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NATE: Bubblr? I'm more of a Deaddit guy myself. Something something broken arms.

NATE: Inside joke, don't ask about it.

NATE: As for my reasoning behind "not deciding to ollie outie before my dream projection gets devoured by a crack in existence or the encroaching void", it's for many reasons.

NATE: First off, you guys seem pretty fuckin cool.

NATE: Secondly, I want to find a way to use this crazy power John has to help people- after running controlled tests using it, of course.

NATE: Thirdly, the void releases vast amounts of energy from the tearing apart of reality. Right now, this energy only goes towards destroying other chunks of Paradox Space via going over the energy curve. But what if we could harness that power to undo the damage that was done?

NATE: Normally I would say the Third Law (of Thermodynamics, not Robotics, AB) would prevent us from using the energy to undo all of the damage due to energy loss from entropy, but this is a place with time travel, so that might not be an issue. Also blatant wizardry going on.

NATE: We would have to figure out how to harness it first, though. What machine could work when the reality it depends on is evaporating as a necessary part of its functionality?

NATE: I, personally, would totally tap it, but it's way out of my league.

NATE: ...forget I ever said that.

NATE: Maybe KR could figure it out, but he's busy "hustling", so. Out of the question for now.

NATE: As for immediate goals? Get back to Jake and Jane. They're probably worried sick. Sicker than Kilius's fires.
---CURRENT compromisingLoafer [CL] RIGHT NOW responded to memo---
CL: Hey
CL: Enjoying the party?
CL: Because I sure in the hell am not.
CL: So yeah.
CS: @CL, none of us do to be =onest....
CS: Anywayss.... Welcomee....
CS: I'm guessing you'ree aa resident fuck up tooo rig=tt...?

Moments before he got crushed by the weight of two bickering blue blooded brothers, he looked at Dave and responded

DIRK: Literally the entire place is red!
DIRK: What were you expecting?

Then Kilius and Turnus crushed him since they somehow weren't able to realize they were within the halls of a battleship due to their brotherly banter (lol). Dirk groaned since Killius still doesn't seem to notice a human was under his boots. He instead elected to try responding to the memo.

UT: Hey.
UT: I'm stuck.
CTG: wat? where? are u ok? :?
UT: Of course I am!
UT: Just stuck in the Troll Empress's battleship, and under a troll's boots.
UT: That's all.
CTG: but u r fine right?
UT: I very much am!
PTT: Damnit guys where the hell were you?!
CTG: what? i'm still heading ur direction with my buds harley in tow!
UT: Don't mind me, I'm under shit right now, literally.
PTT: Hey we got some fucking dead drones over here, now where is Roxy cause we need teleportation like right about now so we can get over this.
PTT: Jeez, everybody is so done dealing with drones you know!
UT: Agreed.
CTG: i didn't even get to encounter one U_U
PTT: Trust me, it's for the best Cali.

So Cali began sprinting faster, before looking back to see if Roxy Harley is still with her.

((@la devotee is she? Cause last time I saw Roxy Harley is when she's with Cali, so... tell me if she ended up waking up in the middle of the trip ok ;)

Back to the memo, Cernun began responding to Nate and JR as well, trying to understand their end goals.

CS: Ii must sayy.... Ii foundd myself interested in t=at endd goal to find Jo=n t=ee retconning =eir to go burrow =iss abilitiess andd stufff....
CS: Ii =ig=lyy believee t=at w=atever juju =e touc=edd, it wouldd be very useful personally on my ownn sessionn....
CS: Butt t=at ain't importantt rig=t...? I'd be =elpingg locating your Jane and Jake @Orange.... So sitt tig=tt as it won't be tooo long....

And so Cernun began scanning through the many bubbles to find the general location of Jane and Jake within a certain burning bubble.

As for Louces, the mini army proceeds to put him in the medical bay where expert healer players began tending to him and his very minor wounds, really he's just tired. So he wouldn't notice Snow, who is still not talking with Malis, an unconscious Luis, and possibly Vic, wait for Malis to drive them off with Hal out of this damn flagship.

((By the way @Vantas.... I'm sorry I didn't mentioned this before in Dark Worlds.... But I really don't enjoy you dictating what my OC's did in the past. It felt more like powerplaying than anything. Sure it worked fine with Frans since I used that "he was possessed all along" excuse, but... I highly doubt my Snow would shoot anyone, let alone betray someone, unless there's any deeper reason as to why (which I can't think of yet). Again, sorry I didn't mentioned it before. :(

As for Rain, Joel and Cyris. As Cyris fell deep into sleep, Rain had already hooked herself and one of Joel's angels in a certain amplifying device, which kinda resembles what Cernun built back in Bio's Lab (and that they're currently using to enhance their Seer powers at the cause of so much stamina). They seem to be doing Life-y and Hope-y stuff to the dead genesis frog, which seems to have a slightly profound effect on it. If Cyris is awake, he'd probably notice the frog getting slightly bigger, and even start glowing as Rain uses her Rogue of Life powers to it while Joel enhances her ability even further. But alas, they were easily worn out, and Joel turned the machine off before anymore of their vitality gets drained. Rain fell on her knees, panting, but has enough energy to not let herself get knocked out, Joel seems to be drained too, but not as much as Rain.

JOEL: oh geez, you alright?
RAIN: I think so...? Nah i'm just kidding, i'm fine....

Joel helped his friend stand up and began leading her to the resting chamber, which by the way, where they placed Cyris when he collapsed.
DIRK: You're damn right we're pretty fucking cool, Nate.
DIRK: But this just brings us right back to square one.
DIRK: How do we get back to Jane and Jake's bubble?

ROXY: u could just ask authorbot or chibi authorbot 2 lead u there
ROXY: thats how junuor and i got here

ROXY: omg
ROXY: we need to fix ur voice asap

DIRK: Fuck, yeah.
DIRK: That's the first thing on the agenda.
DIRK: As soon as we get out of the direct line of fire.
DIRK: I'll contact Furthest Ring's finest chauffeurs through the memo.

ROXY: lol kay
ROXY: and lets go back over behind that big ol green tomby thiny
ROXY: then i can tak a look at the lil dudes speakers while we wait

DIRK: Sounds good.

TT: @AB, @ABJ, if you're not busy we could use a guide.
TT: Any chance you'd be willing to lead us back to the meet-up bubble where Jane and Jake are?
TT: It sounds like Cernun will be able to pin down their location, can you use that to get us there?
TT: @CL, welcome to the clusterfuck.
TT: If your name is "Dirk" or any variation of Dirk then I swear to the elder gods I will do a god damn pirouette right off the fucking handle.
TT: Our Dirk quota is full, thank you, please try again later.
TT: Judging by your chum handle you're not a Dirk.
TT: Actually, your chum handle doesn't fit what's typical of the A universe cluster at all.
TT: Then again, unrealTenderness is a Dirk and that's about as atypical as it gets.
TT: Either way, I guess it's time to update The Offical Spreadsheet.
TT: So, I've got some time, how did your session go wrong?
TT: Was it killer space bees? That would be a new one.
CL: @CS Yeah, things happen.
CL: And by things, I do not mean killer bees.
CL: Because those would then be wasps.
CL: But I'd really like to step away from that whole bee situation entirely to tell you that no bees were included in my making of the fucked up session I am now stuck in. It was a switch.
CL: I hit a switch and then things turned blue
As Dirk and Roxy work on resetting Junior's loudness attribute, Dirk multitasks like a boss.

TT: ...Blue.
TT: Hmm.
TT: Interesting.

TT: You're going to have to be way more specific.
CL: Well, you know that thing that happens where you end up fainting after missing a whole day of not eating or you just got too hot or dehydrated? Well, it's kind of like that but with way more giant spiders and blood.
CL: I probably killed something I wasn't supposed to kill?
CL: Actually...
CL: Fuck this.
CL: I definitely killed like, six of those shitheads and they deserved it.
CL: I know they were trying to up and form Voltron on me.
CL: ...
CL: But then again, I'm here... So, I probably forgot to kill one...
CL: Or they all killed me? Six times? Things go blue a lot and then I forget what happened and this is the first time I've failed at something.
CL: Anyways, enough about me! What is happening here?Undecided
TT: Giant spiders and blood?
TT: I don't know how you did it, but you've somehow managed to explain less than you did before.
TT: It's also concerning that you still haven't denied your hypothetical Dirk-ness.
TT: Tell me, are you or are you not a Dirk.

TT: Dirk.
TT: cool it.

TT: I'm chill.
TT: Totally chill.
TT: The chillest.

TT: Hmm.
TT: I'm good.
TT: As for our situation, I guess we're due for another recap.
TT: I'll keep this one short.
TT: A few of us from the memo decided to meet up in the dream bubbles.
TT: From there we decided to search for the dead Roxy from the alpha timeline of my session.
TT: We found her and a bunch of her friends along with the Batterwitch from their session.
TT: We fought the Batterwitch, popped the bubble, and ended up scattered across the furthest ring.
TT: We've only just managed to reconvene, and now the plan is to head back to the dream bubble we all met up in.
TT: I left out a lot of things for the sake of time.
TT: For the long version, just read the memo.
((sorry fm
((it's like, i wanna make the session sound like everyone was at each others throats during the game and that's how i imagined it
((due to all the betrayal and shit that happened
((i'm really sorry i didn't mean to
((you have permissiob to do whateva to my ocs, kill em, judge them, or like make them guilt tripped for the past
((go ahead, it'll make up for it
((unless you don't wanna and just let it slide for now because i won't be doing it
((i never really got to like write the full story of the lab so I was just trying to add story to it
((still, i'm sorry

Dave just gets up and flies off, he needs to find Bro.
Vic checked up on Luis and tended to her wounds.
Hal watched as Malis parked the ship nearby, and got off his husktop.
Bio is now modifying Cernun's seer machine.
And Cyris is out like a light.
((No it's fine, I thought your idea for the session is good, just that it sort of pulled a rug under me and kinda made me have to think of excuses so suddenly... It really wasn't bad, it sometimes happens to us all when RP-ing, just thought that something as big as my OC shooting yours is a bit too much on Powerplaying. But don't worry, it really is fine, I still have tons of fun, especially with the story we built together :)
((Plus I also don't have much of a story with my OC's too, just that they've been flying in through different sessions, saving doomed timelines, meeting Bioline's Lab Session, before Louces killed Joel, and that's about it :|

Due to Bio's successfully modifying the Seer machine, Cernun managed to pinpoint the burning dream bubble, with an added bonus of adding some rough coordinates as to where exactly the bubbles are (and by rough I mean ROUGH since The Furthest Ring doesn't really give a shit about spacial measurements).

CS: Foundd t=em....
CS: Kudoss to Biolinee forr providingg aa roug== mappingg of t=ee placee....
CS: Anywayss, duee to t=ee Furt=est Ring beingg aa cesspool of physicss violationss.... Ii cann only providee generall directionss forr youu alll....
CS: @Orange and @Purple, =ead nort==.... W=ic== basedd on w=eree you'ree bot= facing.... Is left of youu.... T=at goes forr @Nate tooo....
CS: @Cali, continue goingg straig=t....
CS: W=ilee everybodyy in t=ee Condesce's Flags=ipp.... Turn t=ee opposite directionn....
CS: Continue doingg so untill t=ee burningg bubble floats away....
CS: Untill t=en I'lll lett youu know....

While Dirk Egbert read this under Kilius's foot, while Cali is rushing quickly towards the said bubble, while Louces begins waking up, while Luis is still unconscious and while Snow still doesn't give too craps about Malis, Joel places Rain besides the sleeping Cyris, she smiled at him and whispered.

RAIN: If i could help it... I'd rather be like this forever you know.
JOEL: i know.
JOEL: which is why i keep telling you, you don't have to die.
RAIN: It'll come sooner or later anyways...
RAIN: Anyways joe, just focus on our task at hand before talking about my death later please.
RAIN: At least, think about how we'll be able to get out of this hell hole as soon as possible when we do.
RAIN: I'm contented just thinking of that...
JOEL: just... STOP talking like youre on death's door already, you are not, and i'll make sure you won't ever be.
JOEL: can you trust me on that.
RAIN: Oh joel, i never doubted you for a second.

Joel smiled at her before leaving her with Cyris, as he looked back however he'd notice the frog seems to change coloration a bit, becoming a slightly threatening purple. Joel sees this as interesting and began observing what is going on.
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