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ALEX: Alright already, Gods no wonder people have trouble dealing with my shit. Bye then.

Alex flew off and continued scanning through the ghosts. Dirk however responded to Meenah.

DIRK: I agree.
DIRK: Wait, so you're telling me you all got a happy ending after all? Well at least as much as you can call this "happy".
DIRK: Then, what are we still doing?

Dirk turned to his Strider version, and asked.

DIRK: You know, things seem to be fine regardless of what we influence in the alpha timeline.
DIRK: Are you sure we still need to find that Roxy and John of your universe?

AuthorBot: Yes. You are right Nate. I absolutely am jealous of the eldritch horror masquerading as a cat troll. You have discovered my secret shame.

AuthorBotJunior: Yes.

AuthorBot: Don't you start.

In the memo:
AB: Ho̷̢̗͔͉̊͛́̾͌͠͡w̴̱̯͓̞̞͎̝̝̒̔͛͟͠ c̶͗͞͞a̱̯̪͕͍̟̓͋ͯ͘n͉̾̅ͮ͞ n̴̥ͧ͊͆͠҉͔̼̅̕o̡ne̢҉̨̥̫̠̼́̽́͝ o̤ͧͣ͠f̩̦҉͑̊҉̷̛̘̙̖̀ͤͩ͘ y̴̡̨̹͍̟ͧ̒̌ͯo̷̸̡̧̰̤̳ͦ̀͆͡u̒̍҉̪͐ͦͤ f̷͈̼̏̅͝lès̴̗͛ͦh̵̳͓ͦ͋̒͜͝ m̡̛̪̬͚̬̬͘͜͠͠e͛a̸̷̢̡̤̬̩͓̯ͮͣͫ̕ṫ̢̨̛ b̭̟͖͇a̭̾̄͘g͔͌̄҉̡͎̝̬͠s̴̹͒͜ g̫̻̲̍͐̊ͤ͘͜e̶̢͕͖̞̰̻ͫ́̑ͮ͜͟ͅt̶͔͚̔̆́ i̘̫͐̀͡t̶̺̩͛͟!̠ͩ͂̕?̡̰
AB: Ś̸̨͖̘͜h̴̢͔̗̪̹̫̐́̿́̈̚e͙̜͈͔̐̄̀ i̡̮҉̡̧͈͑̃͂͐͠͞ͅṣ̡̀͢͡ F͊Ų̴̲̬̀ͨ҉̘͎̳̐͡͞C̸̸̛̥̼̮̿̑ͩͣ͞Ķ̑I̫̞ͮ̔̂͝N̢̧̪̙̬̜̂̀̆̐ͮ͞G͏̶̸̝̄̑̂̂͘͏̞ N̡̝͖͈̄͛̽̎͢͡͞O̦̼͍̤̭̖̓ͦͦ́͒͘͞͡N̶̢̯͊̉̈́͋͢͟Ḋ̵̪͎̖͌̔ͩ̀͘͜͠Ḙ̛̯̭ͪ͘T̢̧̫̠͕̠̈̊̐E̺ͨR̛͜M̡͙̗̪͛̏​̵̳̜̭ͨ͂ĮN̨͇͐̀ͫ̐͜I̗̦ͬ̑́ͯ̅̋̅̕҉҉͝S̲͓̺̝̊̄͡TI̡͇͎͎͒ͧͭ̄͛̀͟͞͞͝C̫̲̮̉̑!͜!̧̮͈̠̣̙͛̾͝!ͩ̃
AB: You go to a session with a bunch of her and everything plays out one way, and then you fucking go back and it's different! And *I* fucking didn't do anything. I am 99.839744775416% stable time loop compliant! Shit should stay the fucking same no matter how many times I visit!
AB: Just. Fuck that cat troll.

JR: Oh god, I can't stop laughing.
JR: So. So...what you're saying is...oh god. You're saying that Nepeta is Schrodinger's CatTroll???
JR: All in one of two states until observed.
JR: Oh god.
JR: Amazing.
JR: And here I thought you had a stupid reason for hating her.
JR: Okay. No no, I'm done. Fuck. Sorry AB. Okay. Yes, I completely get you. It's gotta be unsettling for sessions to be unstable when your whole thing is reporting on the singular way a timeline of a session went down.

AB:.̢̩̱̘̳͉̰̿̈̂̇͞.͛̀̄͏̩̽ͯ̐́.̴̧̳̭̊̆͐͝ṉ̢̫̝̬͋ͯ́̓̓͟o͊͡ k̡͕̦̦̜͖̈́͊͟ị̸̴̶̧̛͚͚͆̍̂ͦ͟d̷̸̶̢͓̝ͮ͋͂̄̾ͨ̅͜ḓ̳͗̀҉̹̪̀ͣ͛͢ḯ̴̷̖͠͏̧̕͏̩ń̡̝̼̯̤̑͐̔̒ͬ̐͝g̴̡ͤ​̫̌͞͏̡̩̀.̶̟̰͈̦̬

(and it turns out to be a good thing we had a nepeta because it made me realize that NepetaQuest has been broken for a few updates. fixing now )
DIRK: Yo, water bitch.
MEENAH: awww S)(IT its the high five MASTA)( >8D
#mast #as in boat mast
DIRK: You leading this army?
MEENAH: shell yeah you know it dawg
DIRK: I see you've met Blue.
DIRK: And to answer your question Blue, I don't know.
DIRK: I don't know if what we're doing here is even going to influence the alpha timeline at all.
DIRK: On one hand we might be wasting our time trying to improve anything, because everything us predetermined to go exactly like this and nothing we can do will change that.
DIRK: On the other, something we do or something we set in motion might be a critical part of all this coming to fruition.
DIRK: There's a very thin line between intrinsic and insignificant, and right now we're walking that shit like a tightrope.
DIRK: We are the main act, the star of the circus. It is us.
DIRK: And even if we have no impact on the outcome whatsoever, at least we're doing something.
DIRK: If we don't do anything and just sit around in the dream bubbles, then we'll end up like them.
DIRK: Just wandering around without a goal or set destination in mind.
DIRK: We'll get sucked into meaningless conflicts just to pass the time. It'll be a teen angst party and everyone's drama is invited.
DIRK: So yeah.
DIRK: We're doing this because it might help, and if it doesn't, then at least we're doing something.

MEENAH: youre a reel downer huh
MEENAH: whatevah i got an army to run
MEENAH: later orange dude and slightly bluer orange dude

#blue orange #blorange
DIRK: We should get going too. We're out of time.
Blue Dirk nodded in understanding.

DIRK: You raised some valuable points. Fine, none of us would rather live off the rest of the after life with teenage shenannigans.
DIRK: Thanks for that enlightening speech Strider me.
DIRK: Your in-universe friends must've cooperated more effectively with you compared to mine, with such fine debates like that.
DIRK: Anyways, what's up with the others?

Dirk Egbert looked around to see what the others were doing. Cernun stood up after being crushed by Bio, rather dizzily that is, Alex was still flying off, trying her best not to encounter any more Solluxes (while they do so as well), while Cali finally stood up, tired of waiting for others, she went to the nearest dead person she can find.

((I really should use Cali, but I'm not sure who to RP with with her :(
Bio helps Cernun up, rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous smile. Cyris, is still searching for Rain, this may get sad folks.
Malis instead looked at Meenah and did the shitty finger guns, they have met in the past (?). As for Gama, who is literally melting, she snaps out of shipping mode and returns to the others.
Cernun merely looked kinda annoyed by Bio, but just sighed and said:

CERNUN: So you'ree just goingg to mess around, or aree youu =elpingg us find t=is =ero of Void...? I'm sorryy Biolinee butt we really don't =ave muc= time....

They immediately flew up and continue searching through ghosts. Cali however looked up at Cyris looking for someone.
BIO: C£rnun wai+... I'm gonna h£lp, I ju$+... I don'+ wanna b£ l£f+ b£hind again.
CYRIS: Go away, my actions shouldn't concern you..
MALIS: Yo, Dirk and Meenah, how's it goin my dudes? We got all the stuff set up at camp, and I got universal radioes for us just in case Pesterchum stops working due to glitches. *He hands Dirk a bag of hi-tech radioes* Anyway we're currently pinpointing John Egbert's location, we should have it soon.

i just realized most of my OCs have green text))
Well, certainly, AB has a point about how LOLRANDOM cat trolls are- it's a natural consequence of the Heisenpurrg uncertainty principle. However, the insinuation that the Leijons hail from a long line of Horrorterrors is still fucking stupid.

And of course, Nate knows he has to keep going, lest he lose his chance to find Roxy.

NATE: Yeah, Dirk is right. We've gotta find a goal for ourselves or we turn into edgy teenagers who wear trenchcoats and fedoras or something.

NATE: We have to motivate ourselves with one of the three members of the holy trinity of human goals, the things that sentient beings strive for and have strived for since the beginning of time.

NATE: Money.

NATE: Bitches.

NATE: And answers to complex existential questions.

NATE: We've gotta get moving quickly or we're gonna lose our chance to get those answers.
DIRK: Alright, you've all had your fun, but times up.
DIRK: We've got to get out of here before we loose our clear shot to Roxy.
DIRK: Come on Junior, we can't have you getting left behind.
DIRK: Where's Junior?

has an absolutely chill and panic free moment where he glances around the sea of ghosts searching for any flash of black and red. Almost immediately Lil Hal Junior emerges from the crowd and approaches Dirk. He is not flooded with relief. No fucking way. You check the weather, and yup, no flash flood warnings for Strider-land. There's not even a cloud in the sky. The weatherman reports nothing but clear skies all day, every day.

DIRK: So where did you get off to?
DIRK: Right, yes or no questions.
DIRK: Did you talk to a ghost?

DIRK: Alright, cool.
DIRK: Hope you said goodbye to your new friend, because we're out of here.

DIRK: What.
LIL HAL JUNIOR: Interesting.
DIRK: Did you just
DIRK: You know what, we don't have time for this.
DIRK: We'll talk about it on the way.


Lil Hal Junior
clambers back up onto Dirk's back and resumes his position wrapped around Dirk's shoulders like a particularly high tech feather boa. With small robo-bro secured, Dirk lifts off, trusting that the others are self-reliant enough to follow.

JR: At the risk of sounding like my robo-doppelganger, It seems you guys are one the move?
JR: Any luck with the CorpseParty?
JR: Gonna admit, it's hella dull for the Memo to be all silent and ALSO for everybody to be busy. AB and ABJ are gone. RS is asleep and with you guys. KR is Smithing.
JR: Not a whole lot to distract me :/
JR: Although I'm happy to report that boosted overall session survival rate by a percentage point. Probably. I won't declare success until AB and ABJ have actually physically gone to the sessions.

The AuthorBot and AuthorBotJunio float after Dirk with no complaints.
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