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CYRIS: Give the asshole a prize and a pat on the back. You got me. But you forgot one thing... Raw guardian code can manifest itself and form it's own host, if a powerful host or player is not around. You are right about English and Jack, they are too powerful. I cannot even kill a god player successfully without needing assistance.
RS: Yep. I was right.

RS: .~ATHON get([Image: becspeak.gif].~ath)

RS: It should also call for a form for it to take but since there's no component data it just defaults to base Guardian form of raw energy.

RS: Yes that is a real filename. I've seen ~ATH programs import crazy shit.
Cyris would summon another admin, made of code as well. And a mysterious female appears.
GAMA: Cyris, you should know that we are ove- Oh, there's people here... Well then, I guess this is gonna become a QnA.
CYRIS: Everyone, meet Gama. A higher ranking Guardian and a personal friend of mine...

JR: Hey Gama. Gonna be serious, kinda freaking out a little bit that Skaia is apparently spawning hacker killing AIs.

AB: It seems that we have gotten unfocused.

AB: What is our objectives? We have learned one major fact: Why the sessions remixes are happening.

AB: Open questions remaining: Why did the "A" Cluster of sessions have such a high degree of failure? Is there anything we can do to Lord English and affiliated "Bad Guys". Is there anything we can personally do to assist the alpha timelines of any session represented in this memo? Is the failure of non "A" sessions related to the failure of "A" sessions.

AB: Setting aside open questions, it seems that we have additionally accomplished one major objective: Providing support for players in failed sessions, both living and dead.
RS: I found this. It's actually ~ATH code here, like, pure ~ATH without any bullshit imported functions that do the tricks for you.

RS: Most ~ATH code has a file attached to it sorta like jQuery that essentially lets ~ATH be slightly normal instead of relying on death and shit to execute anything. Because normally the only conditional in the language is the ~ATH function which checks to see if something died.

RS: This is pure.

RS: Essentially, ~ATH runs where it stays in a loop until the concept it's attached to dies, then runs the files or the next layer down in the code. The simplest code is

~ATH(this) {

//Graves here//



RS: Basically the program starts and runs until it dies, and then it ends itself, which is stupid because if it's dead it can't run anyways.

RS: This is the code I found.

import universe U;

~ATH(U) {

} EXECUTE ([Image: latest?cb=20120123173310])


RS: This executes some file when a universe dies. I've seen more complicated ones, like ones that execute when a universe dies AND a universe's nonexistence dies, AKA its creation. ~ATH is weird so most of SBURB is in a modified form of it.

RS: This is however unrelated to the spirograph. But I THINK I'll have the answers to that soon.

((I'm going to write an ~ATH program someone stop me please))
Cernun finally reached the meeting place, Cali was the first to see them, looking like a black blob floating near them. They finally moved closer, now everyone can see they're godtiered. They looked at Cyris and the others from their former session.

CERNUN: Youu alll left us to rott, noww =ere youu alll fig=ting..?! Damn youu alll...!
CERNUN: Andd Cyris....? W=at even aree youu doingg =ere...?

Cali looked at the two, before saying.

CALI: oh pls no, no fighting in the meeting place! no not again!

Back in the memo.

UT: So the mystery deepens?
UT: The ones we've got to deal with are master classes players from what you said, as well as some First Guardian antivirus programs that prevents hackers from hacking.
TT: And they say our session is convuluted, my Gods.

JR: @RS, I swear to Gog if you accidentally curse us with that shitty ~ATH code, I will do an acrobatic fucking pirouette into a big pile of bad decisions.

JR: Like, I get it, you're not as likely to fuck shit up as me. But it's fucking ~ATH code. Fucking shit up is LITERALLY WHAT IT IS FOR. Like, 90% of everything coded in it ends up as a virus. EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T MEAN FOR IT TO BE.

JR: I make it a goddamned point to stay the fuck away from pure ~ATH code. Even if it means that the code I DO fuck around in is way harder to read.

AB: It seems there is a 95.76941834786551% chance that we will all be cursed by ~ATH code shortly. Or possibly, already have had been, past/future style. It has been an honor serving with fellow AIs. And, I suppose, I can even say that the fleshy meatbags managed to not make things too much worse.

JR: :/ AB, do you HAVE to keep up the Ironic Superior Robot act this entire time??? Like, you spend more time saving players than I do. You are LITERALLY in some random session right now, fixing shit. You OBVIOUSLY don't think non-robots suck.

AB: My superior ability to multitask is a benefit, not a flaw, oh mighty creator. It's not my fault that the type of being most in need of my rad and inimitable skills happen to be organics. Maybe if they were superior robots, they wouldn't be in need of saving.
Bio immediately runs over to Cernun and gives them a big ol' hug, seeing as they've been separated for a while now.
GAMA: JR is right, you should stop messing with the ~ATH code before someone here gets a virus. As for RS, he is right about how the code operates.
CYRIS: Because it operates the same with us, even everyone.
GAMA: Yes Cyris, true, but it only starts to take effect when the player is either godtiered or has caused Skaia to glitch. ATH coding starts to seep in to a player once they have godtiered, so that way they could use their new found abilities to do god knows what. When the player is killed but it's not Heroic, it shuts the code off until the player is revived. When a player dies Heroically, that's when the coding just dies, since they cannot live again. But Life players have a larger amount of ATH code than any aspect, because they can physically revive ATH coding without even trying.
CYRIS: Trust me, Life players aren't exactly the most safe individuals due to the amount of ATH code within them. Jane, you were taken over by the HIC correct? You see, the HIC has good enough technology to actually control the code and use it to her advantage, that is how she controlled you. Bio had also been controlled once but the connection was weak because he was a Void aspect.
TT: You fucking know it, JR. I am the multitask master. It is me.
TT: Hello Cyris, Gama. Welcome to the support group.
TT: Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let's get back to the Q&A.
TT: Is it usual that Skaia will allow carapaces and Lords to run freer than a wild mustang?
TT: I ask because from what I know of Wastes, the more narratively satisfying the conclusion, the easier it is for them to manipulate shit.
TT: With all this shit hitting the fan, from a troll empress skilled enough to control a .~ATH riddled Life player to a literally indestructible Lord of Time, the alpha timeline is going to be satisfactory as fuck.
TT: So with an orchestrated conclusion that's grand enough, could they be able to manipulate even Skaia to some degree?
TT: If we want to find the Waste of Space, the first thing we should do is look into what happened to my session's John, Roxy, and LOWAS.
TT: I'd bet that the strange disappearance of those three has everything to do with our mysterious session invading coder.
TT: Also, Roxy's good with pure .~ATH code. Really good.
TT: Sure it was still mostly viruses and exploding computers, but it always managed to accomplish what she wanted to get done.
TT: Once we find them, she'll be able to help us out.
CYRIS: To answer your question Dirk, yes, HIC can and does control part of Skaia, due to that power draining machine on her ship. That's how Skaia sometimes works against you, and how Jade was controlled even without the headband.
GAMA: It's a power struggle for sure, and Skaia is letting everything slide except when it comes to a hacker trying to help instead of hurt. And this would be a nice time to uh... clear things up. I was the cause of Roxy's death by Jake when he went mad and became Lord English. I messed with the coding with Jake and made him act, and... Well, she died and the Alpha session got fucked. Sorry... As for the first part of your question, it is unusual for them to be so free, we usually would get an order like I did with Roxy to "Assess" the situation.
CYRIS: Wait, you caused Jake to kill the other players?
GAMA: I had no choice, it's fairly easy to mess with ones coding when it's gone haywire and the player is an insane maniac...
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