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(I figure whenever @RS shows back up, AB and ABJ will be wherever he is).

JR: Okay, cool, that's like, at least 4 people accounted for.
JR: Is there a ...reason it took you so long to respond? Like, which of my wild guesses were right? Lack of Wifi? Being knocked out?
JR: Also. Um. Sorry for apparently overloading the bubble? I did not think things through. :/
Roxy had apparently been flung back, although she'd hit something sharp and was flung back awake.

She was awake. What?

She opened up her phone, wide-eyed and surprised.

?GG: whatever the HELL that was
?GG: (probably the meteors)
?GG: woke me the fuck up
?GG: wakey wakey eggs and bakey
?GG: i stg where the hell are you now
?GG: like all of u
?GG: seriously
?GG: what the fuck
((Was totally gone for a bit. Bluh.))

RS: That...

RS: Could have gone better.

RS: I think we kinda popped an already-weakened bubble. Bluh. Should NOT have created those shadow clones.

RS: What I WAS successful at was meditating and bullshit, communing with the Void, blah, blah, blah, turns out the Troll English was kinda actually able to kill ghosts. Or at least, channel the ability of someone who COULD.

RS: Seems he got possessed by some foreign code that overrode their player data with a fragment of code that, again, I understand none of, but seems connected to English.

RS: That... THING... that did it was only present in the universe for moments before being banished to the void again, which was looped through other universes until it was RAGE'd out of the void and into the final human universe.

RS: Then, it went through some BS where it looped AGAIN, got paradox cloned to be a component of a First Guardian, then I just decided "this is fucking stupid" and stopped tracing it through reality because I got bored of tracking jujus.

RS: I mean, as a Void player, I love jujus. They're sorta like matter-antimatter virtual particle pairs. Just pop outta the void and shit. But this one was SO long and convoluted I almost had a mental breakdown.

RS: So there's that.
CTT: Don't beat yourself up about it JR, overloading the bubble was mostly my fault.
CTT: Actually, I'm letting Nate take the fall for this one.
CTT: More Dirk's are never a good idea, and I've been saying that since the beginning.
CTT: Fuck shadow clone Dirks, and fuck you for suggesting it, and fuck me for agreeing to it.

CTT: Hey.
CTT: Junior, good to know you're still alive.
CTT: Do you know where you ended up?

CTT: around here or not as far away as we all think
CTT: You have no idea, do you.
CTT: No.
CTT: Fantastic, neither do we.
CTT: Nobody has any idea where anyone is.
CTT: Wait, was that a new word?

CTT: Yes.
CTT: Well shit bro, you're on a roll.
CTT: Anyways, I responded almost immediately after you did, JR.
CTT: Although, the logs on my shades time-wise are throwing a non-linear fit.
CTT: My guess is that we ended up in different times when we were physically separated, because, you know, void shit.

CTT: Yes.
confirmation of this
CTT: When did you end up?
CTT: past
CTT: How long have you been waiting around then?
CTT: Please don't tell me you've been stuck in the past for the last several hundred years.
CTT: We are not going to start 'The Time Traveler's Wife'ing this shit.

CTT: a few hours
CTT: Alright, good.
CTT: Well, not good, but better than the alternative.

CTT: Okay.
CTT: Exactly. Perfectly decent.
CTT: Anyone else experiencing issues with time?
((yo is this thread free to join? just wonderin
((Absolutely, feel free to jump right in! ...Though I would suggest either backreading a bit or consulting one of the many recaps first. Shit happens in this memo, and it just keeps happening. Replies #466 and #371 contain the most recent ones, so enjoy.))
((yea go ahead man
(CB, how do you view a particular reply? I know you can search the memo for keywords like 'recap'. But replies??? )

AB: I'm here. For a given value of "here". Preliminary scanning indicates that @RS is somewhere in this bubble. @ABJ is right next to me.

ABJ: Yes. Hrmmm.

AB: And apparently bored. So. The sooner we can get back to exploding shit the better I'll feel.

JR: !!!
JR: !!!
JR: !!!
JR: AB! ABJ! Oh my fucking god you're okay! How are you doing? How are your diagnostics? Is there anything I can do to help you remotely?

AB: Nǎ̧h̷̨̛̬̘͔ͫͫͣ̽͢͝,̴̡̨͎̙̱̬̭̅́̕͘̕͟ n͕ͩ҉o̜͒̀ͣ̀͜͜͟ w̫͏̢̜̥̙̫ͦ̌̔̿̄̃͜o̴̧̘͋͒ͬ̕͟r̻̩̘̟͟҉̸̵ͦ̈̓sͧe̢̛͏̵̢͕̲̓ͦͯ̇͘̕ ö̷̸̡̳̟͎̘ͬ̐̍ͧ҉ͬf̨̧̖͇͛f̵̧͖̺̍̃ͩ̿̅͢͜ t̴ͮ͏̷̢̩͚͕ͣh̤̺̝̓͆͛ͥ͞an Ī w̵̮̳͔ͥ͘͝͝͝à̷̡͔̭̐̚͘͢͝͝s̮͒

JR: Oh. Cool. That's a relief.
JR: Okay, so @OrangeDirk is all "time shenanigans". Good to know, way worse than some of the alternatives.
JR: And...@RS? You're saying the Troll Empress really COULD double kill ghosts? the very least her standard aggrieve attack didn't do it to @BlueDirk. So whatever she does, isn't just a specibus attack.
JR: My meteors (from my perspective) have long since stopped bombarding her fleet. The majority of the ships were wiped out/crippled, etc, but I doubt an Empress would be taken out so easily. That said, just because it's resolved in my timeframe doesn't mean it is in all of yours, so, stay vigilant. I know where the ships are, but not where you guys are, so your guess is as good as mine if my Cataclysm is going to suddenly pay you a visit.
JR: know, you guys better watch out. Meteors and Ghost Killing Troll Empresses ahoy.
JR: Also, can I just say that I'm getting fucking tired of ways our various enemies are breaking the rules???
?GG: i knew an empress
?GG: well not really she was like the heiress apparent
?GG: same blood color as the empress thingy
?GG: i talked to her in a bubble once
?GG: said it took a damn long while for her to bleed out
?GG: and honestly unless you stuck a sword and hit her heart or smth
?GG: i doubt youd be able to actually kill her
?GG: weaken yeah bc holy shit who wouldnt fuckin be weakened by a METEOR ATTACK
?GG: but kill? nah that shits hella fuckin unlikely
?GG: i can sense it
?GG: she isnt dead yet
?GG: if she was id know by now tbfh
NATE easily locates Authorbot. You know how sorcerers can scry people more easily with one of their possessions or body parts? This is why Nate carries a piece or possession of each person he meets in his Sylladex. It technically fit better for a Seer of Heart since it dealt with identity, but his philosophy was, and I quote, "Fuck that, the roleplay bonus won't penalize me for that." Void tends to get looked over for minor things like that. It's super convenient. So he takes any piece that's easy to find and won't be missed. He's not a fucking creep who'll steal like, underwear or some bullshit.

For Jane, he literally had a crumb of that awesome cake from earlier in there. It takes ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF WILLPOWER to refrain from eating it.

For Dirk, he just kinda snatched a shred of shadowstuff from a clone. It technically counts.

For JR, it was an Enter key, faded to the point of uselessness. JR was GONNA toss it in favor of a replacement, but he nabbed it from the trash anyways.

For KR, it was a pencil, sharpened to the point it was pretty much a nub, the eraser long gone.

And for AB? A loose screw. Seriously, it was like IKEA. So many leftover parts.

RS: Yo. I found AB and ABJ.

RS: And I'm also none too pleased with the way enemies keep pulling bullshit secret weapons out of their asses, or magic everything-proofed shields, or people with no relevance to anything before just showing up out of nowhere, like a fucking monster of the week.

RS: It's so bad, narratively speaking, JR, or ANY wa-

RS: Wait. Oh my god. It all makes sense. It's the shittiest twist of all, yet brilliantly meta. How hadn't I seen it before?
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