk nodded and flew along with Cali towards that tall as fuck house, Cernun walked towards the awake Bio.

As for the zombie team, they all agreed that they have to get out of this zombie planet somehow, but how exactly? They have no idea. Whatever they do, they have to reunite with the other players, wether with the Dreambubble crew or the Lab Session, anyone is better than here!

Doomed Luis and Vic's date is romantic but uneventful compared to the other scenes.

But Joel and Louces inspected the interior of the bunker, with Joel almost crying out of sheer joy at seeing his guardian again...

It is now clear that the two whom were sent through the vortex were sent across time, with Joel and Louces's case, it is the past.

Meanwhile the void Frog is growing...

((btw @Vantas, where are the rest of the clone trolls that helped in defeating HIC back then? Just curious :V
((dey left due to the splosion

Vic did get the kiss in the end though, score!
Leo is currently fighting with akimbo pistols cuz he copies people. Sue him all ya want.
The ship crew began fixing the ship the best they could, which meant it would be forever before they do.
Bio was reaching for a glass of water, he was thirsty as fuck.
Nate reaches up to knock on the door, and it moves when he touches it. The door seems to have been ajar already, a light breeze would have blown it open. The door creaks ominously on its hinges as it swings open slowly. Everything inside the house is dark. The only light is an eerie glow coming from the end of a long, dark hallway. Junior, having never seen any horror movie ever, sees nothing wrong with this situation and walks into the house. The floorboard creek under his feet, and there's a strange popping sound that echos around the house. As he gets closer to the spooky glowing light, the popping gets louder. He goes to investigate. He reaches the end of the hallway and he finds that the light is coming from under the crack of a closed door. The popping noises echo, they seem to be coming from every direction. There is no escaping. Junior reaches for the doorknob and opens the door. Behind the door is a room filled with creatures! Yellow salamanders to be exact. This copy of John's living room appears to have been taken over by consorts! The whole room is a mess. There are cakes everywhere, and the consorts keep stepping in them while they run around blowing bubbles at each other. The salamanders are dressed in all sorts of traditional party attire; blanktlets undoubtedly found throughout the house have been wrapped around their shoulders like robes and crumpled hats are worn on every head. The door to the kitchen slams open and another consort runs into the living room carrying more cakes on its head. Everyone is very excited about the new cakes, and their excited glubs make more popping noises. Through the open door, you can see that the kitchen is filled with consorts as well. They're all hard at work making even more cakes. It seems you have stumbled onto a consort cake party. This is fantastic. You would try some of the cake, but it is mushroom flavored. Also, you are a robot and cannot eat cake. It appears that the cake is a lie after all.

TT: What?
TT: theres a whole lotta
TT: What does that even mean?
TT: *sigh*
TT: John is
TT: somewhere
TT: else

TT: Alright, thanks for the update.
TT: Yes.

((I blame JR. They said "there are fucking cakes just everywhere" and this was the first thing that popped into my head.))
After agreeing to disagree, a term used by the Koplans when they do the absolute opposite, Turnus and Kilius merely followed along, despite each of their powerful yearnings to take charge.

Needless to say, they didn't know, nor actually care, who this John person was. Kilius was busy thinking up some phresh new rhymes whilst Turnus was confident in his status as the best Heir around. The consort cake party was a cold slap back to reality, like falling asleep and headbutting your desk.

Turnus: ]~[ No ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Just no ]~[
Kilius: O]~[! T]~[ese wondrous creatures!
Kilius: T]~[e last Kilius saw of consorts was w]~[en ]~[e ]~[ad t]~[em engage in GCOW!
Turnus: ]~[ Stop talk- ]~[
Kilius: Well it stands for 'GLORIOUS Consorts of Wrestling'!
Turnus: ]~[ I didn't ask ]~[
Kilius: Kilius is sure you did!
Turnus: ]~[ Kilius thought wrong ]~[
Kilius: Impossible!

Turnus elected to just... walk away from Kilius and meet with Dirk, the apparent leader of the motley crew.

Turnus: ]~[ Why did you take us to this eyesore of a hive ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ This is no time to be getting sentimental ]~[
Dirk and Roxy are still safely chilling outside the dream bubble with a Dave from an A cluster universe. When Turnus approaches them, Dirk turns his attention away from whatever he was doing on his shades. No one knows what this mysterious cool dude might have been doing. He wasn't playing Fruity Crush, that's for sure.

DIRK: Sentimental?
DIRK: I met the guy maybe once, and not even this version of him.
DIRK: We're only here to find ex-alpha John and see what he can tell us.
DIRK: Junior said John wasn't in the house, so really you don't have to spend any more time there.
DIRK: With out track record though, they'll all get sidetracked by whatever "cake" is supposed to mean and we'll all end up spending the next three hours here.
DIRK: We need a goddamn ringleader to keep this circus on track.
DIRK: If you want to try and keep things moving, then go ahead. I'm on break.

Meanwhile, in the dream bubble house, Junior, AuthorBot, AuthorBotJunior, Nate, and Kilius continue to fondly regard the GLORIOUS sight that is consort cake party. They simply cannot look away. It truly is an entrancing sight, one feels that they could spend the next several hours watching this chaotic mess as it just keeps happening. One of the consorts climbs up the staircase and jumps into a cake. Frosting goes everywhere. What even was the point of that? You don't know, but it looks overjoyed by the resulting splatter on the walls. Several other consorts come over to examine this new work of modern art. They consider the art thoughtfully before another consort emerges from the kitchen with more cake and they all get distracted again. Junior picks up one of the cakes on the floor, it's perfectly fine besides the salamander footprint right in the middle of it. He captchalogues it for later. Who knows, it might be useful.
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