Full Version: MSPARP is down.
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pretty much i guess when people found out it was working they flooded it
i know about time i finally could get on, people comes and flood it now i have to go back to charatrp now
Has anyone considered it might be a deliberate attack by the same people who have been hacking chatrooms?

Or does that just sound stupid and paranoid?
it could be for all we know i been hearing about these attack on here and on the msparp tag on tumblr that is just sad someone who's big douchebag just go and do that to people who want's to have fun and rp with each other.
Well some people are jerks... Or Sociopaths.
true, to that, karma will get them one day though
Hey. We are trying to get some people here
It's probably not that in all likely-hood. It wasn't even a hacker so much as people exploiting an issue in the coding. Msparp tumblr confirmed it.

The admin is actually back around now, so it should be resolved much quicker. (It wasn't getting fixed because they were in Bolivia.)
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