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?GG: o
?GG: yes @ut in fact i am a harley^tm
?GG: roxy harley to be exact
?GG: im not really surprised that there are other ppl with the same name
?GG: and i doubt that as 'coincidence' since yeah alternate universe wham bam
?GG: anw to stick with fornalities its nice to meet u blue dirk / possible dirk egbert considering that u type like eggs
?GG: but its unlucky that it had to be on these circumstances
?GG: ps its similarly a (v recent) discovery of mine abt the weird siblings-by-meteor thing
?GG: still trying to get used to the fact that the reason why a fucking teleporting cat watched over me was bc i was sent by p much "a flaming rock"
UT: Shit, you even got my full name down. I'm impressed.
UT: Skaia truly is an ass. This is the first time I'm meeting my alternate sister, is it really necessary for me to have ended up screwing everyone over first?
UT: Wait, are you even my sister? I mean you're the alternate Harley and you seem to have also been raised by a cat.
UT: Huh, that's something to wrap our heads around.
UT: So, moving on, my friends never got that far as you guys.
UT: Cause some idiot, which is me, fell for that damn troll's plan to kill my sleeping Denizen.
UT: Sure it lead to an Alpha Timeline through some stable timeloop courtesy of Strider, but still, it won't change the fact that Harley got killed because of me.
UT: I can only hope for success on my Alpha self. But damn it, am I just jelous.
?GG: well hurr durr durr a lot of ppl r impressed w/ me i aint surprised ;D
?GG: alternate timelines give me a mcfuckin headache tho jesus christ
?GG: but i dont know much abt our eggs ending up scrambled bc he decided to jump through gates or smth
?GG: (gates right?? you do go through the seven to fight ur denizen)
?GG: although 4 me it took a while to get in and if ur harley died
?GG: then thats probs why i cant remember because in our offshoot i probably died as well
?GG: meanwhile there r only
?GG: two or three of you left??
?GG: damn thats gotta be hard
?GG: howd you figure out that you guys were
?GG: yknow
?GG: doomed???
TT: God fucking dammit.
TT: If course, I reach out into the limitless possibilities of Paradox Space and yet somehow, by some cruel twist of fate, I get more fucking splinters.
TT: Why would I have expected anything different?
TT: As soon as I manage to deal with one splinter of myself, another one pops right the fuck up.
TT: Speaking of which, where did that muscular abomination of nature end up?
TT: You know what, never mind. I just decided I don't care.
TT: I guess if we're going to do this, and it looks like we are, seeing as I have nothing better to do, I'd better introduce myself proper.
TT: I'm Dirk Strider, or orange text boi.
TT: I never really got to know this universe's Egbert or Harley, but I've known my Roxy Lalonde since we were kids.
TT: Or, knew.
TT: I don't know for certain if she's really dead, but at this point I feel justified in expecting the worst.
TT: So, GG.
TT: You're a Roxy then, huh.
TT: Well.
TT: I don't even know what to say to that.
TT: Even if you're not my Roxy.
TT: Wow.
TT: This is so fucked up.
TT: Saving that mental breakdown for another time, or never. Let's go with that.
TT: I'm almost to LOWAS, it's just a little further.
TT: It feels good to be doing something again, other than just sitting around and feeling like a miserable sack of shit.
TT: It's pretty damn cathartic to know that even if it seems like there's nothing left to do, you can still change things.
TT: If you guys are feeling stuck, look around and see if there's anything you can change.
TT: Who knows, that stupid simple little thing might just knock your whole session back onto the right path.
TT: Besides, what've you got left to loose?
TT: It's not like it can get much worse than this.
?GG: oh no ):
?GG: i havent encountered anyone w/ orange text b4 tbh
?GG: it seems like shit really went down your side with your friends?
?GG: but yes im roro harls aka gg at your service
?GG: honestly as for me idek if were in the alpha timeline
?GG: or if im yet another one of the million billion doomed offshoots
?GG: but at the same time im here typing in a memo about null sessions and the people in em
?GG: plus i believe what you said is true?
?GG: because if you think abt it if were doomed its another machine game construct of sburb
?GG: if we decide to give up were allowing the game to win
?GG: sometimes the rules this damn game imposes on us rly need to be bent
?GG: i mean i dont want to seem like the blind optimist here
?GG: but you never know
?GG: sburb is still a game
?GG: and you might just be able to up up down down left right left right b a start that shit like theres no tomorrow
UT: I must say, I envy your optimism Harley.
UT: Now if only my actual brother is like that too, despite being so much the same, you're also both plain opposites.
UT: Seriously, the guy's the worst at cooperating.
UT: So it ain't really a surprise seeing he ended up getting killed without me, as painful it is to admit.
UT: But yeah, Strider me has a point. What else is there to lose once you're dead?
UT: My timeline is screwed anyway, you might even say it is now non-existent. Lalonde is now gone, and Strider did what she can in order to avert the possibility of this happening again.
UT: So, I guess I'd better just walk around and see what I can do in this afterlife like place I am in now.
UT: @TT and @GG, your paths are clear at least, do what you've all gotta do. Good luck.
?GG: thank you i suppose?
?GG: its been some sort of practice 4 me
?GG: + i also wish all of you peoples the luck you need
?GG: i mean idk what ur afterlife is called
?GG: but i mean i think youd find a lot of other yous there too?
?GG: i think youll never get bored
?GG: unless you get tired of being a hormonal teenagerr
?GG: *teenager
?GG: sfar as i know tho i dont think the timelines that end up doomed arent really unnecessary
?GG: or nonexistent
?GG: u did say it taught something to ur alpha timeline equivalent
?GG: or anything along those lines
UT: Yeah, I try to look at it like that.
UT: You are right though. There are tons of others like me lurking around.
UT: Not really sure I'd love the idea of being stuck in a perpetual teenage drama, but ok.
UT: But good for you Harley, keep your positiveness up. We all kinda need it.
TT: Yo, @CT, you still around?
TT: I'm better at hardware than I am at code, but here.
TT: (jailbreak.~ATH)
TT: I had some free time, and I think this might be able to help you out a bit.
TT: All that rad wisdom I dropped before goes for you too.
TT: When it seems hopeless, that just means you need to try harder than before.
TT: I think that if all of us work together, we might be able to find a way out of this.
TT: I've reached LOWAS, or, where LOWAS was.
TT: It's definitely gone now, and there's no sign of it anywhere.
TT: It's like it vanished altogether.
TT: I don't think anyone in our session was powerful enough to disappearify an entire planet.
TT: So what the fuck happened here?
TT: Harley's got a good idea though, maybe if I check around the dream bubbles I might be able to find a ghost who can help me.
TT: Unless any of you have any better ideas.
TT: If you do, please share with the class, because I'm not exactly keen on facing all the friends I killed just yet.
?GG: oh SHIT coding??
?GG: ive got a good grip on coding im a haxxor gurl who broke her echeladder and it didnt give out any more bbucks after the first rung
?GG: but anw i read up and maybe it isnt possible to rig the game in 3 secs flat
?GG: alone that is
?GG: with a lil help you might just be able to fuck w the game and get into
?GG: a dream bubble like orange text boi said
?GG: but also whuzzat? a planet disappeared?
?GG: theres probably some more bizarre crap goin on there
?GG: i highly doubt it was someone in your session
?GG: if it was then theyve just reached something higher than the god tigers
?GG: *tiers wtf tigers shoo shoo
?GG: i dont think your friends r gonna be mad at you tho strides
?GG: maybe youre blaming yourself but so far you dont rly seem so bad
?GG: and i think you might just be beating urself up bc you werent able to help
?GG: or because you were manipulated into doing something you dont wanna
?GG: but you shouldnt beat urself up
?GG: although i do understand that you probably dont wanna see your friends yet
?GG: im not sure but the dead ones
?GG: have this uneasy white eyes motif and stuff its sorta disconcerting
?GG: makes you realize all the more that even though the one youre talking to is them
?GG: it isnt REALLY them at all
?GG: and it makes you think like when did they realize that
?GG: that they were dead? all along?
?GG: and how long were they wandering til they discovered the dream bubbles?
?GG: oh god im sorry if i opened some wounds or anything
?GG: really wasnt my intention ):
?GG: now ive rambled on enough smh harls
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