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-- ??? gryffindorGrimalkin [?GG] responded to memo. --

?GG: k so i
?GG: !!!
?GG: savor the moment d-strides
?GG: tell your friends i give my hellos and his! :D
?GG: they seem to be really really nice so
UT: That's sweet and all.
UT: So about that signal.
TT: Oh D, just let him be.
TT: The man is having a tearful moment. So it would be best if you just shut up first and let me fly you off to wherever spot you want.
UT: Well, alright.
UT: Anyways, @GG you said you're gonna send out the signal, right?
?GG: righto dealio
?GG: i will make sure that i dont interrupt the sweet moment ahu
?GG: anw yeah im making bonfires smoke signals
?GG: and i think something just exploded to my left
?GG: and to my right
?GG: uh im in a plain tho no worries i wont burn down everything
?GG: its gonna spread to other dreambubbles but i can control it properly
?GG: snap of a finger im sure i can put all these out
?GG: strange tho dirkalal hasnt responded lmao
TT: So that is why the air has smelled rather smokey lately.
TT: And please, do not ask how I knew that.
UT: Nope, still don't detect no bonfires.
UT: But yeah, we heard what our Seer said, we're probably close.
UT: We'll get back to you once we see we're close enough, maybe some ghost friends of ours may end walking up to you by accident. That is possible, right?
TT: It is rather strange that Lalonde hasn't responded in a while.
TT: He went to sleep just before you, didn't he?
TT: But he isn't responding to the memo, and I take it he's not with you.
TT: This all seems rather ominous.
TT: Is it possible that something might have happened to him?
TT: Well, we can deal with that particular mystery when we arrive.
TT: Right now I'm on my way towards where our Seer of Light, Rose, has foreseen you all to be.
TT: I can smell the smoke, so it seems like we're headed in the right direction.
TT: And no, I don't mean the royal we.
TT: Jane and Jake... Well, they refused to be left behind.
TT: It appears that I've inadvertently added a Maid of Life and a Page of Hope to our ever growing party.
TT: I got a chance to talk with the ghosts from my session, and it's not looking good.
TT: I'll give you all the details later when we have a bit of time, but for now let's just say that there may likely be some trouble ahead.
TT: If this correlation between our sessions holds up, then we're going to need to make some serious preparations.

((Holy shit what have I done? How do I write Jane? Who is Jake? *small screaming*))
((Now I feel like having the rest of my group come in :D

UT: Yeah that is strange of Lalonde.
UT: We better hurry Alex, who knows what's happened.
TT: Yes, you try flying while carrying someone. This is as fast as I'll go, moron.
UT: By the way, is that Cali down there?
TT: Wait, what?

--- ??? tastemakerGlobal [TG] ??? HOURS FROM NOW responded to memo---

TG: :U
TG: icbt ur here! u guys dead too?
UT: Hello Strider.
TG: wait! where u all going?
TG: wait up! OuO
TT: Cal, not now, I'm not carrying another person.
?GG: i feel like he just forgot to open his pesterchum or smth
?GG: oh sweet jesus hes here yeah he found the signal hes waving and he has jane with him omfg
?GG: he says that its why he took so long to respond he made jane sleep too
?GG: so if yall are gettin close i guess youll meet our thief of rage too?? :00
TG: hmm, now who's these? :?
TG: lol forgot to introduce myself! name's cali strider! ^u^
TG: and i guess i'm a maid of space? since we're talking about that.
TG: hey sis, don't make me run all the way there! get over here!
TGL lmao, gaming reference! ~uO
TT: I swear to the Gods nobody cares about my well being.
TT: Short answer, no. Long answer, do I look like I'm well equipped to carry two full grown teenagers without me probably breaking my noodle like spinal cord?
UT: So you're not godtiered too Cali?
TG: pfft i wish!
TG: got my neck slit trying!
TG: it really hurt U~U
UT Must have, your not numb to the neck down right?
TT: Everyone shut up.
TT: I see a bonfire about a few meters from here. We're obviously close.

?GG: o helo there
?GG: im roxy, roxy harley
?GG: my friends here r dirk lalonde n jane strider
?GG: but o that's cool youre a maid of space cali??
?GG: anw i feel sorry for you alex lmao
?GG: jane says shes a lil bit weirded out that theres another strider
?GG: but she also says shes gonna get used to it soon enough
?GG: weve all godtiered on our side tho
?GG: only eggs didn't die bc of some sort of explosion
?GG: lucky bastard, shit really hurt when you kind of break apart then reform again or smth
TG: hi roxy! OuO
TG: yeah, having other strides like me is weird, idu U_U
TG: so is that jane a sibling too? coz ecto stuff ,makes my brain hurt
TT: No.
UT: Not really, their Strider is probably some alternate universe version of you, basically a completely different person whom only shares your last name and upbringing.
TG: huh, yeah i got all that! :?
TG: anyways, why not invite jane here? id love to talk to another strides! ^u^
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