Full Version: MSPARP is down.
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Um, hi there~
I dont wanna sound pushy or anything or be like those people you're talking about,
but MSPARP isn't working for me either, and i was just wondering, how long will i be expecting for it to be down again?
Well, apocalypseInformant, you've pretty much put yourself in a position where people are going to expect you to know what's going on with MSPARP, even though you don't have any more information than anyone else. I don't really envy you that. Guys, apocalypseInformant is just a user, who doesn't have any more information than any other user. They cannot tell you when things will be fixed because they do not work on MSPARP, they do not have access to the server, they are not a programmer, they may be someone who asks me for this info, but if so, I'm not actually sure who they are.

That isn't an attempt at a reprimand. They're just writing as a user to other users and they have never claimed anything else. There's nothing wrong with that, it is not against the rules, nor is it even remotely suspicious or problematic. If you have trouble reading their posts because they are verbose, then don't read them.

If you find that you are not able to connect to other people on MSPARP through the random connections, contact msparp.staff on Skype. Also contact msparp.staff on Skype to have your mod status restored or to have bans removed. For any other problems, up to and including, but not limited to, character switching not working properly, not being able to type in a chat, receiving the error message undefined, not being able to use side bar commands, or any other seeming bug, CLEAR YOUR CACHE AND COOKIES before you contact msparp.staff and check if that fixes it. If you are unsure how to clear cache and cookies, ask Google. Google will tell you how to do it, not only on computer browsers but also on mobile browsers.
To be exact, I placed this post on the site to let others know this is a common proceeding. I didn't realize I would be subject to harassment, as i am assuming that is what is. I apologize if i came off as i was pretending to know more than anyone else, or i had access to some sort of wonky information. All i stated was is that i was on my own term of thinking, to come up with a logical explanation to deal with the problem...If any of my posts had stated or implied i had information, i apologize.
Just throwing out there on Tumblr the MSPARP team said they were migrating to a new server. This was roughly 4 hours ago and they said in the same post it should be up soon. Just letting everyone know! Hope to rp with some of you!
Well that's just dandy.
Msparp has been down for a few days... It says that it is down here: Dodgy
I really need it to develop my characters, (i.e. Zuaron Grenth, Zadion Ptarth, Pyrius Vulcon, Kataly Anarki, and Skiati Nychta) because feedback is important in order to make a fantroll that is not obnoxious.
Thats right, fantrolls are not necessarily obnoxious! ;)
I don't believe The necessary use of this specific thread is needed anymore. But please, help yourself to the bowl of information everyone wishes to supply. For the record, I clarify I know nothing of the source coding or wibbly-wobbly stuff the creators of admins of MSPARP made, So don't spam me, please. Leave the professionalism to them, I actually enjoy not being depended on. I feel bad for them as many people go to great lengths to get noticed by the admins that their pissed about problems that actually take considerable portions of time to fix. Like bugs and get new servers and what-not running. As I stated, I'm just another random person putting their less-than-helpful jargon on the internet. Enjoy.
(01-12-2014 05:02 AM)Karkancer Wrote: [ -> ]nah, i think that number is in flux do to pre-set chat rooms. Those are still accessable. So part of MSPARP is fine. Its the random connector that isn't working hmmm...
I can't even access group chats
I dont really know what the heck is going on, maybe its working for other people? But I doubt it. Yesterday it gave me the 503 problem, and today its still doing the same thing, I dont know what to do.
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