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?GG: har har d if u catch my drift ;)
?GG: anw there r so much dirks rn
?GG: it would be a shame if

?TT: Harley.
?GG: someone were to
?TT: Harley...
?GG: drop those dirk a dirks B)
?TT: Yes, because dropping two versions of me and me will be such a good idea.
?TT: Maybe you'd like to throw yourself too, so that there would be a Harley in the salad?

?GG: hey!!
?TT: Either way. Alex, correct?
?TT: We have the same color and abbreviation, so I hope everyone can take a good look at the question mark before mine.
?TT: Your session must somehow end up rather successful, then, though, for you two - Alex, Egbert.
?TT: Considering that two of you are analytical classes. I myself am, by no means, a qualified expert, although I've written a FAQ before.

?GG: LMAO i pronounce faq as fack no ones gonna stop me
?GG: but yeah i mean like he said we aint as gifted
?GG: mage heir witch thief
?GG: we ended up getting those classes
?GG: luckily we do have a mage (hi dirkalonde)
?GG: which functions like a seer only more magical or smth??
?GG: but i suppose we all would end up a lil less screwed now don't u think

TT: Oh gods, yes, this chumhandle debacle is giving me a headache.
TT: Though I must agree, we would have been very successful having too smartasses on our team.
TT: Too bad our Harley is quite the major dumbass compared to yours it seems, so that cancels pretty much everything out.
UT: Ignoring what a downer Alex is, you mentioned classes and aspects?
UT: Well to us we got an Heir and a Seer, whom you're all talking to.
UT: As for the others, our Strider is a Maid while our Harley is a Prince.
UT: To summarize, our team consists of: an Heir of Mind, a Seer of Doom, a Prince of Blood and a Maid of Space.
UT: Hope that helps.
TT: Seriously, try guessing how any of us even did the Scratch.
TT: You could say I've had some trouble with other versions of myself in the past.
TT: When our session was still in play, hell, before our session even started, the whole multiple Dirks thing was the source of more than a few problems.
TT: More mes seemed like a good idea at the time, but looking back it was nothing but trouble.
TT: It might have been because of my claspect, Prince of Heart.
TT: So far though, you both seem pretty chill.
TT: Maybe the differences between us are big enough that my tendency to destroy myself doesn't quite apply.
TT: Regardless, Egbert and Alex, do you think you could look around the dream bubbles and make your way over to Harley and Lalonde?
TT: Any other relevant players from your session are welcome to join the meet and greet clusterfuck.
TT: I'm on my way to LOPAN now, and it shouldn't be too long of a flight.
TT: I'll let you all know when I get there, then I'll go to sleep.
TT: First things first, I need to find my friends. We'll see how that goes, for better or for worse.
TT: After that catastrophe is over and done with, I'll seek you out.
TT: With any luck, next time Roxy Harley and Dirk Lalonde pass through a dream bubble on their excursion across the furthest ring, I along with Egbert and co will be there to greet them.
TT: With our powers combined we can summon the Captain Planet of getting shit done.
TT: It's not a great plan, but it's a plan.
TT: Wait, you're talking about am alternate self meeting in the dreambubbles?
TT: Is... That even possible? I mean, considering the fucking distance of such a multiverse between us.
UT: Well, considering the strange nature of these Horrorterrors, I am betting it is possible.
TT: I guess.
UT: Well, you better try sleeping for a long while Harley. We'll be coming.
TT: Probably.
TT: I've reached LOPAN, and I've got a place to sleep in my Roxy's old house.
TT: Now I just need to fall asleep.
TT: I don't know if meeting alternate selves in dream bubbles is actually possible or not, but it's worth a try.
TT: If I survive the wrath of my friends, then I'll see you all soon.
TT: Probably.
TT: Oh, also.
TT: this_is_us.jpg
UT: Oh hell yes!
TT: Astounding editing skills I must say.
TT: We truly are a team of smartasses! No wonder we're all fucked!
UT: Nostalgic 80's reference aside, me and my doomed friend here are floating off to who knows where.
UT: As big as these dreambubbles are, maybe once we thread the most distance from where we were before we'd end up to your bubbles.
TT: Oh look.
TT: Another bubble explodes in a rainbow of color near us.
TT: I wonder how quick death was for the unfortunate ghosts there, English probably had a new record.
UT: That's just morbid Alex, holy crap.
TT: I'm searching through the dream bubbles for my friends now, and it's tough trying to track down one specific iteration of a timeline.
TT: I'm know I'm getting closer though.
TT: I can feel it.
TT: I think I can sense their souls, and I'm just following that distant pull like the world's shittiest game of marco polo.
TT: I bet it be easier for us to find our way to Harley's session if we had some kind of signal.
TT: Would it be possible for any of you to create a flare? Something we could see in the dream bubbles and trace to your location.
TT: Hell, it doesn't even have to be something physical, if you create some sort of energy reading that we could track, that would be incredibly helpful.
?GG: yo d-lals
?GG: helo??

-- ??? taciturnTestimony [?TT] is now idle! --

?GG: oh fuck hes probably trying to fall asleep or w/e
?GG: also marco polo is great i always win at marco polo
?GG: ...
?GG: hmmm
?GG: i think i can send an aspect symbol signal
?GG: aka if something is exploding around youll know were having a communionish
?GG: louder and bigger the explosions the closer you are
?GG: (dont worry im sure they wont hurt you i gots that covered)
?GG: welp anw i guess ill try to sleep
?GG: noity noit

-- ??? gryffindorGrimalkin [?GG] is now idle! --
UT: That sure would be helpful, the only problem is the distance that signal might travel to.
UT: Now that would be tricky.
UT: If we didn't have a Seer of course. Can you still do your "ghostly visions" Alex?
TT: I guess?
UT: Alright! So it's settled then, we'd be off flying till we see something.
TT: Sounds like a good and not needlessly tiring plan for me. Let's just float forever! That's definitely not taxing to the only one god-tiered here that has to carry you, not at all.
TT: So, I found my friends.
TT: It's been about half an hour now, actually.
TT: My Jake English and Jane Crocker seem happy to see me again.
TT: Jane is crying and she won't stop hugging me, so if that's anything to go by.
TT: Jake's also got a strangle hold on me and won't let go, but at least he's not crying.
TT: No wait, I take that back.
TT: Apparently it's been a long year for all of us.
TT: It's really good to see them again.
TT: I don't think I realized how much I missed them.
TT: When I first got here dog girl who teleported me to the edge of the incipisphere kept on apologizing over and over.
TT: She's Jade Harley, Jake's grandmother. She seems nice, now that she's not evil.
TT: Oh, my bro and his friends are here too.
TT: Well, most of them.
TT: The thing is, the Roxy Lalonde and John Egbert from my session aren't here.
TT: They're not dead.
TT: No one has a clue what happened to them or where they ended up, but they're alive.
TT: Fuck, they're alive.
TT: I really hope they're safe.
TT: Speaking of safety, this place looks unstable as fuck.
TT: The dream bubbles out here are covered in cracks.
TT: I tried to ask my friends what happened, but they just shut me down and held me tighter.
TT: Now were all just sitting on the floor in a heap.
TT: I think we need a moment.
TT: I'll get back to you guys in a little while.
TT: For now, I think I'm just going to let myself enjoy this.
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