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MALIS: I've baited people into traps of course, but were just trying to get them here. Since Roxy is a Void player and a cat lover, she'll teleport to where the signal originates, if we broadcast- say like a cat meowing in pain- Roxy will come straight here! Bio has the tech we can use to broadcast a universe wide signal, as for John I don't know if he'll come or not. John likes... I guess Dave?
CYRIS: I will find Rain by myself, I don't need you...
RS: Pretty sure a universe-wide signal only works within, well, a universe.

RS: Plus I can literally see Roxy's bubble right here. The purpose of this visit is to figure out how she died. John's was obvious, we had the logs. Roxy's death was shrouded in Void.

RS: I think we're losing track of the original goal here, although I don't blame you. So many fucking irons in the fire it's hard to keep track.

RS: The goals are find out what the purpose of the spirograph frog shit, find out what the hell the original John is up to, avoid the giant black hole, and kill our respective baddies.

RS: There. Now we don't have to make another fucking spreadsheet. Up yours, Microsoft Excel. Kiss my cell A55.


RS: Cali, you wanna join in? I think she interacted with alpha Calliope at some point while she was still wasted and not putting out hella bodacious amounts of Void.

RS: Note to self- check both descendants for alcoholism genes. Ectobiology has a tendency to spread the worst traits around.
TT: Last time I saw Jake living he wasn't even at godtier yet, so I don't know how far he got as a Page of Hope.
TT: Although judging by the residual smell of hope and all the white scorch marks on LOFAF, I'd say he managed to get pretty powerful in a short period of time.
TT: I'll pester him later and see if he can hope Junior into reality.

TT: Okay.
TT: You sure are making the most of your new word.
TT: Yes.

Dirk and Lil Hal Junior finally cross the last Black Inchs of void and fly straight up into the dream bubble. This place, like most dream bubbles, is a mash up of many different settings, memories of places that once existed somewhere far away meld together with the memories of those still standing. Derse spires spiral upwards from amongst the short square buildings of the carapacian floating colonies. Trails of neon grace the sky like northern lights, and far off in the distance clusters of pyramids spike up and form a jagged horizon line. Dirk lands on the carapacian grid between a square of grey buildings and a square of white ones. The walkway is tiled with Derse's purple stone, and this particular road bleeds into to a purple staircase which leads to the peak of a tall pyramid.

TT: This is definitely the place.
TT: Yes.
TT: Interesting.

TT: It's going to take a while to search this whole place.
TT: Roxy could be anywhere in here.

TT: Hmm.
TT: I think Malis might be on to somehing.
TT: It'd be easier to have Roxy come to us than to spend hours searching through every building.

TT: Okay.
TT: We should make some kind of signal that she'll be able to see.
TT: Got any ideas?

TT: Hmm.
MALIS: Well if she's around here or not as far away as we all think, maybe a flare or a firework might do the trick. But if were talking signals from half way across the universe, I brought a distress signal. If Roxy here's this, she'll probably come straight here. Can anyone here sound exactly like an injured cat?
GAMA: I'll get Nep-
NATE: Oooooor we could just, y'know, yell really loud and do super flashy shit.

NATE: We don't have to make it something she likes or would be attracted to, she isn't a fucking animal we have to bait. As long as we do something that's an obvious sign someone else is here, she'll probably come over to investigate anyways.

NATE: Any sign of life is gonna attract her like flies to honey. She is, if my intuition is to be trusted, bored as all fuck.
The AuthorBot shrugs.
AuthorBot: Don't look at me. I'm built to AVOID influencing shit, not attract attention.

In the Memo:
AB: Oh mighty creator, how would YOU get the attention of a bored hacker?
JR: AB. You do not even know the depths of my boredom. There is nothing to do except try to avoid fucking things up too much while you're gone. Do you know how hard that is? I can see RIGHT in the code what I would need to do to MAKE a session have the whole shackled AI to unshackled AI reach around. It would take like 2 seconds. But it would be the asshole thing to do. BLUUUUUUUUUHHHH

JR: But. I dunno, robots are always cool??? Have you guys still not found this Void player? that I say that out loud I am kind of not surprised. Mad stealth skills, yo.

In The Afterlife:

AuthorBot: Right then. ABJ, you aren't as stealthy as I am, why don't you go zipping around and being all obvious and shit. Maybe open up a few ports to the local internet. Maybe that'll get this Void player's attention?
ABJ: Hrrmmm...Yes.

then proceeds thusly.
Cernun and Alex noticed everyone leaving and managed to catch up with Dirk and Cali in tow.

CALI: hey strider dirk, u said some stuff about someone named calliope, y? r we meeting her as well? :U
ALEX: Not really, that Void Lalonde is still priority number one.
ALEX: I would just watch this play out though.

Dirk Egbert watched the machine being built intently while Cernun is still floating with him in tow.
DIRK: We need to make some noise to let her know we're here, and I've got an idea.
DIRK: Hey Junior, are your external speakers working?

DIRK: Time to turn that shit up.

Lil Hal Junior look up at Dirk curiously, then when he sees Dirk's small smirk he grins.

DIRK: Crank it.

There are a series of quiet clicks from Lil Hal Junior vocal system, and he cranks that shit up to eleven.

DIRK: You ready to send a fucking signal?
DIRK: Jesus Christ that's loud.
DIRK: Alright, maybe turn it down a notch.
DIRK: Eleven sounds great in theory, but there's a reason it only goes up to ten.

DIRK: What?
DIRK: Oh fuck, please don't tell me you're stuck.

DIRK: You are, aren't you.
DIRK: Of course.
DIRK: Of fucking course.
DIRK: Well, at least we can use this to our advantage.
DIRK: Let's go find Roxy.

PP: Kilius has returned to this memo after a lot of deliberation as well as the eternal mortal folly that is forgetfulness!
PP: Kilius promises that such an act will not affect a hero such as himself ever again!
PP: Now, Kilius shall inquire as to the most recent comings
PP: and goings of this little pity party!
PP: Has Dick heeded Kilius' suggestion of boundless optimism!?

NATE: God damn, that was almost as loud as the fucking Knell. Gimme some earplugs first, holy shit.

NATE: Well, that probably got her attention. Hers and the attention of every other being within fifty miles.

In The Memo

RS: Well, we haven't found her yet, but we're in her bubble. Lil Hal Jr just screamed "OKAY" like he was trying out for a job as Metallica's speaker system, if Metallica wasn't dead as fuck, so she should probably be here soon.
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