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IB: Ew, weird creepy anime robo love.
IB: It's nastier than Dave's manga collection.
IB: Also Hal is on the hic's ship, he got his fucking eye blown off due to the counter measures from the ship's mainframe or some hacker bullshit.
IB: but i warn you, DON'T ACCESS THE SHIP!
IB: Any device or robot will get overheated and blow up like Al-Queda.

HAL: F-Fuck you... You son of a bitch. (Hal tried to grab a guard's weapon, but got beaten down easily due to how weak he was)
Dirk cranes his neck to look upwards at the relative "sky" of the dream bubble. Flashing rainbow cracks split this dream bubble just like the others they've seen so far.

TT: Well, at least the shadow clones aren't a total waste then.
TT: Although, they're probably going to be the thing that pushes this bubble over the edge.
TT: Let's not forget the damage already done to this thing by Lord English's rampage.
TT: This bubble has got more neon streaks than a rebellious teenager.
TT: Besides that fact, I've also already lost track of how many people are in this bubble.
TT: This thing is going to pop, it's just a matter of when it does.
TT: And Malis, on behalf of Junior who doesn't have these words yet: Fuck you.

TT: Yes.
TT: Fuck you.
Dirk Egbert sighs and looked at Hal.

DIRK: This ship, and possibly the bubble itself based on those rainbow cracks that's starting to appear, is about to blow and we're still here trying to have an unwinnable war with the creepy fish queen?

He then turns at Condy.

DIRK: Look, I haven't even touched your ship's controls yet, so let me just suggest that instead waiting for it to crash or something from the sheer number of ki blasts being hurled at it why not just you know, lightspeed teleport the fuck away? Go Star Wars at this motherfucker, we don't have all day, literally.
DIRK: No, seriously, you don't wanna die, I don't wanna feel the sensation of blowing up again, can't we all just chill and cooperate for our survival?

He looked hopefully at all of the people in the room.

With Alex and Cali however, they looked up at the Dirk Army and the cracking bubble in so much awe.

CALI: holy crap :u
ALEX: Uh-huh, yeah we really should go.

As for Louces, Bio and Cernun, Cernun looked at him though they didn't left the machine in fear it may reset their progress or something. They still spoke though.

CERNUN: Afterr alll t=is time only noww do youu decide to come back...?
LOUCES: ......

His face was long drained from that once very condescending expression he once always had, after all he'd been forced to go through, he's just left as a man who has nothing but regret in his life.
)(IC: creepy fish queen?
)(IC: you tryin to mock me right minnow?
)(IC: thing is i dont got time to waste dealin with you small fries
)(IC: i told you once and im not gonna tell you again
)(IC: G--ET OUT A MA S)(IP!!

Her Imperious Condescension
raises her trident up into the air and brings it down straight through Dirk's chest. The force of the blow sends him stumbling backwards and leaves him badly wounded. He's got a puncture mark around torn clothing from where the middle prong pierced the center of his chest. The Condesce just sighs and spins her trident once around her fingers.

)(IC: sea? no blood or nofin
)(IC: zero satfishfaction
)(IC: its just too eelsy with you punks
)(IC: now you fonds gonna clamscray or do i need to stab all a you too?

She tightens her grip on her trident and snaps it up in an offensive position, settling into an offensive stance.

)(IC: lets make this snappy
)(IC: i got a delta fulfil

((@freeMiliu_2K01 if this isn't okay with you just let me know and I'll change it.))

JR: Aaand @BlueDirk just got ghost 'killed' by the Troll Empress. Luckily ghost wounds heal p quick? Pretty sudden too, wasn't even a strife.
JR: That's one less person on the ship, at least.
JR: And @IB roboRacism is hecka not cool. : /
ROXY: oh my FUCKING god
ROXY: what were we
ROXY: are we gonna
ROXY: aw fuck r we gonna go now or

looks as if she wants to stick an arrow through the Condesce's chest - but that wasn't her job to do.

ROXY: are we gonna leave now
ROXY: bc as much as this really deathly party is gonna be a thing for my aspirations for a zombie apocalypse
ROXY: i would GREATLY prefer that i would be shooting em and not be one of them u kno
ROXY: better get evry1 out and back
ROXY: n hope that when we go through nothing shuts out the connection
((@CB its alright, just that... well, Blue Dirk is already dead so I have no idea if he'll now be double dead or not? :?
((Oh shit, that's right. I forgot to check the spreadsheet! Don't worry, he's not double dead. Hmm, actually, what happens to a ghost if they're fatally wounded by someone who can't kill ghosts? It's never actually explained in Homestuck, I don't think. Let's just say he's just badly hurt?))

((I changed it.))
((Alright :D

While Blue Dirk got flung off by the impact just a few feet away from Condy, Alex put a hand on Roxy Harley before saying.

ALEX: Harley please, no more time for hesitating, we need to fucking move.
CALI: no need to worry rox, just get our pal blue dirk and abscond away, alright? ^u^
ROXY: alright game game game

swiftly moved, taking Dirk and doing a NICE ABSCOND in lieu of the guy being unable to, being pretty badly wounded and all.

ROXY: im gonna make sure he aint gonna double death
ROXY: im carrying him so like
ROXY: alex could u open the wall thing so we can all get outta here

If it's already been opened and lala has just been overlooking a shit ton of stuff, Roxy gestures for them to follow her as she jumps through, being pretty careful to not let go of Dirk through the void.
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