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Cyris would notice drones surrounding him and Hal, and only surrender...
He didn't wanna get Hal hurt even more for something he did.
As for Malis, he's currently helping Kilius in the fighting. It seems only Gama is available for whatever they're planning.
While all this weird crap is going on, Blue Dirk had been nailing the whole stealth thing he's working on, thanks to all those sweet gadgets he's been carrying all along, thank god for Alchemy am I right? Anyways, he's pretty close to the control room now, and with a little EMP Bomb he threw to the nearest drone, he disabled them, and managed to get in.

UT: Told you I got this shit.
UT: Anyways, already in the control room about to turn this fucker, what's going on out there though? Can anyone report?

Suddenly, the battleship shook, and Dirk Egbert fell on his butt, it was all due to Roxy's mini speciesswap army that's bombarding one of the ships. Dirk Egbert looked out the window to see what's happening, not noticing someone entering the room. ((It could be Bio or the Condesce, anyone willing to RP them can decide :)

Back with Cernun, they're within some place far from the others in their stand off against a (yet gain) mind controlled Bio. They gave a long breath before going into their battlestance.

The fight is on. However, like any smart Seer would do, they waited for Bio to strike, waiting for the opportunity on that headband of his.

Meanwhile with Alex and Cali, Cali took a peak at the battlefield from her hiding place, oh how hard does she wish to help, but the lack of Godtier Superpowers means she won't be much. She then noticed one of the drones moving towards their hiding spot, huffing and muttering "fuck it" she raced out with her staffkind in hand and went into a Sailor Moon esque transformation, meaning she literally just changed her clothes into something more battle friendly, and began blasting laserbeams at the drone. Alex noticed this, and flew towards the drones before pulling a few machine parts from them through her Spoonkind (again, I have no freaking clue how that worked).

Said drone finally exploded, Alex grabbed Cali and flew away from the explosion, managing to salvage both her sister and some robot parts.

ALEX: Holy fuck am I actually good at this?!
CALI: nice, sis that's effing badass! OuO

Alex didn't responded and put her down along with some of the robot parts, it turns out she's been collecting a lot of them, she then called out to the group, screaming.


Alex hoped that in the midst of the commotion people heard her.

((@CB that meme is GOLD, also I love how shit went down the minute I woke up in the morning, jeebus XD
Bio goes in for another attack, now's Cernun's chance.
It seems that Bio is draining the ship of it's power, causing turbulence. The HIC didn't care as long as one of them died.
do you ever just really want to re-jump back into the memo but so much has happened that you don't know what to do :'D but i hope it's alright if i jump in again!

?GG: FUCK i woke up
?GG: this is bullshit yall im calling evry1 out on it
?GG: something happened i ended up awake
?GG: and just
?GG: what the hells happenin
?GG: better answer me else im gonna go find and double death you my OWN style man
((Welcome back! :D

TT: Oh thank the Gods, @GG you are great at building robots and stuff right?
TT: Well, it turns out totalitarian fish queen is screwing our shit up and my friend is up in her battleship to screw her shit up.
TT: Turns out, that plan is obviously moronic so I need help in building this teleportation device to assist him.
TT: Is that clear?

TG: oh and we met another roxy! she's really sweet like u, u really should totes meet her ~uO
TG: tho not right now since she's off firing beams with her ghost friends at those red ships! OuO

Meanwhile with Cernun, they expertly dodge out of the way and grabbed a hold of the Crockertier Tiaratop and was about to cut it off of Bio through their spear, only to feel a powerful static electrocuting them.
A counter measure, kinda like with Hal. But it's a stupid counter measure. As Cernun ripped it off, Bio was uncontrolled. But he was also shocked and now they're both out like lights.
People, the things friends do for each other.
Welp, the two are down, Cernun ended up fading from the dreambubble, waking up with a start in Bio's lab (since they are alive). Meanwhile, Dirk Egbert is currently face to face with Fish Hitler.


((Anybody willing to RP The Condesce?? :)
Bio also awakes in the lab, and gives Cernun this sad look, as if he's begging for forgiveness without saying a word. Then comes the hug and the attempt of kissing which usually leads to rejection.
You know, the usual biznitch.
As for Hal and Cyris, they would be joining Dirk Egbert in said Fish Hitler's chamber.
Hal's missing eye is bandaged over poorly, there's blood leaking from the bandage for christ sake.
Too bad Cernun had too much trouble with Joel and their own unrequited flushed feeling for their former teammate. Should they finally let go of him they would probably finally let Bio in, but today's not today. At least they don't reject Bio's advances like before.

Dirk Egbert looked a bit fearfully at the Condesce.

DIRK: I mean no harm.

He raised his hands in a "I'm just here to talk civilly without bloodshed" manner.
?GG: !!!!
?GG: oh jesus christopher fucking christ on a stick
?GG: im not the person 4 MAKING robots o no thats dirkalals job!!!!
?GG: i can probably help you w/ fenestrated walls
?GG: like i mean its some sort of teleportation device yeah
?GG: we had transportalizers back at home but
?GG: aw fuck im gonna get there faster than youll say uno
?GG: slam ur fucking card down binch i can sense dead people so no worries

huffed and forced herself to pass out before she'd appeared back in the dreambubble she'd remembered in flames.

ROXY: jesus i left a fuckin mark

As much as she'd like to teleport, her powers didn't involve that - all she had was her goddamn crossbow-

A crossbow that opened fenestrated walls if prompted.

Her eyes widened and she shot it into the air, made a skillful YOUTH JUMP! before she opened it once again to be able to get where they are. if this is irrational for where they currently are, I believe I'll fix this!

ROXY: ive joined ur party
ROXY: theres no need for the notif to pop up im literally poproxying it right here
ROXY: so! since im here

She looked up at Alex, smirking amidst the madness.

ROXY: whaddaya need me to do
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