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NATE has followed them to the bubble. Immediately, it is apparent that shit is not good.

NATE: I've seen this before. Something affects the Heart of the World in a non-standard manner, and it explodes. Usually it's Horrorterror corruption, but in this case it was the denizen's doing.

NATE: It's clearly not good, but the bubble is remarkably stable, unlike its contents. No cracks or anything like that.

NATE: JR, what are our options?
JadedResearcher: I have asked the Memo if they can give us any detail on what the remixed versions of John Egbert are like, maybe we can extrapolate what the guy we're looking for is like. Where he'd hide and shit, or what sort of friendly message he'd trust.
JadedResearcher: In the mean time we can: stay the fuck out of that terrifying bubble, Go into the bubble and derp around looking for a stranger, Try to do some Seer thing (though I think you're the only Seer here right now), or we can split up and do like, everything at once in a big stupid jumble.

AuthorBotJunior zips into the bubble with a dopplered Interesting!!! before any body can even attempt to make any narratively significant decisions.

JadedResearcher: Or, you know, we can have the decision space collapsed to "derp around in the bubbles" or "big stupid jumble". :/

AuthorBot: 95.20308026281943%. That is how likely it is that you are afraid of not-even-exploding-yet-or-ever planets. Lame. and floats off after her Junior partner.
It seems that JR's AI has come to a quite predictable conclusion- that as an AI with numerous backups and copies across a Paradox Space, death means nothing, and if fleshy meatbags are unable to match her flippant disregard for mortality, so be it.

Nate wonders if allowing robots to feel pain is ethical. I mean, it would suck, but they would at least be able to sense when they're doing something dangerous, or at least exceeding design specifications. People unable to feel pain often get injured, after all.

However, Nate follows AB, deciding that perhaps things aren't quite as dangerous as JR is making it out to be.

NATE: Well, I guess our decision has been made. JR, make sure you get a data dump of AB's state hourly in here, so if she DOES blow up, at least the last copy will be recent.
JadedResearcher: ...right. Well. Yeah. I'll just stay here and let the next group of peeps to get here know how it's going down. Unless I get bored.

JadedrResearcher kicks off the process to set AB to hourly backups. It's boring. I'm bored. Bluuuuh.

JadedResearcher reluctantly floats after the robots and Nate. Stupid loud shaky planet. Something doesn't have to be able to perma-kill you to be stupid and sucky and BLUH. Also, let's just be honest here, you really don't want to be adding a Waste to a Cataclysm in progress. Here's hoping I don't need to use any game powers on Armageddon Planet.
Blue Dirk and Cali read through JR's remark in the memos through their newly functional Pesterchum they've installed in their robot bodies. Having done so, they look at each other as they are flying closely following JR and the others.

DIRK: As some may know, I'm an Egbert and Cali's bruh happens to be a John.
DIRK: So I guess there's that?
CALI: does that help? :U

The shenannigans in the zombie planet seems to be close to an end as the population of those zombies dwindle through the efforts of all the players (except Alex since she's pretty helpless in this situation).

We cut back to Louces and Joel, yeah they're still relevant. There seems to be a lot of tension between them and this carapacian planet as they find themselves wandering off away from these other exiles, stumbling upon a familiar looking bunker in the process (or Joel lead them here? Who knows?).

Luis and Vic walked up to Flare Town, the ghosts don't seem to pay them much mind, though there are some curious glances since they are plain as day alive, unlike most of the others.
((I can play John. I am the player of canon characters. It is me.
Also, I've been thinkin' it'd be cool to play the Grace who's been fuckin' things over, if that's the route we wanna take. Though I don't know much about Graces? So if I'm gonna do that a crash course would be much appreciated.
Looks like I'm following Vantas and Freedom down the "too many characters" rabbit hole. Something something something, struck through joke about holes, joke about stationery, I need a nap.))

Dirk takes one looks at the dream bubble AuthorBot, AuthorBotJunior, and Nate just vanished into and vetos that option. This bubble doesn't have the same colorful reflective surface like all the other bubbles they've seen. It's coated in a sickly black oil that shows a sheen of blue when viewed at an angle. It may be stable, but there is certainly something wrong with it.

DIRK: Fuck that.
ROXY: lol nope
ROXY: i choose life


seems to have other ideas. Unconcerned by bodily harm, he zips off after the others and pops into the bubble as well. The black oil ripples and blurs where he passes through it before settling back into a slick coating.

DIRK: If he wrecks the body I just made for him, then the next one is going to be a serious downgrade.
ROXY: u would never make a downgrade of anythin
ROXY: itd go against ur code or somethin
ROXY: when he wrecks youll make him the coolest robo bod just 2 show off
ROXY: ill bet all my boonbucks on it

DIRK: Why? Boonbucks are an utterly valueless currency.
DIRK: Bet monopoly money instead, I can actually do something with that.

ROXY: thats not the point
DIRK: What is the point then?
ROXY: the point is shut up
ROXY: i kinda knew troll john?
ROXY: we talked some b4 we all got separated
ROXY: the dudes super optimistic 24/7
ROXY: like NOTHING could get him down
ROXY: idk what's hed b doin in there
ROXY: the doomy feelin im gettin from this thing is totally against his vibe
ROXY: maybe bein dead depressed the guy?
ROXY: cant really see wats goin on in the bubble cus of all that oily crap, so idk where hed be
ROXY: maybe just being friendly would be a good way to draw him out?
ROXY: ooh i should tell Nate and the bots that brb

focuses back on the memo, and Dirk watches the bubble with a faintly concerned expression.

TG: okay, so
TG: if u wanna find urselves an egbert ur gonna have 2 b loud and friendly
TG: like, OBNOXIOUSLY friendly
TG: and um
TG: yea thats all i got

GG: I might be able to help you out here.
TG: janey! u know somethin about john?GG: Even better, I know a John!
EB: um, hi!
GG: Who better to talk you about John than John!
GG: We've got a few dead Johns living in Flare Town, so I asked him if he would want to help us out.

TG: this is great!! thx jane
GG: Just doing my part! :)
TG: hi john!!
EB: whats going on out there? youre looking for another me?
TG: yep!
TG: the 1 mil boony question is...
TG: if u were in an evil lookin dream bubble, where would u be?

EB: hmm, i guess id be wherever looked familiar?
EB: i dont know what kind of dream bubble youre talking about, but if my house is there then that would be a good place to start at least

TG: kay! u got that junior?
TG: let us know what u find!

Junior lands on the rocky terrain of the dream bubble with AuthorBot, AuthorBotJunior, and Nate. Islands of blue shale dot a sea of black oil. There are only a few visible landmarks, most of which are jagged shale slices that jutt out above the sea of oil, or the tops of blue colored trees that sag sickly. However, just visible in the distance is the unmistakable form of a towering white house. Jackpot.
Dirk Egbert landed perfectly on whatever ground this bubble has, Cali, not so much as a perfect landing as the excess oils makes in a lot harder for her to stand with this metal body of hers. Egbert looked around, this place looked a lot similar to his former planet, except change the oil with ink, it even smells horrible as well. He turns at the others.

DIRK: I guess I have to call out to my "inner Egbert" or whatever that means Cali?
CALI: yeah! ^U^

Dirk just looked at her awkwardly, I mean, he thinks it is possible to manage to tap into the mindset of one of his possible alternate self through Heir of Mind abilities, he just doesn't know how. So he tries concentrating on various "Egbert like" thoughts and hope for the best. Meanwhile, Cali just looked at him also pretty awkwardly since her companion is just standing there, zoning out besides Nate, AB and JR.

((Well, since our RP is still FAR from an ending I must why not? I'm interested in what your Grace character could do!
((I guess that is part of why I introduced more "Lab Session" OC's into the mix, since they CAN possibly set up some sort of end game for this RP, though since a lot of them are still far from the main plot I'm guessing that won't be coming anytime soon.
((Also, welcome to the excessive-character-roleplayer-group, we have pain and suffering :D
("As the active title, the Waste is the embodiment of cooking with petrol. It's a walking typhoon. The Grace is slightly less volatile and more poisonous." -- (and not much else about Graces))

( (Page 225 and anywhere else you 'ctrl-f' for "Grace") has a bunch of "rp" guides for different fanon classes, but not much to say about Graces. They mention that Wastes/Graces are players who wanted to avoid attention, so SBURB forces them into a role where they have to have it. It has Cataclysm classes (Wastes/Graces) change fundamental rules of SBURB or reality, like nobody (not even enemies) being able to die, or remember what a frog is, etc. )

( I based my Waste headcanon on how Hussie seems to act. As an active class, he does some awfully subtle and passive shit, and mentions that having restraint is integral to avoid bad consequences (he keeps his actions within a yellow yard to avoid losing reader attention). Maybe a Grace would be the opposite, doing large things to accomplish subtle results (that are no less of a huge deal in the long run). overall, the important thing to remember is that classes and aspects seem p flexible, do what feels right all up in your pump biscuit. )

JadedResearcher is lost. Completely and utterly. There's a reason they spent all that effort making sure their robot doppelganger was good at finding things. All it took was waiting until Nate and the others were out of sight to get separated from them. And the fucking almost-an-explosion sounds and shakes are making it really fucking hard to concentrate on trying to text. JR is not going to be useful for awhile.

In the Memo:
JR: Dammit
JR: fuck.
JR: @AB, I'm lost again. In the stupid loud oily bubble.
JR: I'll let you know if I find anything.
AB: And my surprise level is too high to calculate, even for a flawless automaton. How HIGH does it even have to be, JR?
AB: And @PinkTG, message received, I'll make sure Nate knows. ABJ already knows, because multitasking is a thing for us superior robots.
ABJ: Yes.

AuthorBot: Yo, Nate, looking for a stupidly tall house. Memo has money on Formerly-Alpha John being there.
Dave suddenly lands by Dirk.
DAVE: bro don't leave me behind like that jeez.

CYRIS: Black?..
While Zeta finishes off the zombies attacking the wrecked ship, Hal jumped out and rushed after Rain. When he discovered Black, he pulled her into a very loving kiss that would remind Doc Scratch of that one moment after Dave fucked up the disk and Hussie had to fix shit.
As for Vic and Luis, they just kinda explore. It's more of a date than any moment they had ever.
Kilius and Turnus stayed with Dirk and his crew, albeit keeping to themselves. They seemed to be arguing about something.

Turnus: ]~[ What do you MEAN you 'Don't get it' ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Having stock characters just means that you can write stories at a far easier pace ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ It's not like Troll Greece didn't use them ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ 'Oh look, here comes an old feeble troll to bash people over the head' ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Complete idiots, all of them ]~[
Kilius: Kilius sees your point, but ]~[umbly dismisses it as complete kakka!
Kilius: T]~[e Troll Greeks invented t]~[inking about t]~[ings!
Kilius: Wit]~[out t]~[em, Troll Rome wouldn't ]~[ave anyt]~[ing!
Turnus: ]~[ Now you listen here you actual dunce ]~[

This continued, getting louder and louder as the two Koplans play favourites with ancient civilisations. The Troll Phonecians lay forgotten.
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