Full Version: Dirk's null session support group
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UT: See? I told you my theory ain't as asinine as you thought @TT.
TT: Holy shit.

Cernun finally went down and realized there had been tons of notifications in their trollian so they responded. Cali responded too.

TG: tl;dr can someone summarize?
UT: We're trying to find your brother.
UT: At least, dead non-Strider non-related to you version of your brother.
UT: I'm in, Alex is probably too.
TT: I guess it goes without saying.
TG: ooh alright, y not? OuO
CS: I'm in tooo....
CS: Ii =ave aa sessionn to unscreww andd some friendss to find....
CS: Cyriss, Rain andd =err family is outt t=eree, andd I'm goingg to find t=em....
CS: So w=atever =appened betweenn youu andd =err, Ii don't care.... I'm =elpingg t=esee people, if it meanss Ii cann progress in ourr deadasss sessionn.....
Gama steps up while Cyris vanishes.
You see, Gama has always been there, messing with every twist and event. She even orchestrated Nepeta and Equius's first deaths. She figured she could probably at least be welcomed as a normal individual
Cernun looked up at Gama, not actually familiar of her like Cyris was to them, but they spoke up nonetheless.

CERNUN: So you'ree =elpingg us...?

JR: @RS, KR is way too busy over at the alchemeter to go on adventures. I was instructed to relay "I am too busy hustling.". Gotta say, I am not jealous of the Smith class. Way too much actual work.

JR: Also, looks like @RS and Orange Dirk are gonna handle the "players formerly known as alpha". AB might be able to provide intel, too. Since I'm stuck here, I'll handle sniffing around in the code.

AB: It seems you think I have nothing better to do than provide meat Players with GPS instructions. "Turn Left at the Yawning Void of Obsolescence" and shit. You know very well that I don't do fuck all with the afterlife, other than categorize the contents. There are currently over 413,000 Heirs of Breath in the afterlife, do you want me to fucking list how they all died? Would that be useful?

JR: !!! AB, you are a GENIUS!!! That is why you are the best <>.

JR: You hear that guys? If you have trouble finding the formerly Alpha John and Roxy, try finding out how they died. That way AB can find 'em in the Afterlife. There's gotta only be a few Heirs of Breath and Rogues of Void who are TOGETHER in the afterlife and died their specific deaths, right?

AB: ... Your optimism astounds me.

AB: But, yes, it would at least reduce the search space. Ping me when you have details.
RS: AB, make sure you search for HEIRS OF BREATH, not just Heirs and Breath players. You've made that mistake before in your sessionSearch algorithm. Remember when you searched for sessions with Bards of Time and returned sessions with Bards and Time players? God, that was a debacle. JR beat themselves up way too hard over that. They were all "Okay, I made a mistake because I suck. I suck so much."

RS: Which was patently false BTW. JR is fucking amazing. You ever seen anyone else make an AI assistant in JavaScript?

RS: Anyways, I set up an ~ATH script that plays a little sound when the CorpseParty algorithm "dies". ~ATH is great for managing multiple programs in synchrony and getting notifications when processes are done if you use it right, but the only proper programs it can write without calling on other languages are infinite loop viruses.

RS: Hmm. Seems John died due to The Choice when Typheus detonated. Log says it was a transtimeline dependent choice. A sprite also died in the aftermath. If the logs are to be trusted, of course. Which they might not be.

RS: Roxy died doing... something. It's hard to tell. Like she's hiding under the only cardboard box in Paradox Space. A regular Solid Snake, ain't she? Rogue indeed. I'll see her data soon enough.
GAMA: If they're dead, then I can contact them. But I can't risk bringing them back due to Skaia... I'll try something, but it may crash your computers so turn them off quickly...
*Gama starts to glitch, her body slowly vanishing, as she appears near an actual cardboard box in paradox space, as she vanished completely, any computer or electrical device would shut off like it was effected by an EMP*



((This character seems a lil OP to me, whatnot with the ability to locate
Void players instantly, the one aspect which, mind you, was able to no-sell DOC SCRATCH'S omniscience, and apparently solve most problems with little to no issue, but OK.))
((I agree, you're kind of god-modding a bit here @Vantas.))

DIRK STRIDER: Fuck! A little warning might have been nice.

presses a button on the arm of his glitched put shades to turn them off. He sighs and turn to the rest of the group.

DIRK STRIDER: With the guardian's mismatched memories, I guess we've proven the self healing hypothesis.
DIRK STRIDER: It happened, but then it unhappened because it didn't happen.
DIRK STRIDER: I hate time travel.
DIRK STRIDER: While we wait for Gama to get back, we can eat some of the cake that Jane has undoubtedly found a way to alchemize out of nothing but dream bubble extract.

Meanwhile, the scent of sugary icing drifts over from a patch of burning field bushes. Jane, Jake, and the other members of the meet up who haven't been responding to the memo are gathered around the controlled fire.

DIRK STRIDER: What did I tell you?
DIRK STRIDER: Jane's baking is the tastiest universal constant.

((I want to give the others in different time zones a chance to respond before we leave them behind.))
((that'll be the only time
((i'll change it a bit
((this happens when I make characters that gots power
GAMA: I probably should've warned them... Wait, oh no- *She would suddenly appear back at the camp
Although her powers got her to the right location, they're limited to how long they can stay or interact. So really if Roxy was still in the box, she'd only hear Gama there for a few seconds.
GAMA: Dammit, I was right there as well...
((It's perfectly alright @Vantas! ^-^))

Dirk sits on the ground with holding a piece of chocolate cake in his hand, because while Jane may be able to make a cake from thin air, plates are another matter. He looks up at Gama who's just reappeared, his expression stoic.

DIRK STRIDER: That was quick.
DIRK STRIDER: What did you see?
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