Full Version: MSPARP is down.
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Now it won't connect now, either they are working on it or is really went down on it's on and fucked us over.
Don't worry, just got a message that they're migrating to a new server in about a week or so. Hang in there until then!
well i will be glad of that
Yes it will definately be better than the current server! Hopefully it won't crash every 5 minutes! But yeah, Charat still works, so migrate my comrades! Migrate!
i been on there all this time and on msparp cause i usually get to rp my oc on charat
Wait, so we can RP Homestuck on charat? I'm really bummed that MSPARP has been having issues because it's about the only thing I can on the computer or my iPad for. XD I just really want to RP Homestuck...
Yes, of course you can! They have HS characters and all, and since MSPARP is down, everyone will be heading there! And I feel you, roleplaying is the only thing I can enjoy on my iPhone, since my laptop is broken. But yes, you can roleplay HS on Charat.
Oh thank sweet troll Jegus almighty. I also get on from my phone, and I just hope they fix it soon!
In a week they'll be upgrading to a new server as I stated above! C:
Yay! Now Charat is acting up. Sadface!
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