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(backup thread is here in case we get seperated again:
((When MSPARP went down JR, RS, AE, and I started a continuation of DNSSG on the RP Nation forums, see JR's post for the link. Not too much happened, but I'll do a recap if you don't want to read the whole thing. Everyone was hit by a burst of energy from a crack in the furthest ring coming into contact with The Pocket. This cause all living dreaming players wake up, moved Void players to weird places, and severed robots from their bodies. After reconnecting to the memo, everyone decided to meet back up in the Burning Bubble, JR even designed a comparability mod in order to come with. So far, AuthorBot, AuthorBotJunior, JadedResearcher, Nate, and Roxy have arrived in the Burning Bubble with Jane and Jake. Dirk just finished making Junior's new body, and they are about to make their way to the Burning Bubble as well.
Did I miss anything?))
((Add on Turnus' urge to kill slowly rising and we're golden
((Gonna do lots of backread g first! Yay! :V
jadedResearcher: Uh. Wow. This is weird. I don't normally go and actually MEET the people I've been reading about in logs. Huh. Hi to pink roxy and Jake and Jane and...whoever?
jadedResearcher: Yeah. Hi.
jadedResearcher: I'm gonna...just....go...write a recap or some shit.

In the memo:

-- jadedResearcher[JR] -- has posted recap2.txt

Guys, seriously, the Apocalypse sucks so much. You guys had just (probably???) captured a dope ass Troll Empress ship to return to the burning bubble, to figure out what our next move was going to be, when the cracking and crumbling of reality itself hit all of us (and maybe more than just us) and caused short term amnesia, and made the void players go into weird not-space and the robots all became just software, and teh dreamers woke up, and I don't even KNOW if anybody who was alive was physically present in the bubbles. (And if they were what happened to THEM???)


Fuck the Apocalypse.

BUT, we aren't complete fuck ups because we managed to find formerly Alpha Roxy Lalonde (also known as PinkRoxy), who let us know that her timeline varied from the one @OrangeDirk is from in seemingly minor and inconsequential ways. We still need to find Formerly Alpha John Egbert to ask him similar questions.

Our overarching goals remains to find out why and how the John from @OrangeDirk's timeline gained such stupidly OP powers (the ability to become Alpha at will and change alpha at will) and to see if we can use them in some fashion to improve our own fates.

There's a Waste of Space who messed with a set of Universes we are calling "Universe A", causing them to spiral into an incestuous loop creating remixes of the players. Dirk Lalondes and Dirk Striders and Dirk Egberts ahoy. This Waste appears to have been in contact with Lord English, who MAY have interfered with the overarching narrative in order to mess with him. (Wastes draw power from narratives, and the Waste of Space was getting a LOT from his meddling). It could also have been an unknown Grace (the partner class to Wastes who are more subtle, and thus tend not to catch backlashes from shitty narratives).

Alpha Lord English is a cherub Lord of Time, with one death point which causes the slowly encroaching end of Paradox Space via some void bullshit. There are non-alpha versions of him that vary in name, species, title, aspect, and even gender. The non alpha versions apparently don't last long, being doomed in some way. They are MUCH more killable.

We ALSO know that players with the last name of "Harley" tend to prototype stupid shit like First Guardians, which invariable causes one or more carapacians to lose their shit and cause problems for the native players. I don't think any of these "Ring Wraiths" are currently a problem for anybody in this Memo/Burning Bubble.

If you want to join the people physically present on this stupid adventure, first enter the dream bubbles however you can (physically, via dream self, via being already dead and in the bubbles), and then try to find the burning one. It is STUPIDLY easy to find, as it has a huge amount of narrative significance. Once you find the burning bubble we can try to coordinate from there.
--CURRENT compromisingLoafer [CL] casually strolls into the memo--
CL: So, I was thinking about coming in here to check up on things..
CL: But everything went fuzzy???
CL: I'm just here to make sure everything is okay now that things are over.
CL: But what's the plan now?
IB: I'm here with Hal and Snow and the rest. We took refuge in the downed ship and set up shop.
BC: Ugh I ju$+ had a r£all¥ bad mom£n+ +h£r£..
GH: Hey, is everyone alright? Cuz i'm awake and i'm still here by the ship. My eye is still gone as well.

Meanwhile Dave is currently floating around and making sure nothing sneaks up on Dirk, Gama, and the rest.
((Alright! Done rereading! Note to self: don't use way too many characters, don't do it, just don't.

Moments before everybody got flung off into Paradox Space with their memories wiped, a lot of my characters got affected as well, which I shall try to detail where they all ended up.

UA2's group got separated, Dirk Egbert, who was driving the flagship right above Cali's bubble, was flung off somewhere, along with Cali. Somehow, Egbert fell off the ship and landed in some different bubble with Cali, and only woke up just now... Or... so the others thought, since they've been awake for a while, it's just that the timey wimey bullshit that happened when the Condesce bubble popped happened again, meaning that they were flung a few hours into the future.

Thankfully, they landed to what seems to be the combined memories of their session's four player houses, to be specific, in their combined bedrooms.

So Egbert responded to the memo.

FUT: What the fuck happened?
FUT: I got so close in reaching you guys, where are you?
FUT: Or to be more specific, why are our chumhandles affected by that time anomaly again? Don't tell me we were flung off to square one? Cause that'll be very fucking unfortunate.
FTG: yeah i'm here too :U
FTG: i mean, last i saw was that bfs (big effing ship) floating just above me before everything went all fuzzy
FTG: well, ur all alright right?
FUT: OK, nevermind, I had a good back read as to what the hell was going on, at least with what the memo can provide cause even that got wrecked by whatever the hell went down.
FUT: Thank you @JR for providing a sensible recap. The bullshit just keep coming and yet you've manage to collectively archive them all into something that makes sense, great job.

He then looked at Cali and then at the room they are in before shrugging.

DIRK: We really shouldn't let stuff like this happen again and again. It's getting a bit annoying.
CALI: i agree
CALI: man those godtiered folks have it easier, they don't have to worry bout not being able to fly and have superpowers u know... U_U
DIRK: Wait, Godtiers?
DIRK: Well we're dead but, I might have an idea regarding what you just said.
CALI: ooh! really? what is it? :U
DIRK: Its a bit risky but the gist of it is that I'll try providing us with something just as favorable as godtiers.
DIRK: If that makes sense.
DIRK: Cali, won't you go focus on talking in memo with the others, I got something in mind.

Cali merely nodded in excitement as for whatever Dirk Egbert plans on doing before Dirk went off and start looking for some machinery that may or may not exist in this dreambubble. He plans on building something.

However, moments even before that, we cut back to Cernun whom after dispatching whoever attacked them and Bio, felt that sort of blacking out state too, but thankfully, due to being not as close to the void and the Green Sun (pr what remains of it) as the others they weren't teleported into some random ass location.

Cernun then weakly hooks themselves up into the machine before responding in the memo...

CS: I'm also =ere.... Fine enoug= at leastt....
CS: Strangee t=at w=atever p=enomena wit= t=at giganticc blackk =ole t=at affected youu, people wit=in t=ee Furt=est Ring, also mildlyy affected us in aa Labb wit=in aa farr offf Sessionn....
CS: Anywayss.... Sorryy forr nott beingg able to respondd earlyy on.... Me andd Biolinee =add aa bitt of troublee....
CS: Meanw=ilee I'm scanning alll of your currentt locationss forr ot=ers stilll separatedd.... OK...?

None of the Lab group noticed what occurred far away from them a few moments before with Cyris, Rain and Joel's Green Sun Lab...

Just as Joel had started investigating the scary looking purplish Genesis Frog, a great BOOM was heard so suddenly and Joel was thrown across the makeshift lab. He tried standing up, yet looked in horror after seeing half of the lab, along with the purple frog, was already swallowed by some blackhole. He was then pulled in without much effort while Rain and Cyris's whole room got sucked in as well.

They wouldn't notice the Lab Session's green sun also being swallowed by whatever this vortex is. Though Gama should, since her source of power is being threatened, along with Cyris once he wakes up.

As for the other people left, Alex woke up with a start, she had ended up with Hal and Snow's little ship group. Snow had been tending to her wounds since she is their Life Player. She is still aching a little, but she's fine, nothing life threatening, she proceeds to backread in the memo to see what the hell just happened.

As for the final people... Zeta took Louces to wherever though he probably got affected by that Void Burst as well, while Luis and Vic were thrown off not into a dreambubble, but across the Furthest Ring itself, only to be caught and saved by a familiar looking godtiered Witch of Light from Vic's timeline.

VIC: +wo Lui$'$, am I dr£aming?.. *He smirked at Luis*
Gama would suddenly scream out in pain and fly up to the green sun. She would try to keep the Void vortex from sucking it in the best she could, while Cyris from the inside as he woke up, did the same.
Bio would start to repair the damages weakly, not having much strength after the void burst.
Hal and the others were protected from the blast by the ship's main shield reactor ship landing right in front of them. Hal hugged his ecto daughter while Malis searched for Luis and Vic, only to find horrorterrors, lots of them.
He was outnumbered and surely dead.
Dave is browsing the memo, seeing if he should step in.
Alpha Luis sighed and looked at him, nothing much changed with her since the last time he saw her in Dark Worlds since during that time she had a self exile after all the crap she did in their former session, going in separate ways with Frans whom also did the same.

LUIS: Wha..?
ALPHA LUIS: I see you moved on really quickly, nah its fine, it'll keep me from needing to deal with our quadrant drama back in the days, man that was rough...

Should Vic look around, he'll see that Luis had encased them in a transparent bubble that keeps the horrorterrors from attacking them, too bad she didn't noticed Malis probably having a bad time with horrorterrors a lot of miles away from them.

She started floating, leading them to a safer place, Doomed Luis is still in shock, she has zero clue why she is seeing another her, this is very trippy for her to be honest.

Rain was separated from Cyris, she fell in one of the void's openings which led to a different Medium, landing rather painfully on a Dead Planet.

Welp, thankfully somebody is there, somebody willing to help her.

Joel also was flung at a different portal which led to another Medium... Or not, that blackhole ended up flying him across time where he landed on his familiar looking homeplanet... The ruined Earth.

As for the others, nothing much changed, Cali is with Dirk Egbert who is tinkering with some machinery, Alex is with Snow who is healing her while she scrolls through the memo, while Cernun is also talking with them in the memo.

Now all that's left that we didn't know of is what happened to Zeta and Louces?
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