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Cernun stood there for awhile before finally hugging back. Cali looked up at them and smiled before turning to Dirk and Alex.

CALI: so um.. what're they saying? :?

In the memo.

TT: So all in all we all end up circling back to coding, because why have I not thought of that before?!
TT: I swear I'm either just shitty Seer-ing or Skaia itself is a piece of shit.
UT: From what I've understood with all this coding jargon that I could not possibly completely wrap my head around, this is like the matrix?
TT: Dirk, I highly doubt that's how you define a "matrix".
TT: You know that we're not in a simulated reality.
UT: But we are in a computer program though.
UT: And if that doesn't define the matrix, I don't know what does.
TT: Huh...
TT: You raise a fair point.
UT: Naturally, but let's get back on track.
UT: If that is the case then we'd better find ourselves a Neo.
UT: Or in simpler terms, "The One".
TT: Are you fucking kidding me?!
TT: You are comparing this shit we are swimming in to a low grade work of fiction?!
TT: Egbert what the fuck?! You are going to tell me that the fate of our multiverses lies in the hands of some "chosen one"?
TT: A cliche which mind you, always try to remind me of whenever you are in your critical phase? What even are you?
UT: Yes, but we're not talking about fiction right? Somewhere where this cliche actually ticks me off?
UT: I do have some evidences to back this theory up, such as their John and Roxy managing to disappear an entire planet from a medium?
UT: If that ain't work of a bullshit "Skaia's chosen one" among them, I don't know what is.
TT: So what you are getting at is that one of the living two was somehow "bestowed upon by Skaia amazing powers to beat these evil overlords and save us all"?
TT: Sorry for all the quotation marks, I'm still not buying it.
RS: The Godtier Judgement script is pretty simple I think, relying on bifurcated loops that execute upon player death and the "death" of null judgement causing the program to die.

RS: One of the few vanilla ~ATH programs out there that can actually do what you want without being bullshit.

RS: I think that I found the program causing the loops.

RS: Wait, no, that's just some absurdly sophisticated virus. I am NOT CLICKING on check_thii2_2hiit_out.~ATH.

RS: I don't think the spirograph program was written in ~ATH, it would rely on CREATION and also a ton of other function, which unlike creation (a simple !DIE switches the conditional) are impossible to emulate in ~ATH. Might be written in ^CAKE or DIS*.

JR: @Orange Dirk, as far as carapaces going crazy, that's actually a pretty standard plot. They are considered major side quests, different ways to defeat the royalty, or substitute them as final bosses. Pretty much any carapace is capable of getting a Ring and fucks shit up by either making the gamer harder, or easier (and honestly, things tend to work out better when they make the game harder. Coddled players tend to fuck up the Ultimate Reward).

JR: Lords/Muses are really fucking rare, though. You pretty much only get one when they manage to succeed at the bullshit easter egg session Skaia generates for them. It's practically a joke mode to punish cheaters, designed to be laughably unbeatable.

JR: And yeah, all this shit is pretty narratively rich. :\ No wonder it's attracted at least two Wastes. I wouldn't be surprised if that asshole manages to use all this to power his shenanigans for years to come. Hell, given how much Skaia creams itself when it makes a paradox happen, maybe that's why he's fucked with just about every session I've ever come across. 'Cause he got all that power right now.

JR: @Gama, now I am really fucking confused. There are probably at least 4 Jakes and 4 Roxys running around. Who was it you killed? And...a Jake became Lord English? Pretty sure LE is a there a cherub named Jake running around in any of the A cluster sessions? (Given that there's apparently at least one "Jack" player, I wouldn't be surprised that some of you guys are cherubs in some sessions. And...actually, pretty weird that there are apparently no troll versions of the humans???). Or...maybe there's more than one Lord English, and one is human???

AB: Actually, there is a surprising amount of species swap sessions out there, JR. Just none that found this memo, apparently.

AB: Additionally, if our current objective is to find the John and Roxy that correspond to your session, "Orange Dirk", I would have to say: "Mission Accomplished" and also: "Mission Failure".

AB: There is a 91.43411320751473% that they are in the alpha version of your session, and marked as "alpha" rather than "doomed". I am additionally seeing evidence that Skaia eliminated the duplicate (previously alpha) versions of the two through debug processes preventing non-doomed copies of alpha players.

AB: "Mission Failure" because it seems that Alpha players are prevented from interacting with the vast majority of non-alpha players. Their path through paradox space is stable, and only the ghosts they are meant to see can be in the bubbles they will visit.

AB: Suggestion: Finding the dead,non-alpha copies of John and Roxy from the Alpha Session might provide evidence as to what is going on in the Alpha Session, as well as giving us an idea of how they are "wrong" compared to your disappearifying John and Roxy.
GAMA: I didn't kill Roxy Lalonde, I just set it so it would happen. The doomed Jake English killed Roxy Lalonde. As for Jake and his transformation... I don't know what that was. He just scrambled his coding using that stupid fucking skull helmet of his and managed to take hold of a dead cherub and physically change his body.
CYRIS: AB is indeed right.
RS: So John and Roxy from this doomed session are alpha, and the "new" alpha that branched off is their new home.

RS: I suspect John is the cause of this branch. His past path was along a loop in the Furthest Ring around the Green Sun, then he reached the end of the loop and was suddenly EVERYWHERE AND EVERYWHEN.

RS: Essentially he was spread across reality like margarine.

RS: I Can't Believe It's Not Egbert.

RS: Wait, fuck. Lemme check, seems he interacted with something before he went full Zen mode and became one with the universe.


RS: The thing he interacted with isn't code. It's just empty. A plot hole in Paradox Space that allows nonstandard things to happen, insane retcons and discontinuities probably. Whenever the Alpha won't close a loop it uses this to close it by breaking shit.

RS: Hence the proliferation of Wastes. They love that shit. Anywhere there's a plot hole, they like to worm their way in to insert themselves into it.

RS: And this is a literal plot hole. Any code that calls on it is inherently bugged and produces unpredictable results that are almost meta-multiverse warping.

RS: It's intended to be at the end of a Dead Session as a negator to go along with their clock as well. They have their fun with the immortality and infinite power, but they attempt to banish someone with the hole and end up creating a weapon used to destroy them. More loop closing.

RS: It's also a Dev Console of sorts because it breaks the normal rules of Paradox Space. It can alter fate in a way that's ORDAINED by fate, if that makes sense. Anyone that uses it to change fate was destined to anyways. It closes time loops the Alpha failed to close in this way.

RS: In theory it could break time loops and causality in a way that wouldn't create a doomed timeline, which would mean Paradox Space would break instantly due to unhandled grandfather paradoxes. But it doesn't because reasons. Plus it's more about stopping those paradoxes, not starting them. It also probably does other weird shit too since it isn't limited by code.

RS: This is probably the way it works. I mean, what else COULD it be?
TT: Cyris, Gama, I really hope you're talking about a different session.
TT: If you're not, I hate to break it to you, but Jake is standing right Bec to me, eating straight out of a can or beans and un-Lord Englished.
TT: Plus, we've already discovered that Roxy is alive if only by virtue of her not being in a ghost in a dream bubble.
TT: Not to mention all this transtimeline alpha session melding bullshit that's apparently been going on behind my back.
TT: If blue me is right, which I usually am, and John is the Neo to our Matrix, then our parasitic Waste of Space is looking at a goldmine of narrative fueled power.
TT: The John from my session with his spray bottle of Plot Hole Away gifted by fate has the potential to be The One.
TT: Bad guys, defeated.
TT: Loose ends, tied.
TT: Narrative conclusion, satisfactory as fuck.
TT: If it was the Waste of Space that plotted all this like the orchestra instructor at Skaia's School for Troubled Children, then he's created himself a fine fucking source of energy.
TT: He's literally using our misfortunes to fuel his shenanigans.
TT: Fuck, that is not cool.
TT: Maybe he meant to do good and help us out, kind of like we're doing here, but something got out of hand along the way and he lost control of the storyline.
TT: I don't know. If we can find him somehow, then he can tell us exactly what's going on.
TT: For now, I agree with AB and say that we should find the dead John and Roxy from the alpha session.
GAMA: Dirk, unfortunately I am not, hate to break it to you... I know I was the cause of most of your suffering and shit, but I wanna help no-
CYRIS: Wait what!? Gama we can't help these people, Skaia will delete us like Hilary's emails!
GAMA: Cyris i'm sorry, but I want to help these people. I almost had two people killed and i'm already gonna burn for the shit that i've done. So get in line and help these people. Besides, you've already broke the rules for her.
CYRIS: Leave Rain out of this conversation...
RS: Roxy according to the code is a Rogue of Void. I'm a Seer of Void. This should be no problem. Now that dead Roxy and dead John have no narrative significance, they're fair game to be fucked with.

RS: Excuse me. Fucked with in the sense of MESSED with.

RS: They're now disconnected from the spirograph inbreeding chain, so, seeing how Dorothy and Toto aren't in Alabama anymore, they'll be able to interact with people whose frogs aren't rednecks. Dirk is right, and AB is right. Finding them is another piece of the puzzle.
TT: Roxy isn't here right now, so I feel the need to do this in her place.
TT: *wink wonk*
TT: Gama, what are you even taking about?
TT: What you're saying makes no sense in the context of this timeline.
TT: Jake, my Jake at least, isn't Lord English, Roxy isn't dead, and you haven't been the source of any of our problems, unless you had a hand in something I don't know about.
TT: You're welcome to help, but you're repenting to the wrong Dirk.
TT: Try one of the sixteen thousand other iterations of me.
TT: Either way, I'm setting off to find dead Roxy and John.
TT: Anyone who wants in on this wild goose chase better get on the train quick, because I've been getting antsy just sitting around this whole time.
TT: We're getting closer to the end of this weird puzzle shit.
RS: Isn't it obvious, Dirk? The guardians are remembering events that now didn't happen. The loop where Jake became LE wasn't stable, so the loop changed through juju influence to become the stable loop where he didn't.

RS: The events happened, then un-happened in a way that made it so they retroactively didn't ever happen. So they happened, then became a thing that never happened.

RS: Simple.

RS: Also, please never tell Roxy or John I said that. Or anyone. In fact, I think I'll tag along to make sure you don't make the laughable insinuation that I said I wanted to do the vertical monster mash with either of them. That was not what I meant when I said "fuck with" in that context and you know it.

RS: JR, do you think KR could tag along on our journey down the yellow glitch road?
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