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TG: oh that's easy! our jack's a prince of blood if I recall
UT: We all know how destructive Princes are, at least I hope everyone is informed, but what's got to do with him? Unless he prototypes his dead dreamself that is.
UT: Oh wait, he totally did.
UT: Now, all of that I'm telling you about Jack and all are info I got through some other dream ghosts, so rumors could very well pour into the truth at times.
UT: What I'm saying is, I have no idea how much of these are true or merely gossips.
UT: Sorry.
TC: I can't remember much of the game other than we were screwed over by some cherub.
TC: My head, god.
TC: also most of the players I think I knew are either gone or dead, and I don't even know for sure.
TC: According to Hal and Bio I was in a coma for a few days.
TC: So i'm not much of a reliable source...
TC: But all this does sound interesting, maybe I can help?
((Imma add an OC to interact with Vic if you don't mind :)

--- ??? clinicalSlytherin [CS] ??? HOURS FROM NOW responded to memo---

CS: Is t=at youu...?
CS: Wait, aree youu dead or alive...?
CS: Please tell me firstt....
RS: Dude, in the grand scheme of things, we were ALL screwed over by some cherub. Lol.
TC: Alive yea, what about you?
TC: I have no idea what the fuck happened or where I am.
TC: I'm on this green planet, and I keep glitching and seeing things.
TC: Cernun I think I supposed to die, but I don't know.

---User gloatingHarbinger has joined the memo---
GH: Yo I here now.
GH: I heard cherubs and game sadness.
GH: I am here to help.
CS: Well yess Ii cann confirmm ourr session's beyond doomed.....
CS: T=at =add been T=ee entire pointt of t=is w=olee questt we =add....
CS: Nott t=at it even matterss anymoree....
UT: Greetings, we have another troll it seems!
UT: I'm guessing you got drawn to here by the sheer gravity of our failures or are you here to ask assistance?
TG: yeah, trust us! we can help all sorts of people OuO
TC: Are you and Bio okay?
TC: More importantly, who all died?
GH: I'm not a troll! I'm a human.
GH: I'm here because i'm alive and okay with my waif and because Cernun is alive.
GH: Oh, and Vic? You and Bio are the only clone trolls alive, sorry bud.
((Is this Vic from after the Dark Worlds memo too? :)

CS: T=ankk youu alll forr t=ee offerr, butt Ii doubt t=ere's stilll =ope for us....
CS: Andd yess, I'm alivee andd well, Bioo is also fine....
CS: Butt w=at is even t=e pointt wit= everyone just giving up on five yearss of =ard work....
CS: Ii don't know aboutt us Vicc butt Ii t=inkk we're just done....

UT: Wait hold up, there's way too many info being dumped by you newcomers here.
UT: @TC, or Vic as @CS here called you, you said you're in a Green Planet about to die?
UT: No, not "about" to die, you want to die.
UT: And @CS said something about your quest being doomed after spanning five years, correct?
TG: that's... just horrible! i'm sorry for u guys
TG: we're still gonna help tho, regardless what u say
TG: it can't be too hopeless, can it?
((No it's Vic PreDarkWorlds))
TC: I don't want to die! I just wanna be sure that I am alive and not dead...
TC: And... What happened to Luis?
GH: Oh, Cernun you better explain it slow to him...
RS: Yeah, I was about a month into the main quest on the Land of Obsidian and Shadows before the dual session started. Sure, it fucked with the orbital mechanics and annihilated Skaia, but I met JR because of it so? Win???

RS: Essentially the obsidian pillars gave us a way to communicate cross-session once I completed it, which I guess should have tipped me off it was our destiny to invade another session.

RS: Why else would my quest involve other sessions?

RS: So yeah, JR and I know what it's like to have a quest cut off. But maybe your quest is gonna still be your salvation.

RS: Turn that motherfucker into a silver lining, bro. Find a way.
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