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Zeta took Louces to where Joel's lab was but got sucked in to the void. Louces ended up with Joel while Zeta landed painfully beside Rain. This'll be awkward folks.

Vic looked at Luis sadly, now remembering some pretty harsh stuff that happened between them. And then he looked at Doomed!Luis and was somewhat guilty that he had emotions towards her since they never truly met.

Malis was getting ripped apart by horrorterrors while Hal was fighting them with his FIST.
As stuff still happens normally with the others, a little update as to where the hell the others fell.

Louces finally woke up, looking around he's in a literal wasteland, except... the fact that he's surrounded by Carapacians... For some reason? As he looked around he saw Joel is interacting with the Carapacians.

Meanwhile Rain pushed Zeta off and woke up with a start, only to be greeted with the totally dark Dead Session they're both in. She looked around before staring at Zeta and offering her hand to help him get up.

RAIN: Zeta? What even- Look i just woke up... You ok?
JR: @BlueDirk/FUT, thanks! Recaps keep the narrative going, so it's a huge benefit to me, too :) :) :) Can't make all real and imaginary people stop giving a shit, you know?
JR: @CL, Yeah, whatever the fuck happened was hella disorienting. I don't THINK it perma-killed anyone,though. But there's no way to tell until everyone we've ever met gets in contact with us, ESPECIALLY since it's apparently temporally displacing some of us who ended up in new bubbles. Maybe that's a ghost thing? I can't even keep track of who is alive or who is dead, even with that spread sheet.
JR: @OrangeDirk, have I thanked you yet for making that thing? Hella useful.
JR: @CL but yeah, like my recap says, if you wanna met up IRL, find the burning bubble. Else you can be memo only like I was up till now.
JR: ...:/ really starting to regret my life choices here tho. What the hell was I thinking, what am I even supposed to do in meat space??? Fuck. Probably better than pacing around on my planet tho...

Meanwhile, in meatspace:

AuthorBot: Seriously. We go to all this fucking trouble to get you into the bubbles, oh mighty creator, and you're going to sit there texting. Oh my fucking god.

JadedResearcher rolls their eyes (Just trust me on this one, if you could see their face, their eyes are just booking it) and puts the phone away for a bit.
JadedResearcher: So. Uh. What are the haps?

That is definitely a thing people say, I am suddenly sure of it.
ZETA: Well, I was gonna deliver Louces back to you guys but apparently a void just happened to blow up right in front of me.
After he says that, Cyris falls right on top of him. Looks like he got sucked in but Gama managed to push the vortex away from the green sun far enough so that it wouldn't be pulled in by gravity.
DIRK: Alright, let's test this out.
DIRK: Are you ready?

DIRK: Okay, just activate the sleep function, and if it works you'll be in the dream bubbles.

Junior nods, which is totally a thing he can do again now that he has a body again. Junior puts all external sensors into survilence mode. It's different from a full shut-down in that his visual and auditory systems can be motion or sound activated. If something happens around him while he's "sleeping", he'll be able to sense it and wake up. He's entered rest mode, and now it's just a matter of whether or not the game will fall for it. Junior opens his eyes, activates his visual system, and success! He's in a dream bubble!

TT: Hey, Dirk.
TT: It worked?
TT: Fuck yes.
TT: That's fucking awesome.
TT: Holy shit, I can't believe that stupid plan actually worked.
TT: I'll go to sleep and meet you at the Burning Bubble.

TT: Okay.

Meanwhile, in the Burning Bubble, Jake and Jane lead the others into what was once a temporary camp, but now would be better referred to as a small town. Where the impromptu medical tent once stood is now a small, yet fully operational hospital, and beside it what looks to be a town hall has been established. The rest of the open field has been either residentially or commercially developed. Lining dirt streets are rows of houses and stores, owned and occupied by various ghosts. The white-eyed people chat on street corners and peek out of house windows. The ring of burning fires that give the bubble it's name surround the town like a particularly dangerous moat.

ROXY: what happened here?
JAKE: Not much has happened since you guys left. Certainly no exciting battles with ruffians or encounters with Sea Hitler herself! There was a crash in the housing market for a while there but it seems to have sorted itself out.
JANE: There's not much to do around here, so we just started building things to pass the time.
JAKE: It was easy with all these endless materials! In dream bubbles the only limit is your own memory!
JANE: After we built a few things, other people started to take notice.
JANE: Before we knew it, we had all kinds of people joining us and adding on cool stuff from their own memories!
JANE: The more we built, the bigger it got, the more people who showed up.

JAKE: Its gotten be somewhat of a project at this point. A hobby for all us dead folk!
JANE: We might have gone a bit overboard...
JAKE: Nonsense! I think its perfect!

At that moment, Junior drifts down from the top of the bubble, followed almost immediately by Dirk.

JUNIOR: Interesting.
ROXY: hi junior!
JAKE: Dirk!
DIRK: What is all this?
JANE: Welcome to Flare Town!

((I tried for a very long time to find a synonym for "burning" that rhymed with "can", and I am now confident that no such word exists in the English language. I decided to go with the next best thing and threw a musical reference in there.))

JR: :/
JR: For those following along at home (not many of you is there???) It turns out the BurningBubble™ is this huge town thing???

In meatspace:

JadedResearcher: Sup, Dirk, Junior. Nice to finally meet IRL.
JadedResearcher: Gotta admit, this is uh...more people than I'm used to existing, all being physical and shit. Like, two humans plus two robots is normally a busy day for me.
JadedResearcher: And now there's like..a town??? Fuck, man.

The AuthorBot offers Junior a solemn fist bump of greeting, steadfastidly ignoring JadedResearcher's being a stupid whiny baby about having to actually go somewhere and see people.
While the organics are gabbing at each other through clearly inefficient and inferior means, Junior greets AuthorBot with a rad fist bunp.


DIRK: I know what you mean, JR.
DIRK: The first sixteen years of my life was just me, Squarewave, and a fuckton of seagulls.
DIRK: Suddenly being surrounded by people can be
DIRK: An experience.

JANE: But you always had us!
DIRK: Of course.
DIRK: You, Jane, and Roxy were the only human contact I had, and that was incredibly important to me.
DIRK: But there's a difference between talking to someone online and meeting them in person.

ROXY: yea, i can agree with that
ROXY: i had all my carapace buds, but ppl r a whoooole lot differnt than chess dudes
ROXY: idk, its kinda hard to describe

DIRK: It's all in the subtleties, the shit that isn't conveyed through text.
DIRK: The way a person stands or their tone of voice can completely change a conversation.
DIRK: People are fucking complicated, and it gets hard to keep track of when there's a lot of them.
DIRK: I think Jane was the only one of us who grew up normally around other people.
DIRK: Jake grew up on hell murder island with a bunch of lusii, and he still acts like a wild animal sometimes.

JAKE: I do not!
JANE: When we were arguing over where the library should go you growled at me and ran out of the room.
JAKE: Well that was
JAKE: I mean I didnt
JAKE: Okay so maybe I overreacted! But you were being VERY aggressive!

DIRK: Honestly, being in a town with other people would probably be a good thing.
DIRK: For all of us.
DIRK: But we're a bit busy trying to prevent reality from collapsing, so proper socialisation will have to wait.
DIRK: Now, what's the plan?
Dirk Egbert looked at Cali and smiled, they finished that little project of theirs, now all they need is something to teleport with... Thankfully Dirk Egbert got that covered.

DIRK: We're doing this?
CALI: oh dirk, is that even a question? OUO

All I can say is that they PCH0000ED out of there. Alex and Snow looked up and saw two really fast flying objects right above them. Alex however was the one to recognize them before chatting in the memo.

TT: I have no idea how to explain this, but you are going to have more company for all of you people in the Burning Bubble.
CS: Crap t=at is fast.... Is t=at w=oo Ii t=inkk it is...?
TT: Yep, it is them.
TT: Anyways, I shall be busy trying to convince the others into getting to your particular bubble, I swear to the Gods there would not be any set backs this time alright?
CS: Ii guesss alll Ii cann sayy is good luck....
CS: Good luck....

Alex then stood up and asked Snow to take her to their pilot, which Snow has no reason to disobey. Alex walked up to Hal.

ALEX: We really should go, how is your ship going? Is it still fly-able.
SNOW: i doubt it but i guess i can hope.

Dirk Egbert, as he's PCH000ing with Cali began responding to the memo, and due to him passing many bubbles at once his chumhandle is having trouble what time frame he is in exactly.

FUT: So we're jumping in a bubble like always.
PUT: So it is a particular one that looks literally like hell from a far?
UT: Hell as in it was burning not because it is inhospitable or something.
?UT: I mean it seemed like a pretty nice place from what you guys said, though "Flare Town" in my opinion is a really uninspired title for a place where fire is literally everywhere/
UT: Just saying.
?TG: hey! i got here early!
TG: hi everyone! can anyone look up? OuO

Right above Flare Town, there stopped a familiar looking girl, though for some reason she seems to be encased in metal skin... and she's flying.... with rocket from her feet... Dirk Egbert joined in as well, and as they lowered it seemed clear now what exactly they did. They built themselves robot bodies...

ROBOT BODIES! That was actually pretty smart.

CALI: got inspired by junior and sort of copied your idea, sorry dirk strider ^U^

As Joel and Louces deal with being teleported into an already post-apocalypse Carapacian run world Rain saw Cyris and gasped.

RAIN: Crap! Cyris you alright? Hang on i better-

She's already trying to heal him, it is effective but Cyris and Gama would notice their power slightly dropping with the lost of a large part of their power source.
Eventually Gama flew back and discovered this odd Flare town. Dave was drinking endless apple juice and polishing brand new swords.
Cyris would look weaker than before, and a lot less colorful. But he got up and nodded at Snow.
Hal would realize that Malis is dead, just dead. Which was bad because he was their ONLY pilot.
Vic was still looking at Doomed Luis.
Fist bump acquired, the AuthorBot nods.
AuthorBot: Sup

JadedResearcher: Heh, all aboard the poor socialization express!
JadedResearcher: Planwise, we totally gotta find formerly Alpha John from Roxy's timeline. He might know more than Roxy did, or enough different things to shed new light on shit.
JadedResearcher: If anybody knew how he died, AB could help find him. Other than that, he blends in with all the other dead Heirs of Breath. Roxy was probably ironically easier to find than most ghosts, being Void and Nate being a seer of Void and all. Maybe we could find a Seer of Breath to add to our Seer collection?
JadedResearcher: We got other goals, but...I have no clue what action items those other goals have other than "be aware of them when gathering data".
AuthorBotJunior: Hrmmm...
JadedResearcher: And apparently we have to be interesting, both to keep my narrative-based powers going and to keep ABJ from losing her shit. That is still a thing.

Small talk: terrifying. Exposition with a goal of influencing the narrative, like riding a bicycle. Fuck SBURB being in charge of player's social development.

JadedResearcher shield's their eyes to look up at the robo newcomers.

JadedResearcher: Well, that's definitely a plot point. If nothing else, it means we might be nearing enough people to start thinking about leaving soon. Anybody who hasn't found us yet'll just hafta catch up.
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