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((This is future Cernun then

CS: Ii don't know, alrig=tt..?!
CS: Like everybodyy in t=is damned sessionn basically....
CS: Ii only =ave Bioo wit= me butt ot=er t=an t=at....
CS: Everyone just abandonedd us....
UT: We'll leave you both to yourselves since you seem to can't afford to use a private memo.
TG: dirk! not cool!
UT: I'm just being blunt, they're gonna clog the memo.
UT: We're still helping them and the others but before that they need to get their shit together.
UT: Oh and by the way, these three don't seem to belong on the other sessions you've listed, maybe you'll have to update that? I don't know.
UT: To summarize, Cernun and Vic here seems to be from a five year spanning doomed session while @RS and @JR could communicate with other multiverses through some pillars, got it.

JR: So, list of players who have prototyped a First Guardian currently stands at: Jack ???, Prince of Blood. I'm pretty sure there are others, though?
RS: Maybe you should get AB in the memo to check. She can check like, what, ninety lines of logs a second? She's great!

RS: She can make a Deep Blue and Watson her personal bitches.

RS: Make em feel so inferior they'll serve her like a butler on butler island just so they feel useful.

RS: I motherfucking love robots.
GH: JR, there were about two more to my knowledge, but I don't know who.
GH: As for the asshole Dirk, give my friends Vic and Cernun some space yeah?
GH: Everything's fucked at the moment and you aren't helping. Let them talk.
GH: RS, it's common for a quest to be cut off, I mean look at Vic for fuck sake.
GH: He's god knows where and has no memory whatsoever.
GH: But be glad that you didn't end up like him.
GH: As for our five year failed session Cernun, things were screwed from the beginning. We lost Zia within the second day, Bio summoned the Fish Bitch, I almost lost my family, my original session was killed by a virus that spreaded due to Cyris because apparently he was made by the game, and Malis SHOT Joel in the face when he lost it.
GH: To sum it up, Skaia fucked us all hard until we failed.
TT: Ladies and gentlemen, we have UD7. Welcome to the clusterfuck, TC and GH.
TT: CS, are you from UD7 or are you part of the UE8 session? I need to know so I can update the chart.
TT: As for JR's list of Jacks, we had three Jacks in our session, only one of which was actually prototyped.
TT: The second prototyped carapacian in our session was a Prospitian called Bec Blanche.
TT: The prototyped Jack came from the session before us, so I'm not sure who prototyped him with what.

GG: John Egbert, Heir of Breath, prototyped a harlequin doll.
GG: Dave Strider, Knight of Time, prototyped a dead crow.
GG: Rose Lalonde, Seer of Light, prototyped a
GG: Jade Harley, Witch of Space, prototyped her dog and first guardian, Bec.

TT: Jane to the rescue.
GG: You learn some things when you spend a year with people. :)
TT: Wait.
TT: I've got it.
TT: I know how we can stop Jack, Jaz, or any other ringwraiths.
TT: How did I not see this before?
TT: It's so simple, it can't possibly fail.

GT: Well spit it out then!
TT: We just need to build
TT: A giant.
TT: Fucking.
TT: Magnet.

GG: Dirk, no.
TT: Dirk, yes.
TT: We could just pull the rings off their carapaced fingers while maintaining a safe distance.
TT: It's so stupid.
TT: They'll never see it coming.
GH: Non asshole Dirk, it's actually not that bad of a plan.
GH: I mean Mythbusters proved that the magnet trick in Breaking bad was real but...
GH: If the rings are made of a metal that can be pulled by a magnetic force, and they have their hands open, it'd work.
GH: Let's just hope that they don't make the vengeful fist clench, I hate that.
TC: Oh, Cernun is from my session. Known only as the lab session, it was never really to exist because of Skaia's many goddamn rules but hey, somehow it lasted...
TC: Until the game caught up to us of course...
RS: The rings are entirely nonmagnetic, not even that weak magnetism all objects have.

RS: Motherfucking magnets, how do they work?

RS: Yeah, I know what all of the prototypings were.

RS: Logs are fun, let's fill the memo with those, why don't we.

RS: Actually no. Let's not.

RS: Fuck that shit.

RS: Point is I know what happened with some prototypings and apparently there's a couple sprites that got prototyped with other sprites?

RS: Doublesprites? Sprite*2's? Yes, that's gotta be the best name. Flawless.


RS: This will make them explode or something. The codes conflict and I've had AB simulate it to see how it handles the situation.

RS: Still not sure what happens to the carapacian, but we DID learn it turns bots into IEDs if you try to simulate it.

RS: Do not let two cross-session rings interact.
notoriousGemmenologist[nG] joined the memo

-- CURRENT vophsisGlobetrotter [CVG] responded to memo. --
CVG: My fair greetings!
CVG: It seems that i also arrived pretty hecking late?
CVG: Roxy harley and jade strider and dirk lalonde seem to be preoccupied and are idle.
CVG: However ive seen them respond and it seems just for me to respond as well dont you think?
CVG: You can call me jake! Jake egbert.
CVG: Anyways you see i think our session was really fucked up.
CVG: (I can hear all of you saying no shit sherlock in the distance.)
CVG: Thing is we scratched because of roxy since we didnt have a time player!
CVG: Since she was a witch of doom she did her witchy thing and was able to make the scratch happen even without echidnas quills.
CVG: Ive been in another dream bubble and someone there who looked like my poppop told me that there would be other main antagonists. Ish.
CVG: Says theres cherubim who fucked it all up for em pretty much.
CVG: Theyve got all the necessary components for a successful session save for one.
CVG: Premedium prototyping.
CVG: Anyways he said one of them was a really hotheaded guy who liked to stab things.
CVG: The other was a more cold and collected cherub. A little too cold. Shes no man definitely.
CVG: Also @rs i think theyre called spritesquareds! Adequately so.
TT: Alright, the spreadsheet has been updated with UD7, UE8, and UF9.
TT: Welcome nG. I'm assuming that since you're here that you are in a null session as well.
TT: For all newcomers, here's the recap.
TT: I'll keep it short, because we've currently got 19 people from 9 different null sessions crowded into a single memo, so you can fuckin' believe it's complicated.
TT: A handful of players from my session, UA1, have managed to meet up with players from the UA2 and UA4 sessions through dream bubbles.
TT: Jade Lalonde from session UA5 is en route as we speak.
TT: Right now we're attempting to devise a way to help our alpha timelines not be so fucking terrible.
TT: If anyone else from the A session cluster wants to join the meet-up, you can find us by searching for Roxy Harley's bonfire.
TT: It's literally just a field on fire. You can't fucking miss it.
TT: Now if everyone can chill the fuck out for a few minuets, I'm going to go back to this in-person meet up extravaganza.

-- timaeusTestified [TT] is now an idle chum! --
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