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The AuthorBot is torn from attempting to initiate a rap battle by the siren call of finding some rare as fuck dream bubbles.
AuthorBot: Hell yes, meatbags and rad meat-based rappers and rad robots, let's fucking go. We can do exposition and raps and whatever the fuck else when we are traveling.
AuthorBot: If we leave in the next five minutes it'll take less than 10 to get there. But if we leave past 5 minutes, it'll take, like a fucking hour. Shit, let's be efficient..

She begins floating off in a seemingly random direction. Must be nice to have trans-universe GPS as part of your base senses.

JadedResearcher shrugs and begins floating after. It's never a good idea to tell a flawless guidance robot how to do their job. If it's time to go, it's time to go.
Nobody had to ask, Snow suddenly dived in near Malis's corpse and began stealing from her own life essence to attempt to heal him. Alex's Donny Senses suddenly kicked in and she saw a Doomed timeline where Snow died trying to heal him.

ALEX: No! She'll die!

Alex screamed at Hal as Snow felt herself being drained and drained, she's smiling as she can see Malis's soul being returned back to his body slowly, though at the cost of her own...

Nothing much changed with Cernun back in the lab, and Joel and Louces in the Carapacian town inna dead Earth. We cut back to Doomed Luis.

Doomed Luis is a bit shocked at her alpha self's revelation, not sure if she should believe i t or not, she sobbed and hugged Vic back, wordlessly wishing he won't let go.

Alpha Luis sighed at this "cheesiness", she silently flew off, hoping she'd be left to deal with her own business....

Dirk Egbert and Cali Strider however looked at the others in Flare town, rather impressed with the Koplan's Avenger style entrance (especially the comic nerd that is Cali).

CALI: but... what about the others..?
DIRK: I doubt we can wait any longer, but if you insist, we can only do exactly 5 minutes.

Cernun however began updating them in the memos.

CS: Twoo neww playerss aree coming your wayy....
CS: Viclinee andd Luis.... Yea= t=ey're wit= us....

As for Rain and Cyris, she agreed and began exploring for a way to get out of here, she looked at both Cyris and Zeta worriedly, especially with Cyris. Meanwhile, that other player in the planet has somehow reached the planet's core, there she saw a small egg that was just starting to hatch...
Hal immediately stopped Snow, cutting off her healing and leaving Malis alive, but still suffering from some wounds. Hal began to treat him the old fashion way, with lots of stitching, meds, and bandaging.
Vic started to sob as well, and gently kissed her forehead. He didn't want this moment to end.
Sad shit aside, we continue with Dave and Bio who are doing happy stuff.
Dave is adding stuff to Flare town, building lots of radical shit. Like giant turn tables and fuck tons of apple juice and weapons.
Bio is helping Cernun, by that I mean he's basically a butler serving Cernun some shit to keep them awake and full of energy to keep going.
Cyris is currently keeping Zeta and Rain in cover, avoiding the zombie players.
The egg, did not hatch all the way. One last thing needs to happen in order for it to finally hatch.
Egg machine broke bro.
Snow fell on her back like some dude on too much alcohol, she'll have a hangover when she wakes up. Seriously, Alex nearly had a heart attack on what nearly happened.

There's still the problem of NOT HAVING A BLOODY PILOT, aaaaaaand Blue Dirk is getting more and more impatient.

Doomed Luis, after long minutes of silence, looked up and saw that her Alpha Self had left, before both her and Vic were pestered by Cernun.

CS: Youu =ave allies aa feww miless from youu....
CS: We call it Flaree Town andd it is aa placee on fire....
CS: Ii suggestt youu just roll wit= it andd go....

Cernun sighed and thanked Bio for all of the snacks he's stacking for them, pretty they'd end up gaining weight with all these junk food, thankfully they have plenty of excercise with all the free time in the world.

The mysterious woman on the dead planet observed the egg, thinking this place is too dangerous for such a precious thing, she attempted to fly up back in the surface, and she managed to do so like a highspeed geyser, only to be met by more zombies than she could possibly deal with. She said "Shit" before captchalauging the egg and releasing her Swordkind which looks like a familiar looking circular blade. It is something that Rain would only get a glimpse at from afar.

RAIN: Somebody is still here? Well you know me, i'm helping them.

She began rushing towards the clusters of zombies to help whoever that is.

And Cali and Dirk is still standing on the burning village that is Flare Town, very patiently waiting for the others to get their asses here.
Cyris IMMEDIATELY rushed after Rain because das his girl and he's not gonna let her be eaten! Like wtf why??
Zeta followed close behind with his shotgun.
Bio was overworking himself, too fucking much. He soon collapsed because he had no energy.
Vic looked at Luis, and that's when he pulled her into a quick kiss.
Malis is asleep now, alive and injured. Looks like they'll be waiting a while.
Luis actually didn't pushed him away this time, if anything, he'd actually have a better chance for metespritship with this Luis, too bad she's not her Alpha Self that is...

Cernun noticed Bio down and went "Crap" before jumping in to help him. They then brought him to the recovery room to recuperate before lecturing him about overworking himself.

The "stranger" looked at the three before screaming "Stay back!" before noticing Rain, which is when her instincts kicked in.

She rushed towards her, Rain yelped, thinking the stranger is going to attack her only to see her slash open a zombie that was just about to attack her, now the person is close enough to be seen.

RAIN: Oh my god mom?!
BLAC: Sweetie!!

Blac hugged Rain tightly, again. She's way too much of a compulsive hugger by this point.

BLAC: You have no idea what ends i went through to find you!!

Somehow she's have one of her arms out to cut zombies jumping towards her and Rain while keeping her other arm around her daughter.

Dirk and Cali are impatiently waiting for Alex and the others while Louces and Joel are having an adventure of their own that their creator is way too lazy to type about.
Vic then takes Luis's hand, and strolls down with her over to Flare town. I guess this is the closest thing to an actual date nowadays.
Malis and Snow have been dragged on the ship while Alex has been somehow convinced to let Hal fly the ship.
They would crash, into the large fucking voidy hole.
And would ya look at that, the ship landed in the zombie world and is now being swarmed.
This kids is why you don't let Hal fly, ever, no matter what.
Junior takes off after AB and JR. He is very pleased with his new and improved body. He is now capable or independent flight and no longer has to rely on someone else to carry him. This is truly a fantastic new feature, but not his favorite.
Dirk watches Junior disappear into the void and decides to hurry the fuck up.

DIRK: Alright, it's time to go.
DIRK: Let's get moving.
DIRK: Are you coming?

JAKE: Um. I dont think so.
JANE: We've grown pretty attached to this place, it wouldn't feel right to leave it now.
JANE: You go have your adventure. :)

JAKE: Tell me all about it! Ive still got the memo you know.
DIRK: Don't worry, I'll keep you updated.
JANE: Good, because if you need help and I only hear about it later, then I will revoke your adventure privileges!
DIRK: Haha, what?
JANE: You heard me! I will keep you safe even if I have to tie you down to do it.
ROXY: (phrasing)
JANE: Roxy.
ROXY: what yeah?
JANE: If you get into trouble you'll tell us, right?
ROXY: of course!
DIRK: Hey.
JANE: Oh please, we both know Roxy will do a better job of keeping in contact than you will.
ROXY: she got u there
JAKE: Go on then! Your robo pal is leaving you behind.
DIRK: Yeah, see you later.
ROXY: byeeee!!

Dirk and Roxy lift off, they follow Junior off into the void and trust that AuthorBot knows where the fuck she's going.

((Sorry I've been so unresponsive. Real life shit is kinda getting in my way right now. ._.))
((It's alright :D

Blue Dirk sighed and looked at Cali sadly, Cali understood and nodded.

CALI: alright! flare town won't go anywhere! i'm sure they'll be just fine OuO

Just as Cali said that, Alex is having a bad time being a GHOST in a dead planet! Without dreambubbles she wouldn't be able to help anyone! Crap, if only there's a clean perfectly unhurt body somewhere...

Meanwhile Rain and Black are still having a touching reunion.
The AuthorBot leads the first few people to follow her to a bubble that is shades of blue and black and apparently cycling through various stages of "about to be exploding". It does not appear to be a particularly pleasant bubble to be in.

AuthorBot: Fuck knows why the Heir is still in the bubble of his last memories, especially if they were full of explosions. Maybe he just died, from his perspective, so hasn't had a chance to leave? Maybe LE doesn't bother with messing with ghosts in such shit bubbles. Either way, there is a 94.78326722180483% chance that if the God-John who died from Typheus is ANYWHERE, he is here.

JadedResearcher frowns. Not that you can tell, facelessness is still a thing that is true from any Observer's perspective.

JadedResearcher: I dunno, AB, him still being in his death-bubble makes sense from a narrative perspective. It's predictable, and not a shit-tier random thing like him being in a bubble completely unrelated to what we know of him. Like the Bubble of some character who isn't even IN this series of events. Like one of those 1000 dead Nepetas you hate so much. Skaia loves it some narratives.
JadedResearcher: :/ I get the feeling from Roxy and OrangeDirk that neither of them knew ANY John very well. Anybody have any ideas how we search an entire almost-exploding-planet for someone we don't even know? Looks really...rumbly. And annoying.

gets 3 exclamation points over their head and bends down over their phone with no explanation.

In the Memo:.
JR: Hey, ppl in the memos. Some of you guys know people named "John", and some of you guys know or even ARE people with the last name of "Egbert". Tell me shit about your Johns and Egberts so we can have some idea of where such a person would be hiding out in a dangerous situtation.

(also, does anybody wanna be john? i can do it in a pinch, but i am not a seasoned roleplayer over here. Or we can always decide that John is double dead after all. That's still a thing. )

(Man, I am SOLID at these Waste of Mind shenanigans. I'm always all "here's X possibilities that could be happening, you guys choose (outside of the narrative) which one is true")
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