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NATE was busy attempting to not get burned by the various fires. Dear god, this must be where all of the irons are.

It does seem like a hellscape of sorts, the air filled with choking smoke in some areas where the fire didn't burn quite as cleanly. He retrieved his BLINDFOLD from his sylladex and unfolded it to tie it over his mouth and nose like a bandana. There, much better.

NATE: Yeah, let's leave before the smoke inhalation kills my dream projection and wakes me up.
NATE: I think I figured out how John died earlier since it wasn't clouded by Void- a deal with Typheus gone wrong that blew up the whole planet, probably in preparation for the Retcon-Heir to show up.
NATE: It's possible he might have been destroyed, let's remember that. With the whole black hole and LE nonsense, his soul might have been annihilated.
AuthorBot: Well, shit. Do you know how rare it is for a denizen to kill their own Heir? I mean..denizens pretty much only kill players in doomed timelines as it is, but an HEIR. Shit man. That's gotta be 0.0000090738577472533% likely.
AuthorBot: I can't tell the status of any ghost in the afterlife, so maybe this John guy is double dead. But I can at least take you to the last bubble he was registered to, if I find any canidates.

There is a pause and some shitty beeping as the AuthorBot begins scanning.

After a few minutes:

AuthorBot: Holy shit. You aren't going to believe it, but there are TWO Heirs of Breath from the same damn session who were killed by their own denizens. Apparently this John guy is like catnip to denizens.
AuthorBot: One was god tier, one was not. Which one is the one we're going for?

JadedResearcher: Probably the god tier one??? It sounds like Roxy's session was expecting 4 ppl to show up, so that means the formerly alpha John would have died AFTER kicking off the prophecy/leaving the session due to Waste of Space shenanigans.
JadedResearcher: Of course, it's possible that he left the session without ever GodTiering, too.... :/
JadedResearcher: What do you guys think?
A few of the ghosts linger nearby, curious as to what these newcomers are discussing so seriously. One white-eyed Kanaya in particular seems to take notice of Nate's bold new fashion statement. What is this dramatic new look? Perhaps wearing the scarf in such a way has released heretofore concealed fashionable properties? She sneakily snaps a picture and pretends she was doing something else, then posts it to her Bubblr. Word spreads quickly, her Bubblr has many followers as she is greatly respected amongst the community for her vast knowledge of finery. Soon people across Flare Town are strutting in public wearing new scarfs around their noses and mouths with pride. Before long, everyone in the afterlife will be wearing scarves like bandanas. It is the beginning of a new fashion sensation.

Meanwhile, the unwitting collection of main characters watch as Dirk and Cali land in the Burning Bubble. Compleltey unaware of the fashion revolution that has begun. No, they're too busy to bother with paying attention to the newest trends on Bubblr. They've got more important shit to do.

DIRK: Well shit. I'm impressed.
JUNIOR: Interesting.

DIRK: You managed to build metal suits that fly?
DIRK: That's hella fucking impressive.
DIRK: Looks like they're not half bad either, nice work.

ROXY: o hey!
ROXY: my john was def the godtier one
ROXY: pretty much everyone in my verse went godtier
ROXY: aw man, its gonna suck if his soul got annihilated

JAKE: Um. If you dont mind my asking. Why is it so rare for a denizen to kill a heir? From what Ive been hearing I thought thats what those giant snake monsters were SUPPOSED to do!

(("Why do you keep asking if this RP is getting out of hand? This is fine," I insist as I sink ever deeper into the depths of Flare Town's community and it's overarching impact on the fashion scene in the afterlife.))
CALI: yeah i don't think these were suits...

She looked at Dirk Egbert.

DIRK: Yes, it is more like actual synthetic skin we've built from dreambubble parts we found scattered around, we actually have no idea if it'll work, but since we were dead already we we're like "why not"? The worse that could happen is end up double dying by explosion or some other stuff.
CALI: well at least we can now keep up with them godtiered folks! ha ha! ^U^

Back in Hal, Snow, and Alex's group after realizing that Malis is dead, Snow looked rather shocked and saddened, and remained speechless as Alex exclaims what she thinks of the situation.

ALEX: Well that sucks.
ALEX: Shit, I'm sorry about your friend by the way... My former remark sounded rude to me.
ALEX: But that does not change the fact that we are basically trapped here while the others are getting shit done, and I'd suggest we focus on that hopeless scenario.
ALEX: Son of a bitch something bad still happens regardless what I do, fuck everything...

Alpha Luis however continued floating with them through the Furthest Ring, later spotting the bubble that contains Flare Town and starting to fly towards it, that is when Doomed Luis spoke.

LUIS: So you... Are you me?
ALPHA LUIS: Uh... Yeah, i am you but with more quantities of fuck ups and dead friends being carried by my conscience. I mean its good that you're probably gonna be feeling a quick death sooner or later then you won't be stuck in dealing with everything you did wrong in the thousand years of your existence.
LUIS: Wait what...?
LUIS: Youre... Not serious are you...?
ALPHA LUIS: Do i look like im just fucking with you? Cause im not, youre gonna die and i live on, deal with it.

Doome Luis shuts up as Alpha Luis is getting closer to Flare Town.

ALPHA LUIS: The moment i drop you two im done.
ALPHA LUIS: Im going away again minding my miserable businesses while you mind yours, all i ask is you dont do anything stupid.
ALPHA LUIS: We clear?

Rain looked at Zeta and Cyris before looking back at this dead ass planet.

RAIN: We should move, immediately.

She's right, they can't stay here. Unknown to them though that somewhere in that planet, someone is looking for them, though unknown to that person the one's they're looking for are here. They're just too busy exploring the depths of this planet to somehow figure out how to get out of here.

Same goes for Joel and Louces, whom are having a pretty "touching" reunion right now. The Carapacians watched them bicker at each other's faults as they walk around exploring the place.

And Cernun is watching them intently, debating whether or not to join them. Welp, it seems that most of the others are all busy trying to reach that Flare Town now.
A low hum could be heard in the area as static built up. It grew in intensity and soon it's volume reached the breaking point of eardrums. This couldn't be good.

Purple lightning struck a spot in the middle of this 'Flare Town'. From the burning ground came two figures who quickly materialised into some familiar purple garments. It was the Koplans.

Turnus looked around with a smug look of satisfaction plastered over his face. Rage-teleportation was always so satisfying to pull off and made everyone know that the Heir was here. All he had to do was get angry and have a goal in mind and THE GRUDGE would take him there. As he was about to take a step however, his mood soured.


Kilius seemed to have seen it fit to play his theme music for their entrance. At least, he considered it his theme music. Turnus pinched the bridge of his scent sponge and cursed under his breath.
((scent sponge
((scent sponge
((omg i'm dying

Hal was sobbing silently on the ship, because Malis this time might be dead forever.
Malis never was able to godtier in anyway, even when he was killed on his bed. Skaia came and fucked his shit up. And now, he's dead, lying on the ground with a gun in his hand. His only chance now is a life player.

Vic sighed sadly as he and Luis was dropped into Flare town.
VIC: W£ll, ¥ou h£ard ¥our$£lf, ¥ou ar£n'+ gonna b£ around long... $o, l£+'$ £njo¥ +hi$ whil£ w£ €an, ¥£a? *Vic ALMOST pulled Luis into kiss but avoided that by pulling her into a hug, a nice warm gentle hug that was actually quite saddening*

CYRIS: This place is familiar... Wait a second, it's the dead players from the undead world... We have to go now.
Dear god, Nate never thought he would become a fashion icon. Unfortunately, he didn't really know he was one yet, and regardless, he gave few shits about fame or recognition. He was content to do cool shit on his own. If you had seen his ROOM, you would know that he was constantly experimenting with abilities and powers because that shit is the best.

So many scorch marks.

NATE: Holy shit, did the Rage players just Thor themselves in?
NATE: Again, really impressed. I should totally get a theme song of my own.
NATE: I believe that John Egbert can't be far away from us. It's just a hunch.
Kilius looked surprised at Turnus' reaction.

Kilius: W]~[at?!
Kilius: Kilius t]~[oug]~[t it would be appropriate!
Turnus: ]~[ You thought wrong ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Choosing a stupid song like that, it's just a loop ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ It's just a hook with a beat ]~[
Turnus: ]~[ Just like a Troll Flo Rida song ]~[
Kilius: ;:I
AuthorBot: Shit , rapBro, don't even listen to your lamer clone. There is a 95.72264013843122% chance we are totally gonna throw down a rap battle to that sick beat later on. Back up singers included with the beat.

JadedResearcher is adamantly pretending that the AuthorBot never got that rap upgrade, while allowing the double-think of simultaneously being retroactively annoyed at Nate for convincing me to install that code in the first place. (Man getting around my own bullshit censorship makes for weird sentences. But KR said "no names,no faces", and I ain't gonna argue with my totallly-serious-and-not-at-all-fake-auspitice)

JadedResearcher: Uh, Jake, right? While AB is distracted simulating raps or whatever, I can drop some exposition on you. Denizens aren't SUPPOSED to kill their Heroes. They are supposed to be defeated by them. That's what Heroes DO to big scary monsters threatening the country side. SBURB does things based on bullshit storybook rules. Denizens are part of SBURB, so they know their role is to look scary and be huge assholes, but NEVER kill the hero unless things go REALLY off script.
JadedResearcher: If you're trying to do bullshit like destroy SBURB, they kill you. If it's necessary for you to die in one timeline for alpha to go a certain way, they kill you. If you annoy them way too much and they forget to hold back, they kill you. Stuff like that.
JadedResearcher: Sometimes I think SBURB is like an amusement park left to fester and rot. was clearly designed to be scary but safe...and things just went WRONG.
Junior zips over to where Kilius and Turnus have arrived. He's excited to see the trolls again, and he thinks their entrance was hella rad.


Jane, however, does not look nearly as pleased. She stomps over to where Junior and the Koplans are collected with a scowl on her face.

JANE: Look at what you did!
JANE: You blasted a hole in the road with your magical purple lightning!
JANE: What if you had hit someone by accident?
JANE: You really should be more careful.

While Jane is reprimanding the trolls, the others resume their own conversations.

JAKE: Well that comparison is... Unnerving. But also seems very accurate.
ROXY: shoosh, enough about metaphors
ROXY: if u think johns not far then we should hurry up and find him!
ROXY: i dont wanna be 2 late and find out he got sucked into the black hole thingy

DIRK: Do we even know when we're going?
ROXY: yea! ABs got that shit down now that we know how he died
ROXY: we can just skedaddle on over there and ask him whats the happs after i kicked it

DIRK: Alright, is everyone ready to go?
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