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Louces sighs and looked at Bio.

LOUCES: I hONEStLy dONt EvEN C4RE 418OUt gEttINg My 4SS 4xEd 4NyMORE- NOt LIkE thISLL RESULt tO 4NythINg hEROIC OR jUST 4Ctu4LLy...

The angels screeched at Cyris, not wanting him to come any closer, or else they'll attack.
Kilius bursts through the wall Krool-Aid man style, covered in a frankly absurd amount of robo-viscera. He's joined the Malis marauders.

PP: Scylla's mout]~[!
PP: T]~[at was a ]~[earty brawl!
PP: Now ]~[ow can Kilius ]~[elp ]~[ere?!

Boundless and unyielding optimism can get you places apparently.
Well Malis's is currently awake so Killius must've ended up in the same room as Hal and Condy ((Tell me if I'm wrong :). Alex, Cali and UA2 Dirk is still hiding out healing and protecting Blue while Cernun is also awake in some lab with Awake!Bio and another player called Louces.

So basically, the important stuff is with the dreambubbles that's pretty much in the right moment to get a meteor shower while Cernun is currently having a small side drama in the waking world.

Oh and there's also still some stuff going on in the nearest green sun but that can't be too important, right?
In that case, Kilius is looking at Hal and the tHICcness. Sensing danger, Kilius prepares himself for... something.

JR: Yo, @AB and anybody else who is listening: Can you try to make sure everybody gets off that ship? I got a head full of bored, a ship full of danger, and a trigger finger full of itches.

AB: On it

ABJ: Yes.

The AuthorBot and AuthorBotJunior float and zip around respectively trying to spread the message. I'm still waiting to get any text signal from a player in the bubble that I should start fucking shit up. I don't trust my logs enough to risk killing people, after all.

Also, lookit that, I break the fourth wall even in my narration. Being a Waste has some perks.
?GG: yo whos in dat ship anw??
?GG: only four a us left w the fenest walls

then looks up from her phone, eyebrows creased.

ROXY: im worried abt whats gonna happen
ROXY: esp if they dont get out in time
ROXY: ahh well i think they could leave at this point ill just alert jr once they do
ROXY: if i could
Now that Dirk Egbert is nicely patched upped with Cali's weird dream made bandages, he's now able to answer the memo.

UT: Two guys were still on there actually.
UT: They're with me confronting the crazy troll monarch. I have no clue whether or not they got themselves forked already or not.
RS: I'm gonna switch to passive support and buffs from here on out, so my roleplay bonus applies. If any of you need a buff, especially Seer-related, just ask.
JR: @RS, maybe you could provide a Seer bonus to helping the players find a way off that ship? I know that's not exactly Voidy, but come up with some dumb fuck justification to making it work. Think really hard about how by leaving the ship and going back to the bubble it's more voidy so you're helping them see the void??? Or maybe you can help them see a lack of safety of some shit.
JR: Or hell, isn't one of them half blind? Give him a buff so his voided Sight is replaced with what you want him to see or some shit.
Cyris bolted past the angels, they didn't bother him.
As for Hal, he is currently giving the HIC a nasty look.
Malis is currently not in the ship, but is currently smashing drones to bits to get his anger out about... Well... Everything.
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