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((you're good fm
The ships aren't in danger, because those ships have big dome shields to block anything at risk of harming the players or the HIC.
As for Malis, he is trying to dodge said meteors beforr he is splattered. But freeezes up in fear when he sees a large one about to hit him.
As for Hal, he might be dead or not but he is for sure not awake.
In the dream bubble, meteors cascade against )(IC's ships in waves. Sirens continue to blare, and smoke rises from the hulls of some ships where meteors have pierced the defensive layer. Other ships go down almost immediately, crashing into the ground under the sheer force of downward momentum that the meteors are exerting on them. In all this chaos there is no sign of the Empress.

Dirk watches the sky as the cracks lining the bubble spread with sick crackling sounds like glass shattering.

TT: Celebrations can come later.
TT: Right now we should to get out of here before

With an indescribable sound - louder than the crashing ships, meteor impacts, and sirens combined - the bubble pops. Dirk is left with a ringing in his ears as he's flung out into the Void. The landscape defies all logic by peeling away into nothing, contorting itself in a way that's hard to look at and comprehend. Everyone is hurtled in different directions into the non-linear spacetime of the Furthest Ring.

JR: ... Shit. That...was way more of a power boost that I thought it would be. Either it was more meta than I thought or...I caused way more destruction than I thought.
JR: How bad did I fuck shit up???
JR: The bubble stats are...undefined. Fuck.
JR: I fucking KNEW the bubble was fragile, why the fuck did I think it would be a good idea to cause a CATACLYSM inside of it?
JR: Okay. Don't panic. Think. Popped bubbles don't kill you. They just push you into the 'nearest' bubble, where near is defined as bullshit plot convenience. People will probably be chatting up dead friends and reliving bullshit memories or whatever. All in separate-ish bubbles and whatnot. People who know each other will probably end up together, just from having similar memories?
JR: Nobody is responding to me, though, so it must be hella disorienting. Hell...maybe the ever-present WiFi signal got disrupted? AB and ABJ aren't offline though. Nate hasn't woken up over here. Everything is okay.
JR: I've lost track of everybody else, though. They look too much like all their doppelgangers to track if they aren't all together.
JR: Wait. No. I still know where the Troll Empress's fleet is, 'cause the meteors are still doing their thing. That's one mystery solved. No clue if she's with the fleet, though... : /
JR: Fucking hell, if we lost the formerly alpha Roxy on top of all this...
Alex yelped as the impact also ended up flinging her off the depths of the Furthest Ring, she gasped as she ended up losing hold of Cali and Egbert, both being separated from her across the dreambubbles.

As for Malis, before he was hit by the meteor, he was grabbed by someone whom flung him to safety through some wormhole, he would only catch a glimpse of a familiar dead godtiered player before being sucked into that wormhole. Simultaneously, Louces noticed the wormhole he punched open explode, but not before spitting out a possibly a little bit injured Malis... Whoever that person whom helped him must've been lucky (almost impossibly so) for being able to push him to the nearest safest wormhole to him, who knew it was connected to the dreambubbles all along though? The wonders of Doomy powers!

Cernun leaned to see the now safe Malis before responding to the memo.

CS: Ii wass stilll connectedd sincee t=ankfully Ii am currentlyy awakee....
CS: Onee of t=ee playerss were some=oww savedd.... =oweverr Ii lost contactt wit= t=ee ot=ers as well....
CS: Damnit.... Goodness nott againn....

Also, a few minutes before that meteor impact happened, despite the barriers, the bubble explosion ended up flinging the HIC fleet off of paradox space as well, but not before a few escape pods were fired some that a few of the players escaped since that impact caused a lot of the ships to explode.

As for the side mission, Rain finally managed to push off Cyris. Panting as she's trying to catch her breath after that long minutes of being chocked by her boyfriend.

RAIN: What- Are you- Doing here-

She's still out of breath, Joel looked at the two amusingly.

JOEL: so youre done force hugging your girlfriend to death?
JOEL: cause we got a lot of crap to do.
CYRIS: Sorry... I've been trapped in dreambubbles, unable to leave... What are you doing here?
Gama noticed the players being flung away by the impact and flew after them quickly like Neo in the second Matrix movie. She goes for Dirk first and grabs him quickly, and goes for Alex next, grabbing her and flying to safety faster than a bullet.
This used up most of her first guardian energy, and caused her to pass out.
As for the rescued Malis, he was looking at Louces with a serious expression.
MALIS: Get me to that player.

Most of the fleet was injured and luckily the prison ships weren't absolutely destroyed by the meteors.
((Which Dirk did Gama caught?

Dirk and Alex are safe though Dirk Egbert passed out wherever he landed due to his injuries, Cali was also separated from them and is nowhere to be seen.

Louces looked at Malis confusingly.


Malis walked away, yet again frustrated that he couldn't find his only friends...
JR: @CS, good to fucking see you. Can you give me any details about what is going on?

Dirk is caught along with Alex by Gama, and the three of them end up safely in the 'closest' dream bubble. This bubble looks to be a strange mash-up of Dirk and Alex's lands, and the sky is dotted with Skaia's clouds. Because of the distortion of space and time in the void, it appears to be several hours later that Dirk finally responds to the memo, but relatively for him it has only been a few minutes.

TT: Calm down, JR.
TT: I'm with Gama and Blue, though they are both currently unconscious.
TT: We've been separated from the others, and I have no idea when or where the rest of them ended up.
TT: That includes ex-alpha Roxy and Junior.
TT: Fuck.
TT: Okay.
TT: I'm sure Junior will respond to the memo when he can.
TT: I'm not sure how we are all going to find each other again.
TT: Last time we tried finding someone in the furthest ring we had three Seers searching for one person.
TT: Now the Seers are all split up, and there's a whole metric fuckton of people who need finding.
TT: God damn it.

Hours ago, but not many, a small red android is flung into a far off bubble. The bubble landscape is filled with sandy desert as far as the eye can see. He checks his connection to the internet, and is greeted by the chime of the memo being responded to. He checks in to find that AB and Kilius are rapping at each other again. When they finish trading a set of oddly familiar but none the less rad verses, someone else replies. Maybe they can tell him what's going on.

GH: Yo, complicated shit happened.
GH: Does anyone here have a map of the HIC's ship?
GH: And yes, one of us got captured.
GH: Like I said, shit got complicated.
GH: But we found Roxy at least.

But that's not right... Then it clicks, he remembers this happening before. Then he sees a chumhandle in a familiar shade of red.

TT: Yes.
TT: Interesting.
TT: Okay.

It's clear now what's happened. He's in the past. Being a good bot, he knows better than to mess with the continuum. He refrains from responding to the memo and decides to wait it out until his time catches up with theirs.

((*tiny screaming* Thank you AE.))
Kilius, whilst holding Hal dodges and weaves through the meteor storm, fighting against the force of the Void left by the popped bubble. Such a vacuous force couldn't exist anywhere else. It was like the Kardashians, Brangelina and Portland all mixed together times ten.

Fortunately, the twosome popped into the nearest possible bubble. Oh wow! It's Skaia! Some big tall buildings! That sweet smell of Krypton! Hopefully, there would be people nearby.

Kilius set down his payload and did some stretches. Whilst he was doing so, he changed into his regular attire, ditching his Prince robes into his regular vest and combat kilt.

PP: By t]~[e twelve!
PP: Kilius never expected to come into contact wit]~[ an imperial s]~[ip like t]~[at!
PP: Least of all come face-to-face wit]~[ t]~[e Empress!
PP: Even leaster of all to be attacked by t]~[e Empress!

Someone should probably stop Kilius marking out.
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