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RS: Kilius, cherubs are REALLY weird.

RS: <div class="Exposition">

RS: First, to make a cherub, two cherubs of opposite gender and alignment mate in a huge battle where they turn into nigh-indestructible, 98 million mile long green serpents.

RS: The loser determines how the kids' alignment works. I think if the female wins, the male has the same alignment the father had, and the female has the same the mother had.

RS: If the male wins, it's switched. I may have mixed up whose victory has which results, but that's the general gist of it.

RS: The loser lays the egg on a planet near a dying star, and the black hole that soon forms will be like a home beacon for the baby cherub once it grows up.

RS: When it hatches, there's one hybrid personality in a teeny worm body. It eats the shell, then pupates or something.

RS: When it comes out, the hybrid personalities have split- a good one and an evil one, a male one and a female one. Which is evil and which is good depends on the outcome of the mating fight.

RS: When one personality falls asleep after some criterion that probably depends on the cherub, but is usually seeing the self-given name of their sibling, the other awakens. Their cheek swirl and blood changes to the alignment of the sibling (red for evil, lime for good), and they do their own thing until THEY fall asleep.

RS: Oftentimes, one personality will be unaware that the other exists for a long time, unaware of the game all cherubs play- predomination.

RS: One cherub in the pair, through force of will, wears away at the other until nothing remains. This leaves no ghost, as the loser is literally subsumed in the process as a part of the new whole.

RS: A good cherub gains the determination and ruthlessness of their sibling, while the evil one often gains restraint and an eerie veneer of politeness, like a dictator or archdevil. This is the other cherub's self becoming a part of the winner, because predomination is shredding the other's soul and adding the remains to their own.

RS: At that point they gain badass wings- black for evil and white for good. Their swirl fills in and they don't fall asleep and switch bodies anymore.

RS: Then they go around like intergalactic demons or angels and do their own thing, alone until they find a mate to battle for dominance of the planets in their possession.

RS: I think English and other cherubs abused the dreamself mechanic of SBURB to kill their siblings and predominate early. Those ones don't mature.

RS: They ALSO don't play games with others because they end up killing their sibling, who's usually the only other person with them in the game. So they invariably have unwinnable Dead Sessions.

RS: </div>

RS: So yeah, they're bad news.
PP: Kilius skimmed t]~[at, not gonna lie!
PP: T]~[ese C]~[erubim just sound like more enemies to face!
PP: Giant snake people, or sneeple, are fairly common in t]~[e tales of old!
PP: If Kilius were to gain the kleos from killing one, t]~[at would cement ]~[is place in t]~[e anals of ]~[istory!

Kilius got a bit excited with his typing to notice that.

PP: You inquire into t]~[e class of Kilius?!
PP: W]~[y yes, Kilius is indeed t]~[e Prince of Rage!
PP: Not really sure w]~[at t]~[at means but it gave Kilius some GLORIOUS robes!
PP: Plus a crown!
DIRK: It would be greatly appreciated if you stopped squirming, Gama.
DIRK: It's hard to carry you when you're wiggling around like a fucking fish.
DIRK: If I end up dropping you it's going to be your own fault.

While Dirk is struggling to keep Gama upright, he checks in with the memo.

TT: Roxy said she had two cherub friends, them being the Striders from that universe.
TT: I briefly encountered cherub Dirk and he looked like a Prince of Heart, so it's safe to assume the other cherub would be a Knight of Time like my bro.
TT: Their other halfs, who I believe were AR and Davesprite, also probably aren't Lords.
TT: Kilius, you got a crown?
TT: Man, I got fucking cheated. All I got were these puffy shorts and a tiny cape.
TT: Alex, Gama, and I are currently headed towards a piece of the the Batterwitch's ship that landed in our bubble.
TT: I'll keep you updated on what we find.
GAMA: Nooooo... I wanna like.. hug someone, I feel afraid from what's gonna happen... Dirkyyyy.. I think you gunna get decapitated or some shit..

Well we all knew that was gonna happen.
JR: Sweet, glad I remembered your classpect, @PP. Rage players are always useful to have around. Explains some of the random shenanigans you have been up to.
JR: You seem to really be motivated to battle and glory and what not?
JR: I recommend you assume that where ever you end up there'll be dope ass (yet narratively relevant) fights there. With your Whisperings of Madness/Shenanigans, it'll probably end up being a real thing. And since I'm a Waste I don't even get a penalty to directly mentioning the Whisperings/trying to give them ideas. Meta shit ftw. (BTW, for players less on the lingo, "Whisperings" are the random fucking coincidences that follow players around, vaguely themed around their aspect. If you acknowledge them, though, they go away for awhile, 'cause you aren't supposed to 'rely' on them. Fuck that noise.)
JR: @RS, that was a totally speciest way to end that Seer diatribe. They are "bad news". Bluh. I am trying my fucking hardest to keep this from being about "Cherubs = enemies". Formerly alpha Roxy had multiple Cherub friends with no problem.
JR: And @OrangeDirk totally adds a data point, regular ass cherubs can be total bros. It's only when they are given ultimate power/be sociopathic enough to play SBURB solo that shit gets real.
JR: Pretty sure the logs say that those cherubus played SBURB with like, at least 3 other people. Definitely not sociopaths.

PP: A]~[a! T]~[e puffy s]~[orts are t]~[e best part!
PP: But no, Kilius ditc]~[ed t]~[e crown in favour of ]~[is ]~[eadband!
PP: T]~[e wings are already GLORIOUS enoug]~[!

Kilius sends a selfie with him in his God Tier robes, the sleeves are ripped off but the rest is about intact.
[Image: lWZ7Pd0.png]
RS: Oh, come on, I wasn't saying they're all bad, I'm saying bad shit tends to happen when they're around because fully HALF of them are biologically programmed to be evil shitbags.

RS: The good ones are awesome, but tend to attract the bad ones.

RS: As for wh sp rin s, mi e su ks so b d. Th y do 't pop up mu h, bu t ey an be nnoy ng as f ck when th y do.
Junior is bored. There's only so many games of Snake you can play before you get tired of sitting around and doing nothing. He gets up and decides to explore this desert area a bit. These red sands certainly aren't one of his own memories, so there must be someone else around. After a bit of walking, he hears yelling in the distance. Upon further inspection, the yelling is coming from a hooded, shadowy figure standing on one of the dunes and waving their arms.


Junior decides to investigate the strange person. As he gets closer, the figure slips on the sand and goes tumbling down the tall dune. The dark hood comes off when the stranger somersaults to a stop at the bottom of the dune. It's Roxy! What a successful investigation this has been. Junior is very proud.

TT: Hey.
TT: Sup?
TT: found Roxy
TT: You found ex-alpha Roxy?
TT: Yes.
TT: Good work, bro.
TT: Introduce her to the memo, would you?

TT: Yes.

looks at Roxy who beams back from her splayed out spot on the ground. She looks comfortable, so he sits down too.

ROXY: still havnt fixed ur voice yet huh?
ROXY: dont u worry bud
ROXY: were gonna get u fixed riiiight up


now finds himself in a conundrum. How does he tell Roxy about the memo? Even with his host of new words, it's not enough to communicate something so specific. Roxy begins doodling void symbols in the sand, and then Junior gets an idea. He swipes a hand across the sand between them to smooth it out, and in doing so wipes away Roxy's drawings. He can apologise later, this is important.

ROXY: aww
ROXY: :(
ROXY: whatre u doing lil bud?

He quickly writes out the URL of the memo in the sand, making sure each letter is upside down and backwards so it's facing Roxy. When he finishes she just looks at him quizzically, so he points to the writing and motions at her.

ROXY: oh um alright

Junior grins. Clearly he is the best at non-traditional communication.

-- ??? tipsyGnostalgicā€ˇ [TG] AT ??:?? responded to memo. --

TG: heeyo!
TG: oh shit, blue guy is glitchin tf out overe here
TG: u alrght dude?

TT: Nate?
TG: durk? ur in here 2?
TT: Hey Rox.
TT: Looks like Junior was able to get through to you.

TT: Yes.
I am cool.
TG: totes cool
TG: oh wow! theres a whole lotta peeps in here
TG: wats up u guys?
RS: I'm fine, it was just my Whisperings acting up. Tends to erase information on occasion. This is why I back stuff up.

RS: I think I've found Dirk. Went for him instead of the Space player because Space players are strangely hard to locate.

RS: Seer powers rule.

JR: !!! Hey, it's "Formerly Alpha Roxy" now also known as "Pink TG"! Hi! I'm jadedResearcher. We have been looking for you a long fucking time, and I'm totes down for a little Q&A if you're up for it?
JR: I'll start: How was the alpha session going before you moved on?
JR: Do you know how the John from your session died?
JR: Tell me about your cherub friends? What were they like, what were their classpects?
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