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RS: Really, I can't say "where" in any way that makes sense other than that we're headed to the bubble with Roxy in it.

RS: There's no GPS location, really. Furthest Ring bullshit. We're just gonna end up there, trust me on this. The void is really helping me out here by giving us a stable and incredibly helpful path.

RS: Subjectively, the trip is gonna take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. This is taking shenanigans into account, short of LE showing up. Which would totally suck ass.

RS: I would recommend Gama staying behind, though. Too much risk of corruption. We do NOT want a grimdark First Guardian. The Others aren't an intentional part of the game, so their influence can corrupt game constructs horribly. Destroy Gates, Quest Beds, items, sprites, shit like that.

JR: @OrangeDirk, don't even joke about going blind. SBURB fucking loves blinding Seers for some reason, and so far @RS has managed to avoid that shit. Maybe for Voidy reasons.

ABJ: Interesting!!!

JR: omfg, ABJ, don't you start.

ABJ: Hrmmm...

JR: So who's all going on operation CatLady Rescue???

We switch to her point of view and and we see her holding on for dear life riding a rhinoceros beetle
GAMA: Okay, first of all, I haven't been grimdark at all, second, Hal is a bitch. I'm going with and I don't care how much your seer ass cares.
CYRIS: I could go instead of Gama.
TT: Huh, now that you mention it I have met a blind seer before.
TT: Well, not me. Jake's brain's version of me who became my dream self for a while.

TT: Interesting.
TT: I'm sure those three words aren't going to get old any time soon.
TT: And using my chumhandle in red? You're really going to continue that bullshit tradition?

TT: Yes.
TT: I guess you can never have enough different colored versions of TT clogging up a memo.
TT: Let's just make this a fruity rumpus asshole party comprised entirely of various flavors of TT.

TT: Hmm.
TT: Back to the point, I've meet one of the blind seers that Skaia seems to just love.
TT: She was some teal blooded troll girl from the pre-scratch session.
TT: No concept of personal space and
TT: Oh, there she is, or at least a version of her.
TT: And another version of her.
TT: ...And another.
TT: Please tell me you're all seeing this too and I haven't joined to the tanglebuddy party just yet.

TT: Yes.

From over some subjective horizon line indistinguishable in the complete blackness, they emerge. At first one by one, but quickly growing in number until they're swarming in a mess of colorful outfits and white eyes. It's a parade of assorted colors straight off the pages of Where's Waldo. It's an army of ghosts.

TT: Interesting.
TT: What the fuck.
RS: That's...

RS: That's a ghost army. A regiment of corpses. Seems we're running into a herd of dead people. Just. Wow.

RS: What the taintchafing fuck are they-

RS: ...oh. Dirk, I think we should kneel and have a moment of silence. This is what remains of the ghost army that fought the Demon at The End Of Time. I saw the worldlines of countless ghosts converge near the Angel of Double Death, and ninety nine percent of them simply ended after that point, their souls erased from reality. Once millions strong, these ten thousand are all that remain. All gave some, some gave all.

RS: TL;DR, press F to pay mad fuckin respects, yo.

Nate kneels down, as if there was ground beneath him (there wasn't.)

> Press F to pay respects? [Y/N]
((my new memo is dead
((it shall now die
GAMA: *She is quiet for a moment, stunned* Oh, my, god... All these people, d-dead.. *She lets out one single tear before looking away*
CYRIS: Damn.. So many souls.
Blue Dirk along with his group had very casually flown off to follow canon universe Dirk. At least, Cernun and Alex are flying since they are carrying their non godtiered teammates, Egbert and Strider, by their arms.

CERNUN: Sorryy Bioo.... Gonnaa do wayy tooo muc= Seer stufff to =elp in w=atever you'ree building....
ALEX; Alright, I've seen dreambubble shit, but this ghost palooza takes all of the cake.
CALI; erm... so nobody's gonna talk about u seer guy's eyesight at risk? :?
DIRK: I believe they just rather not jinx it Cali.
CERNUN: Blue boyy is pretty muc= rig=tt....

Alex and Cernun have enough energy in assisting Nate into navigating Paradox Space, the two non blind (as of now) Seers looked at Nate in a sort of "we got this" look.

AB: Oh. Right. Did you guys want any colorful hats? I'm given to understand it's tradition.

ABJ: Yes.

JR: @AB, I'm pretty sure you (and ABJ) are the only sentient being in all of paradox space who thinks "CorpseParties" are a thing. :/

JR: @RS and @OrangeDirk. It LOOKS like these ghosts are mostly remixes of Universe A? Can you confirm that for me?
Dirk's lips purse into a grim line as he hangs in space and silently watches the procession of ghosts pass in front of them. Everything is lit by the cracks of colorful flashing light, the aftermath of the battle they've only just finished fighting. Lil Hal Junior peers up over his shoulder to get a better look at what's left of the army that witnesses the death of Lord English. Some of them are celebrating their survival into the afterlife, others walk with their heads hung in mourning. It's a victory parade as well as a funeral procession.

TT: Hmm.
TT: Yeah, you said it Junior.
TT: Yeah, they're all from UAs by the look of it.
TT: You know what, fuck it. I'll take a hat.

TT: Yes.
TT: And Junior too, I guess.

Dirk gets an orange party hat, and Lil Hal Junior puts a red one on his head. There's a long moment of science filled only by the mumbling chatter of the ghosts in the distance while the group of null players takes in the vast sea of ghosts before them.

TT: Where do you think they're all going?
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