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Dear Administrators and those whom control this web address,

I have found myself to be very fond a television show knows as "Steven Universe". As you may be saying to yourself "What about it?".I believe that it would be beneficial to many users if you were to add a category 'SU' and fill the contained space tagged by that title with characters from the show. Many users are fond of the show and I myself have resorted to making custom characters just to embody canon characters such as "Garnet", "Steven", " Amethyst", "Pearl", "Peridot, "Lapis Lazuli", "Sardonyx", "Sugilite" "Opal", "Alexandrite" And most recently "Smokey Quartz". I hope to catch your attention.
_______________________________________________Sincerely,Kanaya Maryam
You have given a good idea. Listing the characters will be a nice idea. So we will get a better idea about them easily at a single look. I think the administrators will support this suggestion. visit this page They will try to do it.
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