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?GG: Hello-?
?GG: Waitaminnit, I'm just gonna change my text color.
?GG: Whole lot easier than having to log out an account.
?GG: Here we go.
?GG: I'm Jane, Jane Strider. It's lovely to meet you!
?GG: Yeah, uh, while it's lovely, it's admittedly very confusing.
?GG: I'm still pretty skeptical, but then again Sburb works in weird goddamn ways.
?GG: That's why our Lalonde made me sleep, anyways. The meteor is actually pretty boring to be on, so yeah, I agreed.
TG: hi!
TG: iawtc so much! this game is way too complicated
TG: then again, the game bends reality what do we expect? U~U

TT: Gods thanks for thinking of using a different abbreviation like that.
TT: I mean this entire shit storm is confusing on it's own without the stuff about similar chumhandles.
UT: It is strange that our team kept our gadgets after death.
UT: Then again, only a few of us were able to godtier so this is fair.
TT: By the way, we're now getting closer to your position Roxy.
TT: Oh shit, more Striders.
TT: Welcome to the fucking party.

--- CURRENT gutsyGumshoe [GG] RIGHT NOW responded to memo---

GG: Oh gosh, Dirk warned us about the similarities in our names, but I didn't realise there was another Jane!
GG: We'll I certainly hope your Jane has a different last name or else this is going to get very confusing!

TT: This memo has been nothing but confusing from the start.
TT: There's bonfires everywhere now, and those colorful blobs on the horizon are either you guys or a family of fashion forward feildmice.

GG: Cali... The last part of your name wouldn't happen to be ope would it?
GG: Or... born? :O

((I've got final exams coming up soon, so I might be slow to respond or entirely unresponsive for the next few weeks. ^_^;;))
[ Ah, I see! I do wish you luck for your exams :D ]


DIRK L.: Ro, stop screaming.
DIRK L.: I believe they can hear you.
((sudden Roxy. She's the only kid I can play as. @captivatedBibliosoph [CB], this might as well be Roxy from another timeline though if you want me to, I can play her as this Dirk timeline's one. This is why I put her as a past one - this way she might end up as any timeline Roxy))

---- PAST tipsyGnostalgic [PTG] responded to the memo 413413 HOURS from NOW ----

PTG: *woah
PTG: *noah
PTG: wtf is goin on here?
PTG: dstri, r u ok?
PTG: also who said "another jane"?
((Welcome Fubar's Roxy! Glad to have a more experienced RP-er here! At least, compared to me :). Also, real quick, once our characters meet in-person, maybe we can go do Script Style? Just a suggestion since it may give us better reign on our characters's actions... BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO IF YOU DON'T WANNA! :D Anyways good luck on your finals @CB!! ;)

UT: Seems like you've got a friend Strider Dirk.
UT: So anyways, welcome I guess, I'm also a "Dirk" though my full name is Dirk Egbert.
UT: So, do you want me to explain what's going on or would you instead do a back read or maybe just ask your Dirk for an explanation?
TG: erm.. no? :?
TG: cali strider is my full name
TG: tho maybe u saw my deviant art gallery since i do have an oc named calliope weirdly enough
TG: oh and she has that evil twin brother / dark side named caliborn as well! so..
TG: y? she a real person in ur dimension or something? ooh! that'd be sweet if I could meet her irl! OuO
TT: I can see that... Inferno you've put up Harley, and hear your screaming.
TT: And also, there's a few colorful clothed guys coming your way. Probably D Strider and his friends it seems.
TT: I'm still gonna need that light though Harley since we're still about a mile away.
TT: I do not really know how C Strider is still holding up trying to follow us on foot.
TT: I mean Gods be damned.
[ Welcome to the place with 300% more Dirk, Fubar :') Also yeah! I'm comfy with script style for this :D ]

?GG: o helo there pink text tg
?GG: im assuming ur a strider
?GG: also hellz yeah its awesome like were gon let it burn bby ;)
?GG: sure tho i can keep that up
?GG: but i cant rly believe ive got a loud enough voice omg

?GG: Also, from what I know, a 'Calliope' and a 'Caliborn' are the two robots built by our Dirk.
?GG: Are they legit? That would be pretty weird, but then again I'm not gonna be surprised by anything anymore at this point.

?GG: calliope n caliborn? programmed by yours truly ;D
TG: :U
TG: u weren't kidding when u said stuff about multiverses! wow! OUO
TG: so my oc's were actual robots made from another dimension? i dunno what to say! that's weird... and awesome!
TT: We're close enough to make out your bodies Harley.
?GG: dirkalals sayin that its as hot as the sizzle side of the steak now
?GG: idk i dont really feel anything but im gonna make sure yall aint gonna be affected majorly
?GG: but i hope u arent influenced too much by the scenery its gonna look like shit

?GG: You never know if they might turn out to have the same design as our Lalonde's robots.
?GG: Might be a bit of a stretch but who knows if they might have the same bare personality? :o
((Oh geez Fubar, I hope you like backreading. Welcome to the RP! You can absolutely be Roxy from my timeline! For reference, my Dirk is canon from the GAME OVER timeline. So in the present, your past Roxy would end up with John in the retcon timeline. If you need clarification on anything feel free to ask!))

--- CURRENT golgothasTerror‎ [GT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo ---

GT: Hello there Roxy!
GG: Roxy?!
TT: You're going to have to be way more specific, there are about seven different 'Roxys' in this memo.
GG: Sheesh. Um, pink Roxy then.
GG: You wouldn't happen to be the Roxy from our session, would you?

GT: Oh right! We dont even know if this is the real Roxy.
GG: If you are our Roxy, then we've reunited with both you and Dirk in such a short time!
TT: This Roxy has the same handle, but I don't even know how it'd be possible to tell if this Roxy is the same one we've known or not.
GT: You could just ask her. You both make everything sound like one great puzzle!
TT: I suppose the best way to do that would be to ask where you are, past pink Roxy.
TT: Does a carapacian island in the middle of sea Hitler's water apocalypse sound familiar?

GG: You mentioned a Calliope as well?
GG: In both your sessions no less!

TT: Our Calliope is a cherub from another session pretty far in the future.
TT: We used to chat with her until she was killed by her brother Caliborn.

GG: Actually, I've been spending some time with Cali in the afterlife!
GG: Our Cali that is.

TT: Well what do you know.
TT: If the apparent rules of paradox space still apply and they have the same base personality in each of your sessions, then I have just one question.
TT: What the fuck, Harley?
TT: Why would you program a bot like Caliborn?
TT: I can understand it developing an unpleasant personality if it's a learning AI, but even so.
TT: What the fuck.

GT: Shouldnt we be talking about the impending disaster and focusing on saving your friends here?
TT: We're almost there, we can go over all this shit when we meet in person.
TT: There's a lot of dubious causality attached to all this paradox space shit.
TT: For example, how can they have Jack Noir in their session if they didn't prototype your grandma's radioactive hell beast?
TT: Does that dog even exist in their session?
TT: There's a lot of stuff to cover, and it be best to go over it in person when we can talk more freely.

GT: I can see your point... It looks like this is turning out to be a hell of a lot like one of your wily puzzles after all!
GG: We're almost there!
GG: Next thing you know we'll have all this sorted out!

TT: We're only a few minuets away.
TT: Be there soon.

GT: Well I guess I'll get to meet you all shortly.
GG: Won't be long now! :)

((Also, paragraph style for the meet up? Yes. Hell fucking yes.))
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