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)(IC: cod damn it
)(IC: i stab one blue sucka and another one busts in to take his place
)(IC: like a fuckin hydra
)(IC: water you doin bustin though ma walls anyway
)(IC: this is absolute inmanatee
)(IC: just use the door you ASS)(OAL
)(IC: trolls these days
)(IC: no fuckin respect for da emprfish
)(IC: how many times i got a tell you before you LISTFIN?
)(IC: i aint here for you so get out a ma glubbin S)(IP

The Condes
raises her trident above her head and hurls it across the room at Kilius and Hal.

Meanwhile, Dirk stands up; he's still leaning against the wall, but he's slowly getting his strength back. He and Junior watch as the cracks spread further across the bubble.

TT: We've got to redirect those meteors and abscond.
TT: Anyone still on board one of the Batterwitch's ships needs to get the fuck down here.

TT: Yes.
Kilius wouldn't have lasted long in the Bravadome if he wasn't able to see quick shots coming for him. Remaining calm, squinting his eyes, he Matrix dives back, letting the trident whizz over him. It's so goddamn cool.

Now was a good time to panic, fortunately for Kilius, he didn't have a sense of timing.

Dashing forwards to grab Hal, Kilius tried to make himself look extremely fearful. This wasn't actually easy for him. At least, not on purpose. Destroying fear and illusions with fear and illusions sort of makes you easy to read and very optimistic. Hopefully, she'd be dumbfounded by his battlecry.

PP: Empress of Alternia!
PP: Sit on Kilius' face!

With that frankly degrading thing to type done, Kilius would have gone for Hal to try and get him out of there through the ship's new viewport.
UA2 Dirk's group looked at the battleship expectantly for the meteors to arrive.

Back at the side story, a few of the angels attempted to attack Cyris, not that he can't handle them. Within the dome of angels he found... a dome, like an actual partly built steel dome with a hole in the middle for entrance. Should Cyris go inside he'd notice two people, a familiar Hope and Life player...

They were working on something, from what Cyris could see the place looked like a makeshift lab,there were some notes scattered about, and a little tube with what appears to be a frog inside. Rain was too preoccupied with what she's doing while Joel was the one to notice Cyris.

JOEL: let me guess, louces ratted us out?
JR: My logs are showing everybody is off the ship. Can somebody give me verbal confirmation of this? My logs have been wrong before.
)(er Imperious Condescension stares dumbfounded at Kilius' and Hal's retreating forms.

)(IC: what?

Junior, who has been dutifully watching the ship from the ground with his real, working cybernetic eyes, notices Kilius and Hal as they valiantly leap from the hole in the side of Condy's ship. Junior hops up with excitement, he's been waiting for this moment.

TT: Lay Waste is 'Go'.


[ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES] is cast by the Waste of Mind. You wonder if it is really a fraymotif or not, before you are no longer capable of wondering anything at all, and are just left trying to think in the cacophony of enough meteors to destroy all life on a good-sized planet hitting the Troll Empress' fleet in waves. The roleplay bonus from these meta, cataclysmic shenanigans that also advance the plot is off the fucking chain. Shit wants nothing to do with the chain, etc. etc.

It is PROBABLY not a good idea to stay in this bubble for much longer. The meteors were engineered to start slowly and ramp up, to give people enough time to REALLY clear the blast zone. Not HIC, though, the gates launching those meteors are fucking locked onto her fleet and will basically follow them wherever they go (if they even remain CAPABLE of 'going' anywhere) for 5-10 straight minutes. This will DEFINITELY not end up being a problem. I'm suddenly sure of it.
CYRIS: Joel! You're alive! and is that?... Oh my god.
Cyris rushes past Joel and hugs Rain, starting to actually cry. He missed her so much.
As for Malis, he was sitting alone on the corpse of a drone, waiting for something to happen.
Hal was currently trying to keep conscious due to the amount of blood he's lost already.
Cali cheered in joy before being pulled by Alex while simultaneously carrying Blue Dirk in a rush of adrenaline to get off this about to literally blow bubble. Dirk actually nearly falls off only to be caught by Cali who responded to the memo.

TG: that was off the effing charts! woo hoo! :U
UT: Sorry for not being too much of a help, but hey, we're surprisingly successful so good for us.
TT: Is nobody left in that warzone!? Cause right now is definitely the best time to skedaddle!
TG: argh! if only i'm godtiered i could help flying with people, sadly no, so... just please make it out safe, i'm begging u all U_U.

The trio is lucky enough to not get hit by exploding meteors as of late.

As for that one scene in near some Green Sun, Rain turned, only to be smooshed by Cyris's sudden hug attack.

RAIN: Wha- wha?!

Joel sighs.

JOEL: figures that we shouldn't have trusted louces, like I SAID rain.

She doesn't respond as Cyris could end up chocking her to death (which thankful to plot armor and Cyris's love for her, would definitely not happen)

With Louces however, he began explaining where he last saw Joel.

LOUCES: I LEgIt h4vE NO IdEA wh4t jOEL 4Nd R4IN 4RE pL4NNINg, 18Ut 4ftER yEARS Of dE4LINg wIth thE twO I C4N tELL th4t thEM 18EINg SECREtIVE 418OUt It C4Nt 18E gOOD.
CERNUN: So you'ree saying t=ey're goingg to do some sort of sacrificee again, like t=ey tend to do...?

Louces's moment of pause confirms this. And Cernun recoiled in an "oh shit" moment of realization.

CERNUN: W=eree aree t=ey...?

Louces merely huffed, and punched the air, outside a few feet from them, a crack appeared in thin air and a wormhole opened.

LOUCES: EIthER th4t wOULd t4kE yOU 4LL tO whERE I l4St S4w thEM OR It wOULd ENd Up tR4NSpORtINg US tO thE NE4RESt SUN, whIChEvER w4y, I wOULd 18E 418LE tO tR4Ck thEM.
CYRIS: I-I thought you were dead... After the incident, you just up and vanished, I didn't know where you went... G-God Rain I was worried sick!
MALIS: Wait a second is that- HOLY FUCKING SHIT!
More of HIC's ships arrive. From the looks of it, they're all transporting giant ass crates. Inside the crates were players, alive, non-godtiered, ready to serve the HIC as she pleases.
BIO: *Over the radio communicating with everyone as he watches the ships carrying players* Gu¥$, +ho$£ €ra+£$ ar£ pa€k£d wi+h play£r$, w£ go++a h£lp +h£m!
Rain is lightly trying to push Cyris off, she can't breathe you know, meanwhile Joel just stood and continued with whatever these experiments are, giving the two some privacy. Louces however looked at Bio.


Cernun also put their attention back to the memo. They tried to ignore Louces for now.

CS: Wait Bioo- =oww didd t=osee s=ipss gott t=eirr...?

They focused on their Seer of Space powers again through that amplifying machine to see what's going on.

CS: T=is does nott make anyy sensee, =err Condecension s=ould be dead wit= alll t=osee meteorss around.... Plus Ii cannot retracee w=eree t=osee carrierr s=ipss came from.... Seriouslyy w=at t=ee =ell????

While Louces is pissed that he's being ignored again, Cernun does have a point, the ship's came out of nowhere in a place with tons of meteors storming down, so a few of those ships possibly got hit and ended up crashing, possibly killing a lot of its passengers. Ah how the chaos continues.

((I hope that wasn't god moddy (tell me if it is and I'll change it), but really, those ships aren't gonna last long with all those meteors I believe...
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