Full Version: MSPARP is down.
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great to many people is on and now giving blank connection chats
Gah. This is getting annoying.
Cause to many people got on it it was doing fine below twenty people
(01-17-2014 03:19 PM)ThatGuy Wrote: [ -> ]Gah. This is getting annoying.

I know the feeling dude. I was about cuddle the shit out of my matesprite out of fear xD
Holy mother of BILBO BAGGINS! It's terrible!
I give up on parp tonight. If anyone wants to rp with me. Private message me. <#
Parp is making me want to flip shit right now and smash my phone.
Hello, And good what ever time of day it is to you.

I have been reading the comments on this post about people complaining about the downtime of msparp. And i have decided to comment.

What, you all need to remember is that MSPARP is still currently only in beta. meaning the system is still buggy and glitchy, yes it can be annoying but please stand by them as they work hard in the background to get the issues fixed.

they are aware of the issues, and are sorry if it annoys you or causes any inconvenience.

once again i say, please stay calm and don't stress. and over the next little while as it progresses. the uptime, and the bugs will rectified. so please just stick by us and try not to make rude posts about the site.

Thank you for reading
OKAY! Everybody calm down. No longer must you fret. Parp is just acting like a jerk right now for some people and i don't know why, if its not working, talk to an admin. THAT DOESN'T COUNT SPAMMING THEM. Jee whiz. Anyway, I have received a message from a certain someone who won't be named, but their criticism was not appreciated. Not only were they criticizing how long and detailed my posts are, but of what my profile looks like, what my job affiliation is, and i will not accept that. If you have a problem with me, get over it. I'm not an admin, i'm not Gandalf The Great. I can't fix everything. Okay? thank you. Please hang on, those of you without will be over soon.
Parp is being a jerk again, apparently the website isn't available, I don't know if this is just me, but it's kinda getting annoying having to deal with these interruptions to my roleplaying. I cannot wait for the server change. You will not know how happy I will be.
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