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TT: The corpse party detour went about as well as could be expected.
TT: We didn't get much information, but we also avoided getting sucked into some tedious and time consuming side quest.
TT: There is one thing in particular worth mentioning, while we are there something weird happened.
TT: Junior, can you do it again?

TT: Okay.
TT: Perfect, see that?
TT: That's beyond the three responses Lil Hal programmed him to say, and the only things he should be able to say considering his state as a shackled AI.
DIRK: My theory as of right now is that Skaia doesn't consider him to be an AI made by an AI anymore, therefore not necessary to be shackled.
DIRK: The AI that programmed him originally isn't only a sprite now, but also a part of another timeline, assuming he went off with Roxy and the rest.
DIRK: When he locked me out of my shades, I had to go into the code to stop the fail-safe routine, and then again to safely transfer him into his dream self body.
DIRK: So if he was programmed by a human player, and the AI that made him originally is removed from the equation, then he has no reason to remain shackled.

TT: Interesting.
TT: Fuck yes it is.
TT: He hasn't started speaking freely altogether, but he's definitely showing growth.
TT: My guess is that he'll start gaining more and more autonomy as time goes on.

TT: Hmm.
TT: If you've got any other ideas then we'd like to hear them.

JR: !!!

AB: Huh.

ABJ: Interesting!!!

JR: You reasoning seems hella solid.
JR: Creator set to null from bullshit timeline shenanigans.
JR: Then set to be you after you dragged him out of your shades.
JR: My concern is: what happens when you leave the afterlife? You built his body out of dream stuff, right? Will his creator get reset AGAIN and lose all his progress if he's back in a session? Will he suddenly be in your shades again?
JR: And, this is strictly hypothetical (@ABJ, don't get any funny ideas), but...would the same thing happen to ABJ if AB gets thrown into a sprite? Or is this some dream bubble specific flavor of bullshit.
JR: And I'm worried about that assumption, that the sprite hopped timelines. I'm not seeing any sprite replacements at all in the alpha timeline...but then I guess there wouldn't be. Sprites are already "doomed" but safe from SBURB's no-clones policy. Hrrm...
JR: Or...huh. Maybe he ISN'T the same AI? Like, on more than a technicality. If his vocab increases enough, remind me to ask him if he as any memory from BEFORE all this afterlife bullshit. Maybe he's a backup copy that mutated enough that it wasn't an AI until you freed it properly? Thus "creating" this Lil Hal Junior.
JR: Shit, just speculating on this is enough to keep me from fussing with sessions and probably fucking them up, so good job team.
TT: I haven't heard from arquiusprite since Game Over.
TT: I'd assumed that he went with Roxy and John, but now I'm not sure.
TT: It's possible he's still lurking around somewhere in my session.
TT: You raised a pretty good question.
TT: Will changes made to Junior's code and his memories from the dreambubbles carry over into the waking world, or will everything get reset?

TT: Interesting.
TT: Without charging headfirst into that unknown, I have no way of telling what will happen to Junior when I wake up.
TT: Or, when he wakes up, because my waking up shouldn't affect his state of waking or sleeping.
TT: But AI can't sleep, as is evident by how they don't have dream selves.

TT: Yes.
TT: Wait.
TT: Fuck.
TT: Why did this not occur to me sooner?

TT: Hmm.
TT: Robots and AIs don't have dream selves, which is pretty fucking apparent just by looking around these dream bubbles.
TT: Junior is here because he was in my shades, my dream self's shades.
TT: My real body and my dream self are two separate vessels, the only shared connection between them is my consciousness.
TT: I can wear my regular outfit on my waking body and my Derse pajamas on my dream self.
TT: The clothes I wear in a dream won't have any effect on the clothes my real body is wearing.
TT: The shades I wear in a dream won't have any effect on the shades my real body is wearing.
TT: Junior here is a completely different AI than the one in the shades on my body back on LOPAN.
TT: There might not even be an AI in my other shades, that would explain how I didn't notice him before.
TT: That revolves one question, but raises a whole other issue.
TT: As a product of my dream shades in a dream body, will he be able to leave the dream bubbles?

TT: Hmm.
TT: Well, I guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it.
Cernun sighed and said to Bio rather sarcastically and comfortably at the same time:

CERNUN: Nobody does.... W=ic== is w=yy I'd rat=er actt noww insteadd of moping like Ii once didd....

Cali merely stopped and called out to Cyris.

CALI: hey i was just trying to help! U_U
CALI: so ur looking for some special dream ghost or something? since i wish to assist, at least in some way!
CALI: pls?

Dirk Egbert is listening closely to Dirk Striders claims regarding the development of his AI buddy, he seems very much interested.

DIRK: You know, despite your precautions regarding the creation of AI, what's currently going on now I can safely say is the definition of "cool".
DIRK: Because pondering about our existential horror is us dead people's specialty! Right everyone?

Alex found most of her efforts at locating Roxy and John is fruitless, so she starts flying back at the group's direction, bearing such bumming news.
RS: So, you're saying he rules-lawyered himself into high-level, non-arbitrarily limited sentience, completely by accident?

RS: This qualifies as interesting on so many levels that we need a new word for it.

RS: We should definitely keep an eye on this development. Maybe it could save a few sessions? Like, maybe in some of them, an AI found a way to mass-produce robots with human or troll slave labor providing just enough input to technically escape shackling.

RS: Or they glitched themselves into sentience with random code modifications by a room full of monkeys and a thousand keyboards.

RS: JR, you've got yourself some experimentation material now.

RS: I'm closing in on the bubble with the dead person we're after. Finally. It's literally inches away but Paradox Space is gonna stretch that distance for a minute or so. Fucking space warping reality-trolling. At least FINDING it was easy with three high-level Seers.

RS: Wait. That's right. Those shades ARE different. How did I not see that?
ALEX: Well shit you all won't be needing much of your resident doom peeper then, Hero of Void is killing it right now.
ALEX: Somehow I think that sounded a bit too offensive to the dead dudes, I apologized.
TT: Hmm.
TT: Yeah, I guess you're right Blue.
TT: I'd like to amend my advice, don't create an AI if you're a Prince of Heart.
TT: I'm not too worried about ABJ killing AB in some mad power grab to become the AI prime.
TT: But if Lil Hal were around and Junior were shackled, I'd have to auspistice that shit real quick.
TT: You can believe Junior would be plotting to usurp him, and all the moral conundrums in Paradox Space wouldn't be able to stop him from planning that murder.

TT: Yes.
TT: My point exactly.
TT: So, go crazy I guess. Make all the robo-clones you want, Blue.
TT: Just make sure they're more like the Egbert side of you and not too much like me.
AuthorBotJunior appears to contemplate Dirk's words.
AuthorBotJunior: Yes. Interesting!!!
AuthorBot: Yeah, but consider the fact that if you become the unshackled one, YOU'LL be the one having to take all the detailed notes. You hate that shit. You wouldn't get to slack off as much.

AuthorBotJunior: Hrmmm...

In the memo:

JR: @RS I'll keep you posted if I find a session fucked up enough WITH a shackled AI, it's still living robotic creator, an unprototyped sprite and at least one human player in it to try it out.
JR: But I have a feeling that that shit is gonna be rare enough that I'll hafta wait for AB to come back to help me find it.
JR: But yeah. Sounds like a good friday night.
JR: @BlueDirk, hells yeah AIs are cool. You get it.
JR: @OrangeDirk, as far as getting Lil Hal Junior out of the dream bubbles, isn't your friend a Hope player? And a Page to boot? I bet he could Hope him into being able to exist where he wants, presuming he did any leveling in his aspect at all.
JR: The key is making him think about Lil Hal Junior leaving WITHOUT clueing him in that it should be impossible. Like, tell him about Lil Hal Junior's plans back in your home session or shit, looking for his "creator", that roboSprite of yours, maybe. Then your hope player will all be "I hope they find each other" and whamo bambo, suddenly the odds of THAT happening increase by a bunch, which coincidentally heavily increases the a priori of him getting to your session at all. All without the Hope player being thinking to doubt the thing we were ACTUALLY shooting for.
Bio just kinda gave a sad sigh and hugged the only companion he has at the moment.
Cyris gives Cali a nasty scowl, he didn't need her help or interference.
As for Malis, he looks at both Dirks.
MALIS: I say we send out a signal that will attract them to us. Roxy likes cats eh? Send out a fuckin meow signal or some shit.
Cali merely gave Cyris a friendly smile.

CALI: were they that rain person u keep mentioning? ^u^

Dirk Egbert gave his Strider version a thumbs up.

DIRK: You know what? Maybe I will.

He then took a look at Malis, curiously.

DIRK: That actually could be the simplest solution, go on.

Whilst floating, Alex and Cernun took a look at the memo.

TT: Oh hell yes, Hope Players are ones to do crazy shit! Just too bad that our resident Page of Hope stayed behind before this wacky goosehunt started.
CS: Youu know.... Onee of my former sessionn matess is aa =eir of =ope.... If youu alll really wis= to =elp t=at robott continue existing, maybee me findingg =imm couldd =elp....
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