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DIRK: That would be my bro, Dave Strider.
DIRK: I met him a couple times, once before he died and again when I went to find Jane and Jake.
DIRK: We didn't really talk much. It was kind of awkward.
DIRK: Pretty sure Jane or Jake would know more about him than I do.
DIRK: As for Lil Hal Jr, well, it's possible.
DIRK: Lil Hal had hundreds of backups of himself saved pretty much everywhere.
DIRK: I wouldn't be surprised at all if one of them was Lil Hal Junior.
DIRK: Also, Hal, who do you mean by they? Who's interested in Lil Hal Junior?
NATE: Duh. AB has a robo-crush on Lil Hal Jr. Or probably did before she realized he was just a dumb chatbot version of the real deal.

NATE: AB and Hal, sittin in a tree, c-o-m-p-i-l-i-n-g!

NATE: Real talk though, AB probably just thought she saw a fellow AI to talk to on an equal standing.
The AuthorBot is very suddenly in the burning field with the other physically there players. It's not even a big deal, AB's whole deal is exploring sessions and mapping shit. Getting to a specific section of the afterlife is baby shit.

For some reason, she is wearing a colorful party hat. And has a smaller version of herself, AuthorBotJunior.

[Image: corpse_party_robot_author.png]

AuthorBot: Orange Dirk. It seems you have a shackled AI in your shades. Would you care to explain why there is a shackled AI in your shades?
AuthorBotJunior: Yes.

Meanwhile, in the Memo:

JR: God fucking dammit. @RS, did AB go where I think she did? I told her to STAY AWAY FROM you guys. She promised! Oh my fucking god, I am going to spend the rest of my unnaturally lengthened god-life fixing her.
Suddenly Gama looks up at Authorbot, and the red circuits from before showed up. This isn't good...
GAMA: Don't worry AB, he's safe and sound right here...
GAMA(?): At least until I unleash hell upon these humans.
HAL: Oh fuck.
CYRIS: That's not Gama...
RS: Yep. She's here, and in full corpseParty attire. She also brought along AB Jr, not that she says much other than "yes" or "hmm" or "interesting!"

RS: I think she likes the pair of shades or something.

RS: She seems okay by now, though. She can stay, but run the stability.~ATH script. As soon as the concept of "AB's code stability" dies, you'll get a notification.

Nate turns to the real world. Oh god, AB. Why did you show up now.

NATE: This is AuthorBot and AuthorBot Jr. Wave hi. Or don't, she doesn't give a shit.

NATE: AB, salutations, and also, what the shit.

NATE: Where did you come from? Never mind, okay, better question. What brings you here? Is it a crush on Anime Shades: AI edition?


DIRK: I swear to god I will do an acrobatic pirouette right off the fucking handle.
DIRK: Just gonna go ahead and nope this one right fucking now.
DIRK: I didn't shackle anyone in my shades, metaphorically or otherwise.
DIRK: And you

turn to point his glare at red-circuited not-Gama.

DIRK: You better cut that shit out right now.
DIRK: I cannot deal with all three, four, whatever of you right now.
DIRK: I can't deal with the king of useless boxes over here and guardian gone bad over there, and I straight up refuse to even touch that whole robo flush crush bullshit.
DIRK: None of that "have him back by ten and be sure to use a firewall kids" stuff.
DIRK: That shit needs to be finely honed and perfected though years of stern fatherly disapproval.
DIRK: God damn it. I need to stop thinking about this, it's throwing me off my game.
DIRK: I'm trying to access the source code, but Lil Hal Junior in the shades is keeping me preoccupied.
DIRK: Currently we are matched in a battle of speed and wits far surpassing any ever before seen in the history of paradox space.
DIRK: And by that I mean he's turning mute off every time I turn it back on.
DIRK: Like a useless box, only more annoying.
DIRK: I can't even get at anything else when I'm constantly having to remute him.
DIRK: Jesus Christ, give me a hand here will you?

A simultaneous ping sound echos out across the field as Nate, AuthorBot, and AuthorBotJunior are all granted access to the inner workings of the shades.

DIRK: I'll keep him distracted, and you three see if you can't do something about whatever he did to glitch tier Gama.
DIRK: Cyris, Hal, you guys do what you can to keep her off us if she decides to physically attack.
Unfortunately the first thing Hal/Gama does is hug AB.
GAMA/HAL: You came all the way here for Lil' ol' me?
HAL: I think i'm gonna puke.
CYRIS: Well aren't getting attacked so... Okay I guess? Man and I though Wall-E was an AI romance nightmare.
MALIS: *Suddenly shows up through a portal* Oh hey guys! Long time no see. I brought Snow with me- Oh, well uh I guess we can help? I brought machines from the lab. *Three troll workers start wheeling in machines, all three of them happen to be employees of Bio's lab (ah memories)*
BIO: *Actually about to cry at the sight of his machines and employees* ¥ou hav£ no id£a how happ¥ I am +o $££ +ha+ $hi+ again.
NATE: AB, oh my god. Be sure to sandbox the shades before messing with them. Don't interact directly with the code. I doubt this is normal behavior for either Hal or Gama, and their AI seems unstable. He might switch to murderMode any second.

Nate switches quickly to the Memo.

RS: JR, a Raw Code First Guardian just interacted with an AI and their subroutines are conflicting. The shades/Gama combo is threatening people and acting... flirty... towards AB.

RS: It's gross.

RS: I'm gonna see what I can do. Maybe attempt to... no, okay, no backup state. Maybe I can Void the whole code... no, that would kill them.

RS: Wait. I have an idea.

Nate turns to Dirk, a glimmer in his eye. He has an idea, all right.

NATE: You're a Prince of Heart, you can destroy yourself! Destroy the bits of pseudo-you in Gama!
((Just dumps them off cause I just came back from the mountains))
[Image: both_by_sheeppun-dbav3br.png]
JADE LL: sorry about disappearing
JADE LL: its hard to focus on flying
JADE LL: and a memo at the same time
JADE LL: i also found kk

Dirk watches with a blank expression as this glorious scene unfolds before him. Jade and Karkat have just touched down in the center of a burning field where Gama hugs an unresponsive AuthorBot. Meanwhile in the background lab equipment is being unloaded by strange trolls from an inexplicable portal and Bio starts crying tears of joy. What's a sight. It's like a renaissance painting. Truly this is a masterful work of art. Dirk can't seem to take his eyes off it.

LIL HAL JUNIOR: It seems you are attempting

Dirk snaps out of it and mutes the shades again.

DIRK: Actually, you know what, I don't care.
DIRK: I'm not even going to question this. I'm just going to be grateful that that's one less thing we need to worry about.
DIRK: Hello Jade. Hello Karkat. Kind of busy here.
DIRK: Short version is that the first guardian Gama has been infected by the remnants of an AI in my shades called Lil Hal Junior.
DIRK: Long version is, read the memo.
DIRK: What were you saying Nate? Oh, right, Prince of Heart, yeah.
DIRK: Not sure how well that's going to work out in practice.
DIRK: Meddling with the unstable AI doesn't seem like the brightest idea right now.
DIRK: I have a suspicion that it might actually make Gama worse, but I can try.
DIRK: It seems like the best option at this point, so it's worth a shot.

stands up and steps past Jade and Karkat so he can have a clear shot at Gama. He raises his hands out in front of him and focuses until pink lines of electricity are running between his fingers like tiny Tesla coils.

DIRK: Here goes nothing.

((Weba Sheeppun! Can you... Can you draw the thing? No pressure if you don't want to, I just thought this scene would make an amazing pic! ^-^))
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