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Kilius picked up on the differently shaded text from the different person living inside Dirk's shades.

PP: Okay?!
PP: Per]~[aps a mild case of tinnitus..!
PP: Along wit]~[ a major case of spatial displacement, but ot]~[erwise, good as Kilius!
PP: O]~[ it feels good to stretc]~[ my form out like t]~[is!
PP: Tell Kilius, w]~[at t]~[e dink is ]~[appening and ]~[ow can Kilius get in on t]~[is?
PP: ]~[e's got a really badass entrance ready!

Kilius indeed stretched before looking around. His slightly-customised robes flowed slightly as he floated towards what appeared to be royal spaceships. A lot of them.
((One good thing came out of the Transformers movies, and that was the inspiration Bumblebee gave me for how to get Junior to communicate effectively.))

TT: We're in a dream bubble
TT: if you want to be part of the physical adventure you have to be in the dream bubbles
TT: try sleeping maybe we all could meet up in person
TT: find a particular dream bubble
TT: we send out a signal that will attract them to us
TT: there's ships. Big, red, scary ships.
TT: just disabled all ships
TT: it may crash
TT: you can try following
TT: headed TOWARDS the random explosions and burning
TT: Also,
TT: There is a 91.07663686471734% chance that
TT: AB, ABJ, and I got Junior the fuck out of my shades and transferred him to a dream Android body which he has been enjoying very much.
((@CB good thinking bro))
GH: I'll knock out Malis real quick so you can meet him in the dream bubbles.
IB: wha
GH: There, out cold.
From the looks of it, Bio is making it fair by waiting for Cernun's attack. As for Malis, he is currently swearing at Hal for knocking him the fuck out.
((btw hal's last name is shicker
((malis's is braginsky
((Bio's full name is Bioline but Bio is fine))
JR: Eee!!! @RedTT-that is also Lil Hal Junior that is so fucking smart! Shit hold, on, let me give you some copy pasta fodder:

JR: These phrases might come in handy (and might not have already been said in memo). I need help. Explain yourself. I don't understand. Help <insert chat handle here>. You are annoying. You are cool. I am cool. True. False. Enemies are here. Enemies are everywhere. Look out. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 . There are <insert number here> enemies. This statement is false (for ironically cool purposes).

JR: Can anybody think of any others that might help ???
JR: Anyways, yeah @GH, I am totally in the process of helping you hax0r ships and shit, and definitely haven't been distracted providing templates for AIs.
JR: Problem is, again, I have no clue where you all are, just the sort of probability space where players LIKE you are. So I've crippled like, 5% of HIC ships in the afterlife fighting players like you guys, but apparently not yours. I've definitely slowed down a vast majority of the remaining HIC ships, though. If the enemies are still going full force, then I know I need to focus my attention on the ones that are unaffected.
JR: @AB? Are you still fight rapping or rap fighting or whatever you were doing? Do you think you can take a break and give me afterlife coordinates??? That would make shit way easier.

AB: On it. Stand by for session coordinates. I'll be unable to fight or interact with sessions for up to several minutes while I figure shit out.

And the AuthorBot becomes completely unresponsive, and un-interactable, much like Nate's Ghost in the Machine mode. She is bullshit% guaranteed to not affect sessions while reporting back on them.
PP: Kilius is touc]~[ed you would commit such acts of violence against a co]~[ort just for ]~[im!
PP: Kilius is also confused as to w]~[at t]~[e lions]~[it a dreambubble is but..!
PP: Alrig]~[t, sure!
PP: Kilius ]~[as been knocked out a few times, w]~[at's t]~[e difference if it's ]~[im doing the knocking?!
PP: Before Kilius goes, ]~[e can offer one key p]~[rase to t]~[e small, red TT!
PP: And t]~[at p]~[rase is "YOU WANT SOME? COME GET SOME!"
PP: Yasas!

---perfectPankrator [PP] knocked himself out!---

Kilius awoke on... his land. The Land of Quakes and Kayfabe. Oh what good memories that had come from this place. Like spurring up an army from the consorts to facing his mighty denizen in the pugilism square and subsequently making him tap out like a bitch!

The sky rumbled purple as he walked around, looking for his escort, and not the fun kind.
Malis finds the right dreambubble and heads over to Kilius.
MALIS: Hey! It's me, Malis. You're Kilius right? Anyway come with me, there's a lot of dreambubble action you're missing out on.
Kilius looked a little incredulously at Malis.

PP: W]~[y yes, Kilius is Kilius!

Immediately, Kilius gave Malis a hard, wet hug. Kilius makes a habit of keeping himself oiled up in the case of brawls. Plus, he was very fond of intimate displays of companionship, and of ostentatious displays of wealth.

PP: Bring Kilius to t]~[e fray t]~[en!
PP: ]~[is spears ]~[ave been ac]~[ing for new targets!

[Image: do48ws7.png]
((Kilius is adorable!! I am loving the art))

Junior seems incredibly pleased with himself.

TT: jadedResearcher
TT: You are cool.

His attention breaks away from the memo when he hears a commotion coming from the hallway that John went down. Suddenly, players of all different species come pouring from the doors. There are eleven of them in total, and most of them are decked out in the colorful fabric of godtier outfits. They all seem keyed-up and ready for a fight. Roxy turns to Cali, ABJ, and Junior with a huge smile on her face and starts talking.

ROXY: aright, u guys that arent so good in a fight stay here where youll be safe
ROXY: imma go back out with these dudes and try 2 take down the fishbitch
ROXY: be gud!

pats ABJ on the head lightly, then rushes up the stairs. The others begin to follow her, but as one of the trolls passes by she steps aside and pauses by the small group.

JANE: There's some snacks in the common room just down the hall in case you get hungry.
JANE: Stay safe and be good.

Troll Jane spares one last glance at them before straightening up and following her friends. Junior quickly turns and follows after them, ascending the staircase up towards the sounds of fighting and explosions.
After almost dying from the troll's suffocating and oily hug, Malis leads Kilius to the dreambubble where the shit is going down.
Hal is repeatedly trying over and over again to access the ship, his computer soon displays a pop-up.

Hal's computer explodes right in his face, and it wasn't a small explosion.
Hal was unconscious, and his eye... Dear christ, it's gone.
He got fuckin Vriska'd.
AuthorBotJunior: Hrmmm...

She ascends the staircase as well to follow everyone. Robots don't eat snacks, and AuthorBotJunior is hella bored without explosions. What was even the point in coming down here? Lame.

The AuthorBot is still unresponsive.

In the memo:
JR: @RedTT, hell yes! :) :) :) Also, "Give me more phrases" might be a good thing for you to have.
JR: While AB is doing her thing, has anyone noticed any decrease in enemy activities? Or should I focus on the HIC ships I haven't managed to effect much?
JR: @ABJ, is that Rogue of Void stuff going good? Has it been worth it.

ABJ: Hrmmm...
ABJ: Yes.
ABJ: Interesting!!!

JR: ... So. Okay, can people confirm that shit is about to get real in some fashion? Are people dying??? *seriously fucking worried*.
JR: Okay, let's try 20 fucking questions. @ABJ: are people currently dying?

ABJ: Hrmmm...

JR: Thank fucking god. Okay. Do you expect allies to die in the near future?

ABJ: Hrmmm...

JR: Okay. Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool. @ABJ, do you expect a battle even huger than whatever the fuck is going on with @RS and @OrangeDirk and people being kidnapped turned evil and whatever?

ABJ: Yes. Interesting!!!

JR: ... Okay. Just gotta think, what's a good way to split the possibility space in half. It's related to Roxy... And I don't know shit about what's going on with that whole thing, other than AB saying that she has riddles. Is the riddle partly some stupid amount of firepower, whether being an item, fraymotif, army or any reasonable measure of increased firepower?

ABJ: Yes. Interesting!!!

JR: Fuck. Okay. "Yes" means "item", "Hrmmm..." means fraymotif and "Intersting!!!" means army. Saying two things means none of those.

ABJ: Interesting!!!

JR: ... I was fucking afraid of that. It's one thing to have a lot of people in a single bubble, but a lot of people all FIGHTING in a bubble? @ABJ, can you make sure they don't manage to pop that shit with outrageous shenanigans?

ABJ: Hrmmm...

JR: @ABJ, I swear to fucking god, I will upgrade your ass to do all sorts of pointless data reporting. I'll make you report to @AB and you'll hafta give her any data she needs.

ABJ: Yes.

ABJ zips ahead to start saying random bullshit phrases to all the godtiers and roxy, and then Dirk and Nate, in the hopes that someone will think to check the Memo.
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