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UT: Not to sound disconcerting, but I highly doubt there would be dreambubbles left in your medium @TT.
UT: At least, based on all that ruin you've described.
UT: As for hacking, I don't think I can be of much help compared to @GG over here since I'm more of the inventing kind of guy.
UT: I do have some ideas on LOWAS though, but they're more so hypothesises than actual theories.
UT: Wow, being dead got me much more time to think apperantly. That's useful
TT: It's hard trying to rationalise all this.
TT: It's like the whole thing is my fault, even when I know that there was nothing I could do to stop it.
TT: I feel that if I were here to help, then this game over could have been avoided.
TT: Especially with all of the debris drifting around, constantly reminding me of what happened here.
TT: From what I've seen, the destruction of my session seems to be limited to the area within the medium.
TT: Dream bubbles exist outside the veil, scattered across the furthest ring.
TT: The dream bubbles out there shouldn't have been affected, unless you know something I don't.
TT: In order to destroy dream bubbles it would take a force that transcends sessions. In short, someone really fucking OP.
TT: If you have any information, about the dream bubbles or LOWAS, then let's hear it.
TT: Even theories are better than nothing.
TT: If I'm dealing with someone beyond the god tiers who has the power to wreck planets and destroy dream bubbles, then I'm going to need ever scrap of useful information that I can get.
?GG: strides im p sure your friends wouldnt want you to think like that
?GG: if you arrived in time youd probably have ended up as good as dead
?GG: im not doubting your strength? but if all your friends ended up dead they were probably not powerful enough
?GG: and theyd really want someone to honor their memory you know?
?GG: :')
?GG: well anw i dont want to make you panic or anything
?GG: but did any one of you seem unstable before?
?GG: like i mean i dont want to think like a pessimist here
?GG: but it may be a possibility that you guys had outside influence somehow
?GG: consider this
?GG: if your session was fucked up so badly that youd consider it a game over no lives left no insert coin to retry
?GG: k i wont beat around the bush did any one of you go grimdark?
?GG: the weird talking and the black skin and gray smoke
?GG: not only that tho
?GG: if youve got any other influence from sources you dont rly know
?GG: that could also probably be a thing
?GG: by that i mean ppl in your session who shouldnt be in there
?GG: (lol im speaking like were not gonna intrude a session)
?GG: all that aside im pretty sure thats all ive got until i get to think of something again
UT: @GG here pretty much said it all.
UT: Me hanging around dreambubbles have had me observe some strange phenomena that even I can't explain.
UT: I have nothing specific that I can offer, just that I can already see cracks on these dreambubbles. Its possible copious amounts of ghost genocide is currently occurring.
UT: Considering the alternate universe structure of our mediums, hypothetically speaking what's currently happening on my session's dreambubbles could be mirroring back to yours.
UT: Though probably with just a much different overpowered overlord compared to ours, though their actions remain the same.
UT: I can confirm this with Harley mentioning about grimdarks since a few doomed ghosts that I've personally met could attest to this, one of my friends probably spent too long talking to tentacled beings.
UT: I hope this wasn't too complicated since these are just my ideas.
?GG: jesus that shit was horrifying
?GG: our purply lalonde here sort of did a
?GG: quote unquote acrobatic fuckin pirouette off the deepest of deep ends
?GG: i dunno if any others wouldve gone grimdark too tho
?GG: + ghost genocide??
?GG: shit theyre even killing the GHOSTS like what the hell is the gratification they get outta that???
?GG: theyre already dead then some assholes gonna kill em again /:
?GG: hmm
?GG: sniff sniff
?GG: this smells fishier than the wet market
TT: Shit, yeah, one of the heroes did go grimdark.
TT: Jake's young grandma, Jade. She was dark grey, dripping black all over the place, and also part dog for some reason?
TT: It's a bit hard to keep track, the whole clusterfuck happened in the span of a few hours.
TT: Jade appeared from nowhere and transported me to the edge of the incipisphere, and I later heard from a muscular little bird that Jane snapped and went off the deep end as well.
TT: Not entirely sure what happened with her, she might have gone grimdark as well, or it might have been something else entirely.
TT: As for people who shouldn't be in this session, well, our session is practically an open door.
TT: The heroes from the previous session that created ours showed up just in time to fuck us all over.
TT: I know there were a handful of trolls from older sessions poking around in the dream bubbles.
TT: Not to mention the Batterwitch.
TT: If I had to bet, you can be damn sure all my boonbucks are on her being the whole reason for this mess.
TT: Although, realistically, any one of them could be a cause behind this.
TT: Fuck, all of them probably played some part in it.
TT: Now ghosts are dying double deaths and whole dream bubbles are being destroyed.
TT: We're missing some key factor in how all this plays together.
TT: For now, I've done all I can do in this session.
TT: Logically, the next thing to do would be to investigate the dream bubbles.
TT: Ghost genocide, I really don't like the sound of that.
TT: I'll need to check out the dream bubbles in my own session, if only just to confirm that the they are being destroyed here like they are in your session, UT.
TT: Well shit. It looks like I have to go into the dream bubbles after all.
UT: So I my assumption was correct.
UT: One of us did went grimdark, such as yours.
UT: Then we can confirm there's some sort of circumstantial simultaneity happening between our universes.
UT: Which is basically a theory regarding mirroring happenings between unrelated timelines.
UT: So yeah, we're screwed by all the same reasons, I think.
?GG: thats odd if were gonna go by @ut s suggestion
?GG: bc if jade - your lalonde i assume
?GG: is grimdark
?GG: or grimbark bc u kno dogs bark blah i dont need 2 explain the joke pls
?GG: that would mean our lalonde would end up grimdark again??
?GG: bc from what i remember no lalonde is perf fine now
?GG: unless
?GG: unless someone else would end up like lals did?
?GG: because jane...
?GG: i trust jane and
?GG: she might seem a tad bit more outburstyish than most but shes okay
?GG: and well im no dogears girl at all myself
?GG: im more catwomanesque than how my name would imply that im harley quinn
?GG: but @tt mentioned that ppl from the previous session entered theirs?
?GG: thats p much exactly what were doin royt now
?GG: so what if were technically on the right track to the same doomed timeline?
?GG: oh god this is making my head hurt
?GG: but i mean eggs mentioned he had a nanna would that mean wed encounter them in the session were going in?
UT: Yeah, I guess as much as it is confusing you got most stuff right.
UT: But no, it ain't Lalonde who went all grimdark on our universe, as weird as it may be.
UT: And I don't really like talking about it.
UT: Though I have limited knowledge on what's going on with my session's Alpha selves, so I can't confirm it myself, but I think they were also going of to meet other players.
UT: At least, that's what I can guess, since not doomed me has been hanging out with the trolls in his dreams.
TT: Alright, I think I got this shit all figured out now.
TT: With the similarities between events in our sessions and everyone having the same names, there's obviously some sort of law of universal constants across all of our sessions.
TT: And for the record, @GG, Roxy was our Lalonde, and her mother was Rose.
TT: You know what, I'd be best to clear up this whole naming switcheroo mess all at once.
TT: The players in my session were Jane Crocker, Roxy Lalonde, Jake English, and myself, Dirk Strider.
TT: The players in the previous session were John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley.
TT: There, that should help at least a bit.
TT: From what I can tell, @GG is headed to her equivalent of the second session, very much like the heroes came into my session here.
TT: So if this theory holds up, then GG might be walking into the same pile of shit I just walked out of.
TT: Or at least, a very similar version of it.
TT: @UT, and it sounds like you died before you could get to far into your game, but your alpha timeline is headed in the same general direction.
TT: I may not be able to undo what's been done here, in my session.
TT: And maybe that's for the best.
TT: Even if I figured out what happened, then what would I do?
TT: There's no one left to get revenge from, and there's no way I could finish the game myself.
TT: Maybe I should stop moping and obsessing and beating myself up over something that can be fixed.
TT: It's time for me to move on.
TT: I think my time would be better spent preventing this from ever happening again.
TT: And that goal is looking more and more possible my the minute.
TT: @GG, with my foreknowledge of your future events, we might be able to find a way to stop this from ever occurring in your session.
TT: @UT, if we're going to stop your alpha timeline from stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire, it's going to be a lot more difficult.
TT: Impossible maybe, since as a ghost you have no direct influence over the events in the alpha timeline.
TT: But all of this depends on whether the two of you are willing to try.
TT: This is going to be a lot of work, and things are likely to get worse before they get better.
TT: But I honestly believe that we can all pull this off.
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