Full Version: MSPARP is down.
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ah, well look like they are back now if they are addressing the issue now about what's happening which is good
Searching count is up to 380, though the chatting number is rising too, in a disproportionate amount.
can't really tell if that's a real number or not cause not everyone is able to chat unless going into an already made chatroom.
Like a few of us in the forum have come to my friend's chat.
So the matchmaker thing is still down for me. Anyone else still having problems with it?
900 searching / 1700 chatting

MSPARP is now officially broken dead.
Well disregards to any of you all that seem it's online, no. parp is dead AGAIN. Void any of my posts boasting that it's online, because i guess is was temp. Oh well. i Tried. Good night new york, i give up.
well at least the admin is back and knows about it now
They should try to fix it, let along make a thread.
well i saw were they were back due to the their tumblr page
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