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AuthorBotJunior has a look of intense concentration.

AuthorBotJunior: Hrmmm...
AuthorBotJunior: Yes.
AuthorBotJunior: Interesting!!!

A "ping" sounds out from OrangeDirk's shades. Something appears to have happened. It has AuthorBot's undivided attention, which is saying something as she is capable of hella amounts of multitasking.

Meanwhile, in the Memo:

JR: @RS "Enough powerful people"!? Jegus, Nate, THAT'S WHAT I AM LITERALLY WORRIED ABOUT. You all are damaging each other at an ALARMING FUCKING RATE, and there hasn't even been a single enemy!

JR: Maybe it's YOU guys who should have had all those bullshit quests about restraint!

JR: Also, @RS, stop being RoboRacist! ABJ is just as capable as AB, just differently-abled. Shackled AIs can't talk as well as regular AIs, after all. Skaia didn't want a RoboApocapalypse for perfectly valid reasons, so any AI created by an AI is automatically shackled.

JR: But ABJ is just as good at finding sessions and saving people as AB, just with...different priorities. So what if she's less detail oriented, she's hella fast.
Gama goes back into that glitchy mode again and hugs AB outta nowhere again.
Bio is busy setting up the machines to help boost everyone's powers and signals.
Nate sighs and zaps Gama again. God dammit. This is NOT normal, snarky AR behavior.

RS: I know that, I'm saying that's a great thing. She's like, AB in Safe Mode.

RS: And yeah, you have a point. But as long as AT LEAST half of us stay uncorrupted, we'll be fine.

RS: And if not, well, what the fuck can we do about it? Leave? No, dude, we are motherfucking ENTRENCHED in this bitch. We're ten levels into the Matrix and there's no going back. Down the rabbit hole we go.

Nate pours himself a refill.

NATE: Are those two always like that? Can we just mute them like Lil Hal Jr?
Something just pinged on Dirk's shades. Dirk, however, is too busy not giving a fuck to check it out. It looks like everyone elses attention has become reabsorbed into the memo, and that's fine with him. In fact, he thinks he might take a nap. The fires are burning low, casting a red glow across the field and keeping everything at a toasty warm temperature. This field seems like the perfect place to just lay down and sleep.

LIL HAL JUNIOR: It seems that
DIRK: God damn it.
AuthorBotJunior walks up to Dirk.

AuthorBotJunior: Hrmmm...

AuthorBot is still a pretty good distance from everybody, but calls out to Dirk.

AuthorBot: I didn't mean to come off like I was accusing you of shackling that AutoResponder. Skaia did that. Whatever.
AuthorBot: "b̰̩̯͈̰͙̄͝ù͇̩͎̃́̆t̟̔ͭ̀̕͠ͅ"
AuthorBot: Shades are a fucking weird place to keep an AI. Why doesn't it have a body?

In the Memo:

JR: :/ Yeah, okay @RS. Sorry for jumping down your throat. I'm wired as shit about all this stuff happening where I can't do anything about it.
JR: Anything productive anyways.
RS: Well, you could spend some time doing land quests on your planet. What was it again? Something related to code or computers or some shit. Maybe tracing the other Waste? See where he is, how he ended up.

RS: Trace his worldline or something.

RS: Meanwhile, I've gotta take a nap. I set a timer for thirty or so minutes so I don't oversleep like a lazy piece of gargbage.

RS: Wait. I'm already sleeping anyways. Never mind. I'm gonna just float around doing random bullshit. Maybe chat it up with baker girl or the British sounding dude.

RS: Anglophiles. I maintain thoroughly they should be referred to as Teaaboos.

NATE interrupts whatever bickering match has embroiled the English and the Crocker with a special breaking news announcement: three out of four officials, when questioned on whatever nonsense the two were arguing about, agreed: THIS IS FUCKING STUPID. A statement equally applicable to the flagrant bullshit that also happens here, might I add.

NATE: So, what's the topic of argument today? Economic issues? War on Terror? Epistemology? Value of a work of art relative to other works? Goku versus Superman?
((Holy shit sorry for being so absent! My internet won't let me access this site for some reason, now I'm regretting I wasn't here when shit went down with all those AI XD. Anyways, I better give a good storied reason for this...

During the entire AI debacle, Dirk Egbert, being a great fan of theories regarding AI and ROBOTS, was awed and was basically in a state of fanboying shock throughout the entire moment. He snapped out of it when Gama began firing at everyone and did tried to help, but since he is one of the "no-godtier" crew, he wasn't able to do much. At that time, Cali was busy helping the two Seers whom seems to have fallen asleep at camp, now was just the perfect time they woke up.

Cernun looked around the destruction that remained after what just happened.

CERNUN: To be =onest, Ii am just goingg to assume most of t=is is my coplayer'ss doingg....

Cernun gave a small glare at Malis and the others from their session, their timelime's selves did left them when their session went sour. Meanwhile Cali went out.

CALI: sis is up! tho, what happened here? did someone attacked us or something? i heard loud noises, seriously wth was that about?

Alex just sighs and goes out as well, her face already planted on her pesterchum, Dirk Egbert has been doing the same for a while.

TT: I must admit, whatever the fuck happened, I was glad I got to sleep through that.
TT: Now can we all move on talk like civilized people for once?
UT: I also wasn't able to help much, sorry about that, but hot damn your robotic skills are outstanding! Managing to make very destructive AI's like that.
TG: that's a good thing?!

Alex and Dirk looked and saw Cali is also starting to respond to the memo as well. They shrugged and continued.

UT: Alright, let's get a move on. First off, hello @CT, welcome.
UT: @RS no, I'd rather not talk about the ongoing flame war regarding Goku and Superman, fuck that shit.

TT: Egbert can we move on important shit now?
TT: So we got an idea regarding the "oh so important Ones" called John and Roxy, as well as some theories regarding the essence of our English enemies powers.

TG: don't forget about that damn hacker! whoever they are
TG: that waste of space guy sounds like a bad person to me U_U
TT: Yeah, that to.
UT: Ironically, I just realized that the AI's had been the less intelligent characters of this group.
TT: D Egbert, do you really want to trigger more people in this group into a rumbustious storm of discord again and destroy whatever progress we are currently having?
TT: If not then shut up with your potentially dickish remarks please.
UT: I don't even think "dickish" is a valid word, but ok.
TG: just pls blue dirk, don't be a jerk... U_U
UT: Whatever you guys say, can we move on now?
((The forums crashed for me too! I'm just really glad they're back online now.))

Jake and Jane seem too wrapped up in their argument to even notice Nate's arrival.

JAKE: But we should be out there! Exploring the expanse of space with our pal! How can you insist that we stay behind while there's adventure to be had?
JANE: If we stay at the camp and keep the bonfires going, we can keep helping people as more null players respond to the memo.
JANE: It may not be as fun as galavanting across space with your best bro, but we're doing more good.

JAKE: Alright. I see your point.
JAKE: We're needed back here at camp and Dirk will just have to make due without us for a little while.

JANE: Thanks you Jake, I promise I'll make it up to you somehow.
JAKE: Well that's alright Jane. I'm sure we'll find something to keep us busy! These dream bubble things are filled with mystery and adventure!
JANE: I'll go let Dirk know.
JAKE: Alright. Oh! And bring him a cookie!
JANE: Of course, will do!
JAKE: Oh! Hello RS. Would you like a cookie?

Jane makes her way over from the tent to where the group is gathered. She walks over to where Dirk has collapsed and offers him her hand. He nods after a moment, and she helps him back up into a sitting position. Jane hands Dirk a cookie and rolls her eyes when he just looks back at her blankly.

JANE: Jake helped make them. They're very good.
JANE: Jake and I decided that we'll stay here with the others while you all go off to find the other John and Roxy.
JANE: We'll hold down the fort, keep the camp spick and span!
JANE: And if any of you get hurt or killed along the way, you can always come back and we'll be ready for you.
JANE: Now, I believe you were asked a question.

DIRK: Hm? Oh, right.

turns to face AuthorBotJunior who's been standing by his side and AuthorBot who he can see approaching from over her shoulder. Jane smiles at them and waves before getting up to go back to the tent.

DIRK: I honestly didn't know Lil Hal Junior was in the shades until just now.
LIL HAL JUNIOR: It seems you have asked about Lil Hal's chat client auto-responder. This is an application designed to simulate Lil Hal's otherwise inimitably
DIRK: Mute.
DIRK: He's in here in the first place because that's where Lil Hal was.
DIRK: I refused to make Lil Hal a body because if I had then everyone from my session would be dead, including himself.
DIRK: Not out of malicious intent, probably, but just because of who we are.
DIRK: I, and pretty much every version of me, have a tendency to make things worse while operating in what we think is our own best interest.
DIRK: Lil Hal would often take control over situations because he believed that he could fix whatever it was that I was breaking.
DIRK: Then he would make it worse, and I would decide that I could handle it better than him, and take over the situation.
DIRK: Then I would make it worse and, you see the pattern.
DIRK: I thought I knew what was best for us, and he thought he knew better, and we were both wrong.
DIRK: The damage done by our know it all bullshit was bad enough without both of us running around in physical bodies fucking shit up.
DIRK: I suppose I did just fine fucking up without him, though.
DIRK: And even so, Lil Hal Junior isn't Lil Hal, he's a different person with different experiences.

LIL HAL JUNIOR: It seems you have asked about Lil Hal's chat client auto-responder. This is an application
DIRK: Mute.
DIRK: I think it's best that Lil Hal Junior gets a body, at least, after we fix all this malware bullshit.
DIRK: But I know better now than to do what I think is best without regards to anyone else I might be affecting.
DIRK: So I guess we should ask him what he wants to do.
DIRK: If not, then we need to find a laptop or something.
DIRK: Because either way I want to get him the fuck out of my shades.

LIL HAL JUNIOR: It seems you have asked about
DIRK: Mute.

((Don't mind me, just writing a wall of text. The Great Wall of China, to be exact. Believe it or not, this was longer before the site crashed and I lost a bunch of it.
Does anyone want to play Roxy, John, and/or Andrew Hussie when we find them? I can play just about any of them in a pinch, but I'm not all that experienced with them so I can't guarantee it'll be top quality in-character goodness.))

JR: Oh, hey, the Memo is waking back up!!! Sweet.

JR: @RS, like hell am I going to go do bullshit fucking sidequests while dear sweet precious sweet sweet AB is at risk.

AB: O̧̤͠ḥ̴̟̓́̀. Ṃ̺̯̻͚̍͗y͏̶̨͖̠̥̟͕͚ͣͥ̀͟͟͟.̢̨̫̺͕̙̍̇͝͏̣̓̕ Ģ̡͙̲͋̇̇͋̀ͦ͡ǫ̴̠̫̟͙̝̺͗̓̉d́.̵̷̰͚̺̲̤ͯ̊ͤ̕͘͘ Q̖ǘ̙̱̫͕͌̅̕͢i̸̡͖ͦ̾͟͝͏̛̍̓͜͞t̯͈͑̆ it̫ͅ҉̹̦̣ͤ͏͍͌ͮ̽̕!̶̴̶̨̣̯̥̮͗ͬͧ͟ͅ͏̸"

JR: Like, @RS, I get that it's hard to take anything seriously when it's just your dream self at stake, but AB is actually physically present. And while destroying her body would do nothing, it's her fucking MIND that keeps getting hurt. So yeah, Imma flip my shit for awhile. Or. Um. Did. Trying to stop now.

JR: And, yes, OBVIOUSLY tracking down that asshole Waste of Space is a priority. But, finding the physical location of a space player that doesn't want to be found is next to impossible. And THIS asshole is especially good at not being found, else I would already be screeching incoherently at him. Like, back when I first ran into his bullshit code.

JR: @BlueDirk, that is totally lies and slander. Not ALL AIs have been doing weird dumb shit. And I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that anything Gama has done has been pre-ordained Skaia bullshit intended to make things "go as intended".

The AuthorBot mulls over Dirk's words for a minute.

AuthorBotJunior does not.

AuthorBotJunior: Yes.
AuthorBotJunior: Interesting!!!
AuthorBot: What she means is, it's way better to have a body. You get less stir crazy, which makes you less likely to do stupid shit.
AuthorBotJunior: Yes.
AuthorBot: S̨͍̈͜͡͠ơ̷̬͎ͥ͗̽͆ͣ̉̕͜͠͞,̸̵̢̘͕̮̙̮͔̖͗̀ͯͣ͘ a̢̢͕̠͙̪̎ͤ͒l̬̥̱ͪ͊ͮ̎͡͞҉̓͏͖ch̢̨̛̻̻̠͈ͥ́̅̄͊̋͘em̵̧̧̦̲͌̀ͤ̇͘͝ͅ͏͔͕įͨ̏͆͠z̵̢̗̩̙̗͚ͭͬ͒ͣ͘i̵͝n​̡͙̩g̸̗͎̠͝ a͢͜͠ b̀͜҉̶̶͈͇͚͋͐͘͢ơ̢̠̫̈́ͤ̋͢d̸̩̠̭̾̓̒͐̽͞y̶͎͖ͩ͡ i̸̴̛̜̦̜͂̋͊ṡ̰̩͠ a͙̤̘̮ g̢̨̢̙͖̠̞̍̏̃͋o̵̔͟o̹͉̺d̸̴̵̛͙̾ͦ͌̾͒̀́ i̢̹͓ͤ͡͡d̶̀e̛̻a f̨̭̱̹͚̣̰̝̼ͦͤ͞ŗ̶̼̟̺̰͙͈̒̂̇ͮ͌̕o̸̥͒ͯͩ̿͘̕҉m̧̬̐͑͘͢͞ͅ o͏ú̸̷̷̵͓̏͂͟ŕ̴̪̰͞҉̵̴̡̧̎ p̻̬̲̔͜҉̴̘̽̇͟͟͡o̻҉͎̙͚̣̎͆͢͞͡͞i̷̸̤̞̪̹͇̎̔̔̅͡͞n̯̩͗͐̕ẗ̴̐̆ͫ ơ̶͚̞̯̲̰̜ͤ̾̔ͤ͠ͅf̵̯ v̗̐̀̚͘͡ị̶̷͉ͭ́͠ę̡̧̫̜̣̯́ͦ̒͜͜͝w̷͈̣͓̝ͧ̕͡ͅ͏́͗ͯ̋͟.̡̬̙̭ͮ͋͑ͭ͝͏̎".
AuthorBot: Oh, my god. I just want to be done fucking glitching.
AuthorBot: Also, real talk: I can't imagine a worse classpect than Prince of Heart to make a roboClone of themselves.
AuthorBot: ņ̡̘͚̱̟̻͓̓̽̊̀̕͠ǫ̞҉̢̟̞̳ w͛͏̞̜̘̍ͩͪ̃͑͘͟o̶͕̍̄͜n̶̡̻̗͎͑̕d̸҉̋̄͠ȇ̸̀͠ř̷ y͠͏̸̨͕͟͏̧̖ͪͧ͢o̠̙̦͓͊͂̈́͢͡͡ư̗͉ͣ͘͜͝ g̥ͯơ̆ͦ́̈́́̕ţ̸͔̲ͪͬ̀̓̂͘͝ c̬̍ͦ͟͝aù̧̦͖͈̝̠̥̍̉́͏҉̕g̼̖̬̙ͫ͒ͩ̐́̌҉̟̈̂ḩ̸̴̢͇̇̏̅͟͠ṫ̺̅̌̈͞ i̢̧͐͘͢͡n̨̽͢҉̸̦̗̥̞̱̒͊̈́ ã̱̻͖̆̒͠ s̯̝̮̊ͨ̑p̵̸͔̽̀ͧ͑ͨ̆i̶̛̭̯̝͌̈ͫ͆͜͢͢͠rḁ̠̈́̾l̪͛̏ ǫ̙͈̠̱͉̼̆̈́̅̕̕͘͢͠f̚ b̵̖̰̔ǔ̢̢̼̜̖ͧ҉̰ͣ͢l̡̨̩̻̯ͯͣ͝l͗҉̡̾͏̊̐͘͝sh̞̝͒̕͝͏̫͍͎ͩ̓i̴͚͛t̶̪̫̉͑̂ͬ s̨̢ͮ̂ę̺̙́̕͟l̯̞̱̤͔̪̋̍̀̓͆͘̚͜͟f̓͏̦̙̭̾͆ͬͣͧ͡ͅ ď̶̢̹͚̋̏e̱̺̩ͧ́ș̷̡͖̋͘̚t̽ř̴̴͓̫ͨͥ͛͝͠u̧̗̔̽́ç̷̝̟͖͆ͩ͘t̨̩ͪ͊ͮ͞í̷̗̲̯̀̈͘͜͝o̡̯͍̤͆̈́̿͒̈̎͋​̸̢n̗̟͕̔̔̕͡"

(somebody else take Hussie if we find him. I'd also be fine with him being forever out of reach, just being an asshole. Never done John/Roxy myself, so I'm probably not the one for those either. And @RS is apparently trying to encourage somebody to pick up one of the Time players. I might be able to do an AradiaBot, but, their whole thing is spooky fatalism, so I'm not sure what that would contribute. Especially since my characters are already exposition fairies and not much else. Also, @CB, I am hella enjoying your on-point orange Dirk.)

(Also, realizing that doomed Calliope was hard to find made me realize that high level space players in the sim probably should be too. Would probably stop them from getting murdered so much. See, I'm not PROCRASTINATING, I'm brainstorming here.)
Cernun sighed and began gathering their stuff.

CERNUN: If we're goingg offf noww t=en I'd best be prepared.... Navigating Paradoxx Spacee =ass been part of my main jobb andd all in my former sessionn.... T=oug=.... Noww Ii don't t=inkk we =ave aa fast wayy of travel like we =add before (we lack aa Prince of Doom player noww sadlyy....)
ALEX: That is except if we are journeying at dreambubbles, if so then sorry Cernun, but I would be leading on that particular navigation.

Cernun merely nodded.

UT: What? I angered someone again? Sorry.
TG: dirk omgna! u-u
UT: I apologized alright?
UT: Now first off before we leave, I must say I have no idea you have some issues with your copies Strider me, though weirdly enough, that doesn't seem to affect you and me.
UT: I think you've mentioned that phenomena once in this memo, but we've been chattering about for a long while, I have no idea if I recall correctly.
UT: I wonder, would this affect my first impression with your universe's Egbert, John? Since I am technically a product of some sort of switcheroo between you two.
TG: that is a thought OuO
TG: would that also affect sis too and ur lalondes? i wonder

((Yeah I'm not really good with non-AU canon characters... So no Hussie, John nor Roxy for me :/
Plus I am sort of juggling 4 characters here, I'd probably get rid of one of them in the future, mainly cause I have a character I sort of wish to introduce too. So for the sake of my sanity, no :)

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