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NATE: Yeah. It probably wasn't even the right one. Could have been a less powerful Roxy with less Void shrouding her. I mean, logically, you're likely to find the less powerful ones.

NATE: At least we aren't dealing with a Mist player. They do weird shit to code. They register as other people, multiple people, others might register as them- what else do you expect from the aspect of confusion and indeterminacy?

NATE: One of the few things they CAN'T fool is Denizens. Though those snakey fucks will play along.

NATE: On another note, is that fucking CAKE? I love cake- the programming language (^CAKE, which JR taught me), and the food. I am gonna be all OVER that shit.

Nate flies over to the source of the confection's scent, a beautiful sweetness wafting into his nose. He seats himself next to Jane, and smiles greedily. With the way he eats, it's a wonder how he stays so thin. And not like "oh he's a Greek god and muscular and every ounce is muscle" thin. I mean "the way all grandmothers perceive their grandchildren to be, thus explaining why they feed them so much" thin. Kinda lanky. He reaches for a slice of the delectable treat.
GAMA: I saw a box, I don't even know if anyone was around. But I was in the right location for sure. Sorry for the EMP, I did try to warn you as I left.
CYRIS: *He appeared again* No power?... Take mine then, I might be normal and free afterwards.
GAMA: Cyris I don't wanna risk killing you, you know what happe-
CYRIS: Then do it to help these people. Besides, I don't even know if Rain is alive or dead...
Gama begins to slowly drain Cyris of his power, and he would soon pass out from his loss of power, kinda like a battery.
((I mean, the "cardboard box" thing was a joke, and the "wrong Roxy" thing was a bit of a hint that finding her should be the struggle, not staying. But you're on the right track for avoiding Mary Sue shenanigans.))
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Cernun and Cali we're already eating a slice of cake, Dirk Egbert and Alex we're still busy responding to the memos to answer.

CERNUN: Um.... Ii couldd possibly providee assistance wit= locating certainn c=aracters.... Ii am aa Seer of Spacee andd alll....
CALI: that'd be cool! maybe sis can help, she is a Seer too right?

Egbert nudged Alex.

DIRK: You should.
ALEX: Well if it will make things easier, why the hell not?

Alex walked towards Cernun before looking at the others.

ALEX: So we are looking for a Heir of Breath John and a Hero of Void Roxy? Alright.

The two godtiered Seers began concentrating, Alex trying to look around the Dreambubbles (she is a doomed player after all) while Cernun looks around the Medium (they are a Space player). This will take a long while and would cause them tons of energy, but they're still gonna help.

((Please tell me if my Seer characters are a bit OP, they're the only ones godtiered so don't worry about Egbert and Strider :)
NATE, having spent quite a while in his Null session honing his Seer of Void abilities, quickly finishes his cake. A moment of saddened silence follows, mourning the passing of the pastry, and Nate eventually concentrates as well.

Now, as one could easily surmise, this is quite possibly the best combination of Seers for the job. Doom, to find the Roxy fated to die. Space, to peer into the warped fabric of existence in the Furthest Ring and follow the writhing quantum foam in a way no other class conceivably could. And a Seer of Void, to seek the one who is shrouded in it. This impromptu coven is the best at finding Void players. They are the champions. It is them.

And of course, any Seer high enough on the echeladder has likely acquired the TRIPLE TIRESIAS ability, where three players with Investigative or Explorative classes (Mage, Seer, Scout, Guide) can boost their abilities many times over when they work in threes.

Bio was silently sitting by Cernun. They already caught up and had their mushy moment. He then goes over to assist Cyris. By assist, I mean just prop up against a comforting matress and pillow and leave him there to sleep.
The Seer's cooperative effort proves very effective, the scene looks awesome actually, as all Seers have the symbols of their aspect glows on their foreheads (kinda like [S] Terezi remember?). As for what they're seeing...

Alex is looking at her other doomed "ghost" selves and they've been talking about rumors around the dreambubbles, managing to collect enough information about numerous dead players (but not necessarily the Roxy they are looking for)

Cernun however is seeing most of the destruction around, Dirk's session, using more of their energy to expand their reach to look around different sessions, this is very tiring to them, but they continue to try at least.

Nate should also be seeing this since they're basically combining their Seer powers, now we all need the Void Seer to do his thing. :D

((This is fanart material right here! ^u^
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