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IB: Does anyone know what happened to Hal and Cyris?
IB: They've both been quiet since Bio got free.
IB: Im worried.

Malis has been pacing and wondering and thinking for over an hour.
Gama falls unconscious.
PP: Does ]~[al ]~[appen to be unavailable?!
PP: Because Kilius ]~[as been ]~[olding a body over ]~[is ]~[ead for a considerable amount of time now!
IB: Omg is he alive??
IB: Fix that bandage on his head or stitch the socket closed or some shit
IB: Please save him Kilius
IB: he's all i got
TT: Which Dirk, RS?
TT: Me, Blue, cherub, shadow clone #431?
TT: You need to be specific when you're talking about Dirks.

TG: omg how many dirks r there?
TT: Don't even ask.
TG: lol kay
TG: hi JR! nice 2 meet u!
TG: jumpin right into the questions? bring it ON!
TG: so befor i died?
TG: well...
TG: things werent loonkin 2 good tbh
TG: janey
TG: u know janey right? since u know dirk
TG: shes suuuuper sweet
TG: good girl, best friend
TG: err when shes not bein evil that is
TG: thats how i died actshualy
TG: evil jane tried to fork my teen mom and i kinda stoped her
TG: by usin my body
TG: lol not in a dirty way
TG: *wink wonk*
TG: nah i got forked instead and i ended up dyin cause heroic shit bluh bluh
TG: janey and jade were both civil cause the Batterwitch did some mind control stuff 2 em
TG: *evil
TG: they were actin the exact oposit of civil
TG: um alrighy
TG: question 2...
TG: oh no D:
TG: johns dead?
TG: no i dont know how he died
TG: didnt even know he died at all
TG: cant help u there
TG: man thats sucks
TG: i guess my sesh is hella doomed then :(
TG: if hes in the bubbles then i should look 4 him
TG: guess ill do that aftar i find the rest of my friens
TG: ooh! thats q number 3 isnt it?
TG: the only cherubs in my sesh were cali n her bro
TG: but im sure dirk coulda told u that
TG: soooo ur probs askin abut dave davesprit ar and dirk
TG: cherub dirk i mean
TG: gotta be specific lol
TG: idk theyre all pretty chill dudes
TG: i think ars got a thing for horses if thats what ur talkin about
TG: as for their claspects dirk (cherub ver) is a prince of heart and dave is a knight of time
TG: ar and davesprite don't have titties
TG: lmafo *titles
TG: they dont have titties either tho 4 the record
TG: they just got dragged along for the ride when their bros started playin the game
TG: neither of em really had a choice :(
TG: d-sprite was all torn up about it 4 a while
TG: so yea
TG: were all kinda a mess but what else is new?

((*Blatantly breaks cherub rules established in canon because fuck it, I can't thinking another way to make this work. I dug myself into this hole and I don't feel like digging myself out.*))

JR: Huh. Okay. I'm totes gonna blame that cherubic weirdness on the incest spirograph thing we have going on. 'Cause I take back my "see Cherubs are bros" statement to @RS, 'cause I'm not sure your friends are normal Cherubs. Doesn't mean Cherubs AREN'T bros, but I have no data to back up my claim.
JR: Only one gender in teh body? And it doesn't sound like any of 'em are evil dicks... P sure that's not how it's supposed to go.
JR: Hey, look at me hinting at the plot to you all casual like and stuff. If you need any exposition, feel free to turn the tables and ask your own questions to any of us.
JR: But the sparks notes version is we hoped you'd be able to help us find John, AND explain what's going on with your session. A bunch of shit is weird with your timelines and alt selves and the universes who created you/you created.
JR: Let me think about your answers. Actually, no scratch that (lol), @OrangeDirk, can you compare and contrast what Roxy said with how your own session went down? Maybe PM your friends back in the burning field bubble and have them weigh in on it.
JR: Any way the sessions diverged can give us a hint at what the formerly doomed, now Alpha John and Roxy did to make things Alpha.
JR: Though...gonna be honest here, not sure what the knowledge will do for us on a practical level. BUT, that's not a reason to ignore knowledge. Gotta have all the facts before you can really decide, y'know?
((It's OK @CB :)

While they were all exchanging useful status reports within the memo, Ales was already digging through the no longer on fire rubble to see if she can salvage some parts for whatever transportations device she plan on building. Surprisingly, she found a lot, considering for big that Condescending ship is.

ALEX: My Gods this is quite literally a blessing, this is a gold mine D! Really, I was surprised I can say this but, we can build whatever stupid crap with can think of with these bad boys. Who knows? We can like, upgrade Junior into some Mecha Japanese animation level of awesome that can make my universe's Dirk swoon.
ALEX: Goodness this is the happiest day of my life, I pray that by saying that I don't jinx anything.

Dirk Egbert just sat on what looks to be some doomed John's bed and continue answering the memo.

PUT: That is indeed strange @OrangeMe, maybe the fact that @PinkTG's cherub friends somehow managed to play a non two player session? Cause from everything she said, they seem very civilized compared to normal cherub culture, not to sound speacist.
CTG: yeah, sorry if my pals sounded like jerks, we didn't want to offend anyone
CTG: nah, nvm bout that shipping remark, it was stupid and we got important stuff to talk about right?
PUT: Yes, we'd rather not have you clogging our really informative discussion with your headcanons, thank you very much Cali.
CTG: k, actually i'm more interested in hearing more about those alternate me's! @pinktg would you mind me asking stuff about the cali's u have met? what were they like? OuO
PUT: Damnit Cali, that has nothing to do with anything, that's just as bad.
CS: Lett =err be @Blue.... T=oug= Ii better continue providingg info t=at Ii know of....
CS: Firstt offf.... Sorryy forr my speacist remarkss, like Ii said, t=at wasn'tt my intentionn....
CS: Second, if t=is info =elpss.... Ourr C=erub "friendss" aree nott from dead sessions....
CS: It wass aa pretty normal twoo player sessionn actually, if it weren't forr godtiered very competitivee C=erubss trying to onee up eac= ot=err....
CS: Info based on w=at t=ey t=emselves provided....Before t=ey screwedd me andd my friendss over of course....
CS: Ii =ope t=at providess some info regardingg @PinkTG's strangee friendss, if nott t=en Ii just =ope Ii don't soundd like Ii was just t=rowing ideass untill one sticks.... Tell me if Ii am...

As for the side story, Rain merely smiled at Cyris in her kindest way possible.

RAIN: Main reason why you won't want to get involved in this, now please leave.
JOEL: you know i can always send him away by force, unlike what we did with louces, see how that worked out.
RAIN: Hell no! Look, cyris is far more trustworthy than that bastard, i'll be able to make him listen, that i'm sure of.
BC: I$ Hal aliv£?
BC: A€+uall¥, l£+'$ do a lif£ €oun+.
BC: Who ha$ b££n €onfirm£d d£ad?
IB: I really hope hal isn't on that list of dead..
TC: Hi, fu+ur£ m£ h£r£.
TC: I'm in a bi+ of a $i+ua+ion, i+'$ no+ good.
BC: Vi€? Wha+'$ happ£ning?
TC: €an ¥ou $££ a gian+ a$$ fu€king flag $hip?
BC: +h£ $hip wi+h +h£ pri$on£r$?
TC: ¥£p, i'm $+u€k h£r£ wi+h ironi€ $had£$ gu¥, Lui$, nub$-mi€-dumba$$, and $now. W£ kinda go+ €ap+ur£d wh£n w£ l£f+ ¥ou gu¥$.
IB: im coming for you guys

Malis prepares himself a ship and flies towards the flag ship where the others are being held.
DAVE: yo its that lonely gangster dude you were talking about, hes gonna rescue us like han solo
VIC: Wha+ ar£ +h£ €han€£$ of him d¥ing?
DAVE: past 100
CYRIS: Let me guess.. A plot against Skaia?
Rain shook her head very quickly.

RAIN: No no! Nothing like that, i'm not that much of an ass.
JOEL: rain, just deal with him, ive got stuff to work on.

Joel walked off to a different room carrying the tube frog with him. Rain sighed, deciding it is best to be blunt.

RAIN: I know you're going to be pissed by this since you are skaia's personal anti-malware... Regardless of that, i still loved you... But please understand why i didn't wanted you involved in this.
RAIN: We're cheating our way out of this stupid game.
JOEL: RAIN! youre NOT supposed to TELL ANYONE! let alone HIM!
RAIN: Relax joel, i'm sure cyris wouldnt jeopardize us! Right?
RAIN: Now please leave, and don't tell anyone, that would be the most help you can give alright?

Rain gave him a rather nervous smile.

As for the flagship crew. These ships are thankfully not part of the blew up fleet from the dreambubbles last time. Snow got captured here when she was off trying to find Rain, only to stumble upon the dreambubbles where she saw a dead version of herself saving Malis, ah Snow's penchant for trying to save literally everyone regardless of her being dead or alive, seriously, what are even the odds of her reaching Malis at that time? Deus ex Machina ftw! (Such a shitty writer) She, along with the many dead alternate timeline Snow that somehow followed her in the bubbles were also scattered after that bubble burst, again, what are the odds she ended up landing on the Condesce's freaking flagship! Again, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?? ((Freedom is starting to get tired of their own frequent uses of Deus Machine recently

As for why Luis is here, she's... Actually not the Luis from Vic's timeline, possibly from a doomed timeline from what we can tell (meaning she's definitely later gonna die or something). It was during a suicidal mission for vengeance did she attempted to kill Condy by herself, only to be captured. As of now, she's in the same room as Snow.

LUIS: I swear to fucking god imma gut that bitch like a fish.
SNOW: ha ha! good one!
SNOW: though no joke i will slice her into sashimi once i get a drop on her.
SNOW: we can at least agree to that.

LUIS: Yeah, doesnt mean we will still get along, you know.
SNOW: i know. you stupid little bitch.

Luis chuckled, she's both loving and hating this conversation, and it seems Snow does as well. This is grade A caliganous shipping material right here, not that it'll probably be canon, like ever.

But enough of the sidestory, here's updates regarding where the hell UA2's players are.

Alex is almost in tears at how good fate is to her and Dirk after heaven quite literally sent just what they needed for them to build tthat device she cooked up in her Thinkpan just a few minutes ago.

Cali is with Roxy Harley though due to being busy with the memo they barely have spoked yet.

While Dirk Egbert is in some random house that is obviously John's. May or may not encounter a John here, he does not know.

Also back on Malis for a little bit, Louces went up to him.

LOUCES: LOOk, Id 18E gL4d tO hELp yOU IN thIS dEfINItELy UNpL4NNEd SUICIdE MISSION Of yOURS- jUSt pROMISE yOUd 18E wILLINg tO LIStEN tO ME 418OUt jOEL 4Nd wh4tEvER hIS SELf S4CRIfICINg EgO IS pL4NNINg tO dO... 4 LIttLE 18It Of tRUSt fOR thIS fUCk Up pLE4SE... th4tS 4LL I 4Sk.

At least we know that the Louces from 5 years ago wouldn't say that, staggering character growth there people, he's no longer just an assbitch.

((Good lord all those characters! It's Dark Worlds level of hell for me again! No idea how I'd be able to handle Cali, Snow and Luis now, my gods... :,D
((don't worry freedom
((imma bout to bust out more ocs
((plus you're the oc master
((you gots it

Malis sighs, and then looks at him.
MALIS: Buckle up fuckstick, it's gonna get bumpy.

Malis rams the ship through the hanger doors, while bailing out before the ship explodes into a parked one. He kills anyone between him and the prison cells and finally reaches the cells. He stops at the sight of Snow.
MALIS: Snow! I'm gonna get you out of here! *He starts to work on the door, melting it with some kind of lazer*
CYRIS: We gotta bring the others with if were gonna do that. We can't leave them... Plus you'll need my coding before you can even get somewhere in the system.. And at least, one more kiss?
BC: Dirk m¥ bro, i'v£ lo€a+£d a $pri+£ n£ar ¥our lo€a+ion. Migh+ wanna €h£€k i+ ou+.
Not far from Dirk was EauSprite, made from dead Eauline and a fish lusus.
Eau wasn't very friendly.

And beyond the horizon of the bubble was a group of players. They were the players who died and left Bio and Vic as the only clone trolls left. The whole lab crew is back.

Also Vic was talking to Luis about stuff but that's not important because Vic always ends up lonely and afraid and every attempt fails and some shit! But hey, mutual hate of the HIC is a start right?
Dirk joins Alex in searching the remains of the ship for useful salvage. His shoulders are tense and one hand hovers over his strife specibus. They're not in the clear yet, especially this close to an enemy warship, even just a broken piece of one. This all seems just a little too easy...

TT: Hey Junior, feel like an upgrade?
TT: Giant anime mecha does sound half bad.
TT: I think you could pull off a Gurren Lagann style android body.

TT: Yes.
TT: Hell yes.
TT: Hell
TT: fucking
TT: Yes.
TG: lol u guys r great
TG: oh sure i can help u find john!
TG: thats what i was planin to do anywys after we figured all this shit out
TG: as 4 my own questions...
TG: umm
TG: ive only rlly got 1
TG: have any of u dudes in the memo here seen my french around?
TG: *friends
TG: *les animes
TG: probs not how thats spelled but whatever
TG: we kinda all got separated when the bubble poped
TG: *popped
TG: and yea the cherubs from their sesh r super nice
TG: and dear sweet preshious cali is just the nicest person evar!!
TG: she wins the nice award in every verse
TG: so i bet ur super sweet 2
TG: calis are just the best n thats realy all there is 2 be said on the matter

TT: @CS, all any of us are going is throwing theories at the metaphorical wall.
TT: It's what's gotten us this far, so I think it's working out fine.

TG: dirk! er, orange dirk!
TG: we need to do some comparin and an equal amount of contrastin
TG: no more no less

TT: Alright, let me pull Jane and Jake into this as well since they were actually there for the big fight.
TG: where do we start?
TG: frigg, do we need to go over everyhing?
TG: cus thats a lot

TT: We can start with the basics and see where that's leads us.
TT: I sent you an invite to the discussion board.

TG: thx
TG: alright lets get started!

((Just gonna do that whole bit off-screen since we already know all this stuff. If you don't already know all this stuff, then just watch the Vriskagram flash. That covers most of it.))
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