Full Version: MSPARP is down.
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Hello Fellow users, if you have clicked on this thread, it means your MSPARP Application is not functioning. Please understand that i am NOT an admin. MSPARP is down for a variety of reasons.
  • Users may be experiencing :
  • Long/No connection to other rp'ers.
As of now, that's about it. Other problems, please report to me and i'll make a large thread and spread this information to sources I know, and maybe, just maybe, we can work with the creators to fix MSPARP.

On a side note, users also report similar problems with Project Charat. So, please, let me know if you're experiencing difficulties. Your input helps so much, folks.

Remember: your not alone, these problems can be fixed, and others know how you feel.
Gah. Mother of Bilbo Baggins! This is happening AGAIN?
Yesterday it suddenly stopped connecting to other RPers. With any parameters or filtering.

The debugging console in Firefox shows that

returns 404 conditionally.
It won't connect to anyone. It just stays on the loading/searching screen. Have they fix this? If so then I am very sad now V.V
Thank you for your input. As far as my resources tell me, there is a suspected code error caused by the infrastructure breaking down. In other words, MSPARP is being a butt because it's brains were mashed up. Some theories suggest the site was hacked. Be careful everyone, STAY AWAY FROM ANONYMOUS USERS. The anonymous users are bringing hell to Parp by posting links in chats that lead to viruses. So for now, while parp is down, enjoy your hopeful free time, and when it comes back, if it does, stay away from the weirdos, okay?
Please message me if you have an out-of-world problem.
The eternal search thing wouldn't be such an issue if I didn't love this site soooooo much! Please, please, please fix this issue. I don't want to have to get a life :s
it seems this is still taking place since it keeps happening for me. ditto to Sohdahn above me, msparp is my anti-drug, please give us our fix!
It's a little better- it's down to 657 users online (87 searching, 570 chatting), rather then the past 2-3 days being in the thousands.
nah, i think that number is in flux do to pre-set chat rooms. Those are still accessable. So part of MSPARP is fine. Its the random connector that isn't working hmmm...
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