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?GG: oh
?GG: if your harley went grimdark
?GG: would that mean that
?GG: im gonna end up that way too?
?GG: oh no fuck i aint gonna agree
?GG: i dont know but for me im probadefinitely gonna not go grimdark
?GG: maybe that was the pivotal pointish
?GG: that doomed your timeline
?GG: either way i feel like i cant really help rn
?GG: but from what youre saying well meet ppl named dave jade rose and john
?GG: just not with the same surnames i can tell
?GG: i do hope nothing as horribly bad happens to our session
?GG: and as such im 124% willing to try to not have a major shitstorm hit the alpha timelind
?GG: *timeline
TT: We have to keep in mind that it is a possibility.
TT: Even if you don't think you'll go grmidark, it's possible that you won't have a choice.
TT: The more important thing right now would be to talk to your co-players and see if they might have any insights we don't.
TT: If you have any kind of seer with you, then ask them if they can't help us out.
TT: I can't start coming up with plans until I have more information.
UT: I like the sound of this.
UT: I must say, though I truly have no direct effect on what's gonna happen now, I do have an idea on what I can do to at least warn the others at not fucking up.
UT: At least, if they were "not" supposed to fuck up.
UT: Like, what if our timelines being doomed ends up being the catalyst for a much better timeline?
UT: I know the thought is horrifying, but think about it.
UT: What if we're actually doomed all along?
UT: Well for me it is plainly obvious that I am doomed, but my timeline did ended up bringing forth the actual alpha timeline. Something that @GG did made a point of.
UT: That also leaves the question of why? Why am I even bothering to try and help them, it's not like me and my doomed friends could be helped should our alpha selves end up winning their sessions.
UT: But I guess it is just me wanting to sort of repent for his death. Our Harley did died being crushed by a meteor, meaningless compared to our Lalonde and Strider whom did what they can to be able to influence our alpha selves into success.
UT: I basically just answered my own existential question, did I?
UT: Anyways, what I was saying is I do have a few ideas regarding how I can warn my alpha self. Maybe this suggestion may help @GG as well? We'll see.
UT: So, we do have a Seer; a Seer of Doom to be specific. She's our Lalonde, named Alex, whom I can observe doesn't seem to exist in your universes? Or maybe she just has a much more different self in both of your mediums? But anyways, that ain't important.
UT: What is important is being a Seer, she does have access to knowledge of doomed timelines, also being a doom player she is mostly seen interacting and gathering info from her doomed selves. Hell, her first contact with a doomed ghost of hers is through my timeline's Lalonde.
UT: So if I'm going to tell someone of this newfound knowledge regarding our destruction, it is her.
UT: @GG, have you been sleeping lately?
UT: I know the dreambubbles are vast but maybe you can encounter a knowledgeable friend of yours and tell them about this possible death prophecy.
UT: And, you know, probably help you with your "I'm probably gonna go grimdark" dilemma.
UT: Or not since you can possible end up dooming yourself further should all this shit end up actually being predestined, as I stated above.
UT: Jeez, I'm sounding like Lalonde now, what'll she say when she sees this?
?GG: i swore to myself id never sleep again
?GG: like
?GG: ever
?GG: i slapped myself when i was asleep once that wasnt pretty
?GG: but i mean looking at it yall got a doom player and we have one here too
?GG: but as for a seer i cant really tell if one of us are seers
?GG: we do have a MAGE tho
?GG: and if its predestined that im gonna go grimdark
?GG: bitch im not
?GG: these rules of paradox space arent gonna make me hurt my friends
?GG: but i mean if consulting the dream bubble residents would mean it could be prevented
?GG: maybe i should at least try
UT: Great.
UT: I guess a Mage is also good too, their abilities have similarities to Seers at least.
TT: A Seer of Doom sounds like the prefect player for the job.
TT: They should be able to tell where your timeline is headed, to doom or to success.
TT: Although, it depends on how powerful your seer is.
TT: If they're not powerful enough, then working in tandem with a time player, or someone at least familiar with timelines like a mind player, should take enough to pull this off.
TT: In @GGs case we might need to pull some sick maneuvers to avoid creating a self-fulfilling prophecy like @UT brought up.
TT: When @GG talks to her Mage about going grimdark, it's possible that conversation, or something set into motion by that conversation, will be the very thing that brings about the eventuality in which you go grimdark.
TT: It's unlikely, but fate can be a huge bitch.
TT: Either way, the same thing I said to @UT earlier goes for you too, a time player or a mind player would be able to boost the power of your mage when they're looking at possible future outcomes.
TT: After we have some more information, then we can finally start planning and actually make a difference.

((Do you guys want to RP as @GGs Mage and @UTs Alex Lalonde within the memo? Like, maybe they can invite their friend in to talk about what they forsee as possible futures or whatever? Cause I think that'd be really heckin' cool! But if you don't want to you ABSOLUTELY don't have to! Please don't feel pressured to do it if you're not comfortable playing two characters, or for any reason really. Smile))
[ Oh, that would actually be cool! I'd love to try out Dirk Lalonde; x3 DIRK COMBO !!! ]

?GG: oh shit js christ
?GG: i mean i havent heard from our mage in a while
?GG: our doom player is 100% legit no joke me
?GG: as far as ik our mage was sort of
?GG: preoccupied

-- ??? taciturnTestimony [TT] responded to memo. --

?TT: Yes, I'm preoccupied.
?TT: I'm not preoccupied enough, however, when you're on a meteor and you can't do anything but absolutely nothing.
?TT: It's a pleasure to meet you all, most notably to those who seem to have a similar first name.
?TT: Except for you, Ro. I already had the (dis)pleasure of meeting you.

?GG: >:0
?GG: >:0
?GG: >:0

?TT: You know I was joking. Here, have me emphasize it for you; heh heh.
?TT: All that aside, I honestly can't analyze things clearly. It's like someone's blanketing the session.
?TT: I'm a Mage of Mind, and - well, apparently they say Mind encompasses decisions and all that mumbo jumbo. I can't see what leads to where in the long run.
?TT: Perhaps they have a Void player in that session?
?TT: I've been trying to hone my powers with the time available; I might just not be good enough yet even though I've ascended to the god tiers.
?TT: Although I do believe that for you, tangerine @TT, you must feel a lot like your year lasted longer than a year is supposed to be.
((I hate to break character, but omg. Your Dirk Lalonde is great. All of Rose's snark with Dirk's deadpan. Just, yes.))

TT: Well would you look at that.
TT: The 'Flighty Broads and their Snarky Horseshitometer' just exploded.
TT: It simply could not take that much horseshit.
TT: Wait.
TT: 'Similar first name'?
TT: Fuck, you're another Dirk.
TT: Of course, because this particular combo has never backfired before.
TT: Yep, adding more Dirks to the equation has never failed to make things better.
TT: This is just going to be absolutely perfect.
TT: Just, fuck.
TT: Let's try to, just, be ourselves as little as possible.
TT: Putting off this particular mental breakdown is getting exponentially more difficult.
TT: But it'll have to wait, because right now I need to focus on what's important.
TT: Such as your assumption, Lalonde, which is more than likely accurate.
TT: My Roxy was a Thief of Void, so it would make sense that there would be a void player in your second session as well.
TT: If you have access to a light player, they might actually be more helpful than a time or mind player in this case.
TT: Being able to see into the session you're headed to would give you a huge advantage, so figuring out how to do that should be priority number one.
TT: There's just one more thing I can think of that might help.
TT: If I knew the specifics of what went down in my sessions game over, I could better prepare you for what you're going to face there.
TT: And the best way to do that would be to ask the ghosts who were there to see it.
TT: It just keeps coming back around to this, doesn't it?
TT: Maybe it's an unavoidable event in my timeline.
TT: Fuck. Alright, you got me Skaia. I give.
TT: I'll just... Find someplace to sleep.
TT: LOPAN is the closest planet, and also just so happens to be the most intact.
TT: It looks like I'll be crashing on Rox's couch for the time being.
TT: And, yes. It has been a very, very long year.
[ thank you omg :'D ]

?TT: Hmm, I might be the child of the Flighty Broads' Horseshitometer.
?TT: Perhaps it couldn't handle to rate its own son so much that it exploded and went through the fucking roof?
?TT: ...either way, no, we unfortunately don't have a Light player in our session.
?TT: We have a Mind player, a Rage player, a Blood player, and a Doom player.

?GG: yeah and don't even ask us how we scratched omfg
?GG: the construct was on dirkalondes planet idk why
?GG: some programming at fault i guess seein as he IS after all a mind player

?TT: Yes, and I don't need another exposition on how that's why I like to play mind games.
?TT: Anyways, yes. It would be great if you contacted us in the dream bubbles - if that would be possible.
?TT: I personally haven't tried yet.
?TT: I do genuinely hope you're prepared to see your friends again.
?TT: Even though you're not exactly dead. I believe they'll be happier to find out that you aren't.
((Of freaking course! Incoming Sollu- I mean Alex! :)

UT: Another me huh? And a Hero of Mind as well no less! Interesting.
UT: Funny that as shitty as Paradox Space seems to act on us it still continues to amuse us with weird encounters with other versions of ourselves.
UT: Though it is hard to pinpoint how much of ourselves is our "self", considering multiverses tend to place us in lives with varying degrees of difference. Take Strider me and Lalonde me for example.

--- ??? tragicTarot [TT] ??? HOURS AS OF NOW responded to memo---

TT: You're doing it again D.
TT: How many times do I have to tell you to cool down with sidetracking.

UT: Oh shit.
UT: You came.
UT: Fuck, I was just thinking about inviting you to this table of fuck ups, welcome!
UT: Seriously, were you some kind of fortune teller?
UT: Wait, you are.
UT: That explains it.
TT: Bingo, you fucking moron.
TT: So where were we? Better get this on track before Dirk spouts out more useless monologues, sorry about that.
UT: Sorry, my bad. It's kinda a thing I do.
TT: Moving along, greetings. I'm known as Alex Lalonde, or just a 'Lalonde' as you lot hae seem to adapt as an easier calling in this conversation. As what our Egbert, D, has already described, I am their session's Seer and Hero of Doom.
TT: Thus you may call me as those rascal's brains, a role I'm very much stuck into no matter if I liked it or not.
TT: I'm also already doomed, though my timeline is of a different type of Doom compared to D here.
TT: First of, before I get into my thoughts on all of our predicaments, can I just say real quick how fucking livid I am at this revelation?
TT: Like I just want to scream "I fucking told you so" for the fact that I actually caught some ideas regarding the very high possibility of this happening and yet I failed to provide enough reasons to convince my friends that the truth is, "we're all gonna be fucked".
UT: Oh look, no offense Alex but you seem to be also sidetracking.
TT: Ugh I know! Just shut up and let me vent before continuing.
UT: Alright, jeez.
TT: Argh! Forget it I'm done.
TT: Sorry I wasted all your times. Where was I?
TT: Oh yeah, our situations. So, I backread a bit to get the gist of what's going on, skipping a few unimportant stuff. I first got to say, we need to stop using '@insert chumhandle here' now with me around, me and Strider D here have basically the same abreviations. Secondly, you seem to have a problem with multiple versions of yourself Strider D, I will not pry, just something I noticed.
TT: Now for my actual opinions, if Strider D is right with having both a Seer and a Mind player then we got it covered.
TT: I am my friend's Seer, while Egbert D here is a Heir of Mind.
TT: And that's that, are we lesser screwed now?
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