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(assuming JR got to hear to low down of how alpha differed).

JR: So...alpha differs by a single troll living or dying? You know, it SOUNDS trivial, but I've heard worse. Butterfly effects, man.
JR: Sometimes somebody just picking a different chat handle bubbles up until it's the difference between success and failure.
JR: *sigh* Subtle shit is not my forte. I can't see any pattern here that shows us what the overarching plot is and if there's room in it for us.
JR: Maybe that's the point. If John has the debug tool or whatever, it's beyond a Waste now. I wonder if this is gonna mess the Waste of Space's power base as much as all the mary sue whatever stuff @RS was talking about.
JR: If somebody can just go and...I don't even know, RETCON whole plot points away from a Waste, what does that do to all real and imagined people etc. etc.
RS: So, I guess the Thief of Light (Vriska) survived in that timeline instead of dying, and that SEEMED to be the big thing that helped.

RS: And nudged events JUUUUUST enough to fix shit.

RS: Among other things, she made sure Jade Harley didn't die, that people got a chance to meet up properly, that the Seer of Mind wasn't un-blinded (which would have been subversive to their role, seeing as Seers and Mages often go blind, a fate I try to avoid), that the fucking Bard of Rage got locked in a fridge to chill the fuck out, and other shit.

RS: Seems straightforward.

RS: Orange Dirk, I'm nearing your location.

And what would you know- he IS.
((Thanks Vantas :,D

Luis had also been chatting about with Vic, since she came from an alternate timeline where Joel and the "rescue crew" wasn't able to save her from her doomed session, she has no idea who he is. She does find his desparate advances rather annoying though.

LUIS: Jeez man, calm the fuck down, youre hot enough to get yourself a girl or a man or whatever.

And then, Malis and Louces arrived. Louces ran off to help other prisoners.

LOUCES: IM 4 LUSUSfUCkINg dEStROyER Of dOOM, If thERES 4 fUCkER th4t C4N dO j4IL18RE4kS, It IS ME!

That was his last words before he took off. Meanwhile, Snow is now face to face with Malis.

SNOW: you..?

She chuckled at seeing him again, though she hasn't reciprocated his flushed feelings (as of late?) she's both a bit mistrusting (after seeing him injured a few of her friends during Dark Worlds), while also a lot relieved that she can finally get out of this hell hole.

SNOW: so are you busting us out or not? i still got my mom and sis waiting for me somewhere out there.
SNOW: christ that sounded like american tale, i must sound like a dork.

LUIS: Hey dude, stop staring at your dorky girlfriend and get a move on already! We still have a fish sashimi to fry!
SNOW: that doesn't even make any goddamn sense! tell me luis, in your universe do you fry your fucking sushi?!
LUIS: Its a fucking metaphor, tell me whos half-asian here as she will be giving the non asian woman some fucking cooking lessons, alright?!

And the bickering continues, christ they should be killing Fish Queen now instead of going after each other like that. Jeez.

As Louces punched a wall full of prisoners inside, he convinced a few to form a little army of his against the oppressing noble. He's basically leading a mini rebellion that's so kick ass, they left a few fallen drones on their wake. Fucking teamwork motherfuckers!

We cut back to Rain and Joel.

RAIN: Wait- You're really fine with this?!

If Cyris asked for a kiss, Rain instead pounced hug him and kissed him ferociously, happy that he listened.

RAIN: Oh thank you thank you thank you! I knew you could be trusted!

Joel looked at them sadly, they haven't told Cyris the full truth of what they were trying to accomplish, but it's not like he or the others know that. Maybe Louces had pieced them together? Who knows?

JOEL: alright alright, just please dont tell anyone just yet, we really cannot afford anymore meddling please.
JOEL: though, i must at least say, its good to see you cooperating with us this time cyris.

Words can't express how relived the two are by the fact that there's no Skaian assassin waiting to kill them both.

But we must not forget those still answering the memo, namely Cernun, who's still awake using their Seer enhancing machine in Bioline's lab, Dirk Egbert who is in ghost John Egbert's house without a sign of John Egbert anywhere, and Cali who is hanging out with Roxy Harley.

PUT: Crap, and I thought Deus Ex Machinas are bad. Everything you've explained seem more like a writer, which in this case is the Waste of Space, writing themselves in a corner before quite literally writing in some sort of plot device just so he can have a shitty happy ending.
PUT: Though since you are the ones given that happy ending, I must say good for you. You've earned it with the amounts of crap you've went through cause some douchebag can't write.
CTG: agreed! but really who knew that one person like your vriska could be a hero
CTG: i'd say i kinda look up to her now
CTG: wait, does that mean one of us is going to be like that? u know since like u said we're following the same pattern, we even have our own vriska tho i heard she ain't a light player nor a girl like urs is @pinktg, amirite @put?

PUT: From my understanding, yes. Great deduction Cali.
CTG: aw shucks ty! u don't have to flatter me u kno? i'm not that dumb to not understand ll those crazy hypothesis ur all throwing out ~uO
PUT: Oh sweet precious Cali. I agree with @PinkTG, you truly are the multiverses's cinnamon roll.
PTG: o... k..? not sure what to feel about that, tho the other calis must've love that. so on behalf of them ty again! ^u^
PUT: Anyways, enough fluffy talk, now that we know how John managed to save the UA1 session through retcon abilities, I'm not sure how that might help other players not from our cluster like @Cernun and @Kilius here.
PUT: I mean yeah, it helped give us a clue as to what the hell was going on though what are we going to do about it? I mean don't even get me started at how it'll affect other universes, let alone our Alpha Timeline.
CS: Ii must sayy.... @Blue =ere does =ave aa pointt.... T=oug= Ii am glad to know t=at someonee managedd to free t=emselvess from Skaia's mac=inationss.... Ii doubtt aa failuree like me couldd =ave lead my team into suc= an impossible victoryy....
PTG: aw... no @cs don't say that, u must've been great out there! we can help u with this! OuO
CS: No, it'ss fine.... I'm just glad Ii =add =elped even aa little bitt on t=is discussionn....
PTG: Alt=oug==.... Ii do =ave aa status report t=at Ii wass just patientlyy waitingg to tell youu, nott knowingg if it will contribute to t=ee discussionn....
PUT: Well why didn't you say so? Tell us already! It's probably important!
CS: Yea= um.... It ain't as importantt as yourss admittedly....
CS: We sort of locatedd =err Imperial Condescension's flags=ip, yess s=e's alivee andd pissed, =aving alreadyy captured aa feww of my former coplayerss....
CS: Twoo of my friendss aree springingg aa jailbreakk t=iss instantt actually....
PUT: Cernun, in what world does that constitute as unimportant?

Just as Dirk Egbert typed that, he, along with Cali in some other bubble, looked up and noticed a few colorful dots in the sky, while Blue Dirk didn't payed it any mind, thinking it was just some bubble remnants or something, Cali's experience with godtiered dead people showed her that these are other ghosts approaching them. They're probably the clone trolls from the Lab Session, but none of the UA2 knows that.

As for Alex, she had finished digging all of the useful machinery and just gathered them all in one place. She looked at it very proudly, before realizing something.

ALEX: Yeah, so we got all the parts we need and then some. Seriously, I still cannot believe our luck.
ALEX: So um...
ALEX: We are going to build a transportation device right..?

A short pause...

ALEX: I kind of did not think this through, D, I do not know how.
ALEX: Seriously, I just realized I am not an expert on building stuff, let alone machines, plus if we did manage to build it we would have no idea how we can use it to manage to transportalize others unless we have some sort of device that can read coordinates, yet even then dreambubbles have very wacky coordinates that it would be a miracle if we can even manage to pinpoint people's exact location.
ALEX: I was right! This plan was stupid!
ALEX: Argh! Just upgrade Junior or whatever... I should just... Ask R Harley for coordinate tips I guess? This is still a long shot though.

She proceeds to try talking to Roxy Harley or any Roxy in particular in the memo.

PTG: oh hi sis! ur back! ^u^
PUT: Is the caps lock really necessary.
PTT: Shut up I need people to notice me through your incessant bickering, headcanoning, and theory crafting. Not saying those things are not important, just that mine is a lot more.
PUT: Well, whatever you say then.

She and Dirk Strider doesn't realize however that very very far from them as of now, the Condesce's flagship is heading their way, though considering how far it is from them currently, they would probably not be able to notice, even Cernun didn't manage to notice it's current trajectory due to busy discussing stuff in the memo.

((Holy fuck I can write an entire chapter with all these characters! Jeez that was a lot! I love torturing myself with adding way too many OC's in one memo though, so it's definitely my fault :DDD

((Anyways, I may or may not be trying to converge the two separate Main and Side stories together now, but if there's still plotpoints you are all trying to get through, let me know since adding to much can lead to a mess. So... I guess I just hope you all enjoy RP-ing with my AU and Mary Sues? :)
Malis looks at the two.
MALIS: Snow! Stop bickering and fucking come on! I came to rescue your ass because you are one of my only goddamn friends left, now move your large ass out of here!
VIC: Wai+ I wa$n'+ £v£n hi++ing on ¥ou... Do I $ound +ha+ d£$p£ra+£?- N£v£rmind €'mon!

Vic grabs Luis's hand and rushes out of the cell as the doors open. He then heads down a corridor which should lead to the Fish Bitch.
As for Malis, he pulled Snow into a quick hug before rushing after Vic.

Hal suddenly awakes and remembers his family. He immediately rushes towards a random husktop and starts hacking his way into the system.
BIO: H£¥! €£rnun! I found +h£ o+h£r$! H£lp m£ €on+a€+ +h£m!

As for Gama... She in immediately pushes Dirk over, which saved his ass from gunfire. Looks like they've been spotted.

GAMA: Hey pretty boy, keep your nice face out of the line of fire yeah?
CYRIS: You need me anyway... You won't get far without my coding love.. *He attempts to smile*

The clone trolls rush towards the others in their time in need. The lowbloods help take out the attackers fighting Dirk, and the others help Nate and the rest.

((Fm we must write long ass plot stories about the lab now
((We really should XD
((But... Maybe not at the cost of derailing CB's plot of course ;)

Alex gasped and grabbed her strife specibus, trying to look for what exactly is attacking them, using her Seer powers to do so, trying to detect their "doom", in her vision she saw whatever was attacking them shooting her from behind, thanks to that future vision she managed to dodge the bullet and shot some magic at the attacker.

Cali finally noticed the colorful figures flying downwards towards some random bubble, she taps Roxy Harley's shoulder and said...

CALI: hey sister, those guys look like bad news

She points at the figures, gesturing to follow them.

As for Cernun they noticed the bad stuff that's currently going on and tried to alert everyone.

CS: =eyy @Orange andd @Purple is underr attack.... Does anybodyy know aa wayy as to find outt w=at exactlyy is =appeningg againn...?
PUT: I am guessing it is the HIC thing you forgot to update us on.
CS: Yea= Ii figuredd.... Well, s=it.
PUT: Well shit indeed, you stay away and provide reconnaissance, I'm gonna get out of this boring little town now.
PUT: Does anybody have any form of signal like what we did before? Anything loud or bright? I don't know, just something!

PTG: imma try following the colorful dots falling down from the sky, maybe u should too dirk?
PTG: ne-ways, whats even going on? something bad i'm guessing?
PUT: Pretty much.
PUT: Wait, what colorful dots?
PTG: what? u didn't see those falling stars which may or may not be godtier pajamas?

Dirk Egbert looked up, from his view he can no longer see the god tier players due to how far his bubble is from Alex and Strider's.

PUT: Nope, you know what, screw it I'm going to try getting out of here.

Well good luck for that since he's definitely gonna need someone or something that can fly him there. Not having Godtiered sucks.

As for the others, Louces and his little revolution army is already charging towards HIC's throne room. Meanwhile, Snow, after getting out of her jailcell, kicked the shit out of some warden that was holding hers and the other prisoner's important items. She threw to Luis her phone while she grabs hers and began messaging her dad.

---FUTURE sacrificialSilver [SS] ??? HOURS FROM NOW began pestering gloatingHarbringer [GH]---

SS: hey hal.
SS: sorry i got my ass caught.
SS: anyways where you at? have you seen mom and rain?

Luis however pulls her arm from Vic and rushes quickly towards the throne room, Knifekind ready to gut the bitch for killing her original session's friends (not Vic nor the Lab session, like the session where she and Frans came from).

As for Rain, she smiled back at Cyris before walking towards Joel.

RAIN: I'm glad for your help cyris, but we have no idea what help your codes would give in this stupid idea we thought of.
RAIN: So um... See this?

She gestured at the floating dead tube frog. Joel seems to have already hooked it up in some sort of machine.

RAIN: That was supposed to be my team's genesis frog... And since you know how well our sessions went, this one is definitely dead.
RAIN: Well, at least until a Life player steps in.
JOEL: and a HOPE player too! don't leave me out, this is a PARTNERSHIP you know?

Rain chuckled.

RAIN: Yeah, i know. Of course mr. heir of hope is just as important as little miss rogue of life.
RAIN: I think cyris, it is really self explanatory what we're trying to accomplish here, me and joel.
GH: Snow?...
GH: No, I don't know where Black or Rain is.
GH: Come find me, i'm outside that flag ship.
GH: Trust me, the HIC is NOT on that ship.
GH: From what my laptop here is telling me, the GHB is in there.
GH: It must be a clone from what i'm reading because he died a while ago!
GH: Get the fuck out of there.

MALIS: Is that Hal? We should go, he's injured badly... C'mon.

As Vic and Luis entered the throne room. They would see the Grand Highblood himself, in all his glory. He was hooked up to a machine in the wall, which had been keeping him alive.
Vic prepared his hammerkind and watched as the Grand Highblood ripped out the tubes connected to him and slowly stomped his way towards the two. They were ants to him.

VIC: Bo$$ ba++l£ +im£... ¥ou r£ad¥?

As for Gama, she is currently wondering who the fuck these dead trolls are and why are they helping them.

Bio on the other hand was having some sort of happy breakdown when he saw the old session.

Hal was trying not to pass out again as he tried to hack into the flag ship and release the other prisoners.
((You've stuck with this memo from the beginning and I really admire that, Freedom. Don't worry about derailing the plot or anything, RPs are just for having fun. It's not like we're trying to write the next great American novel here. If you're enjoying yourself then that's all that matters. Also, you shouldn't beat yourself up over Mary-Sueness or deus ex machina bullshit, those things will fade with the more you write. So just keep at it and you'll be fine. ^_^))

TT: The student becomes the master, or in this case, the character becomes the author.
TT: If John with the debug tool is now operating beyond the Waste of Space, then he might as well be in control of his own destiny.
TT: He and the rest of the alpha timeline have achieved self autonomy, either because of the hypothetical Grace's influence, Lord English's time fuckery, or just Weird Plot Shit.

goes to typed more, but is pushed over by Gama. He was distracted enough by the memo and the ship parts not to notice the approaching squadron of Crocker Corp drones. A stray shot whizzes just over his head as he tumbles to the ground. He manages to roll back up into a crouched position with his sword at the ready.

DIRK: Thanks.

At just this moment, Nate arrives at the scene. Dirk looks up at him and asks:

DIRK: Anything you can do about them?

((Me and my fucking typos. -_-))
(06-14-2017 01:09 AM)captivatedBibliosoph Wrote: [ -> ]stray shit whizzes just over his head


((Also, Freedom, you didn't really do any ass-pulls or Mary-Sue-ing. Hell, you've done pretty much none!))

NATE is indeed here, but unfortunately, he's kind of preoccupied by flying in circles, kiting around the enemies as he picks them off one by one.

Wait. That isn't unfortunate. That's just smart. If you look closely, he's wearing a BLINDFOLD, so as to not tempt fate into blinding him like so many Seers before him.

It's fairly likely AB and ABJ are present as well.

He's gonna pause for a second, and suddenly, Dirk can SEE shit. Like, code and weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system. He's enjoying having these abilities in this version of the game- normally Sand players have the whole "weakness" thing down fuckin pat.

NATE: Target the glowing- wait why the fuck do I think I need to tell you that?

NATE: Shit is downright fucking elementary. You ALWAYS target the glowing parts. You know that. Bluh.
Dirk flashsteps forward and stabs an approaching drone right through the glowing spot on its chest. His katana sinks into the metal and severs the connection to the external sensory system. This prevents the bot from "seeing" or "hearing" anything going on around it, and it also doesn't cause the robot to explode like the most enthusiastic suicide bomber due to excessive damage. The votes are in, this is fucking fantastic. Dirk loves godtier abilities. Actually, no. He loves other people's godtier abilities. His own just seem to get in his way, since, you know, that's kind of the Prince of Heart's thing. Dirk goes after more drones with a focus on protecting the non-godtiered players. That proves to be difficult, however, since Alex is positioned by the crashed ship, and the drones drones appear to be trying to herd them all away from said crashed ship. Clearly there's something valuable there that they're under orders to defend and retrieve.
Regardless of the Math% probability of the AuthorBot and AuthorBotJunior being with Nate, it appears that they have used their rad navigating abilities to fuck off while Nate wasn't looking. Robots man, why do they always have to be ninjas?

Never fear, though, there's pretty much only one place with a sufficient density of robots that they would bother fucking off TO.

AuthorBot: Hey, Junior. Sweet job finding Roxy.
AuthorBotJunior: Yes.
AuthorBot: So if you guys are in need of some pathfinding, we are, in fact, the droids you were looking for. It's literally our jobs.
AuthorBot: The Memo indicates that Nate has met up with a lot of the others, and my abilities to track Nate are as real as Kraft grubsauce. Asshole thought he was being all smart and shit stealing my screws so he could track me, but jokes on him 'cause I put tracking devices in all my shit.
AuthorBot: t̨̹͚́́̋͗͡u̠̣̜̙̽̿ͧrn̸̸͔̻̩͛̾̏̚͝ a̖̚͟ř̛ͣ̀oų̴̛̙ͩͥ͑̃̀͞n҉d̢̬͘ i͘s̵̙̺̯̝̆̌ͯ́́ f̵ͪ̃̽͑́̾͠ͅa̓̒͏̛̛̣̬̮͈ͭ͘͟ȋ̗ͧr̸̪͎̼̹̒ͥͩͪ̀ pl͇̫̜̅͡a̷͍̾̀ͯ͢ÿ̢̛̝͒͜,ͦ̑̆́ͫ͜ ḃ̫͈̺̘͕́̋͘͢i̢̛͓͈͕̝̬͓̐ͯ͞t͠ch̵̶̢̛͔̘͐̊͑̀̽͂͊eṡ̶̸̢̬͕̗̖̜ͥ̓ͪ͗̌

AuthorBotJunior: Yes.
AuthorBot: So yeah. You ready to go?
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