Full Version: MSPARP is down.
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Yeah, I've been in a continuous roleplay with this one person I found the day before the search method stopped working. The most we've had happen is a chunk of our log disappearing. But other than that, there's no site-related issues messing up our chat.
(01-12-2014 05:02 AM)Karkancer Wrote: [ -> ]nah, i think that number is in flux do to pre-set chat rooms. Those are still accessable. So part of MSPARP is fine. Its the random connector that isn't working hmmm...

Oh yeah, I was referring to that, lol.
Okay, to anyone saying that they see number in the search/chatting box. It's not real, it's a pre-set calculation of what users should be using it. Once again thank you for your input and we will (try) to help get the site up. We don't promise. Anywho, for some reason, Charat is working for me, but parp is still having a disconnection baby right now. Truthfully i don't like it any more then you fine roleplayers do. I don't want to get a life either.
We've basically narrowed it down to the random chat design. Thank you so much Karkancer for suggesting that. Anyway, it seems its a bump in the coding we can no longer fix and will have to wait for parps actual admins to assign a tech guy to fix it. We don't know anything about coding. So don't ask us. We can figure it out but it would take longer. Anyway, we'll keep you updated for changes in the sites alike, good and/or bad.
Glad to help. Anything to help. Not like I have anything better to do while I wait.
MSPARP is working for me. I'm not sure who fixed it, or what fixed it, but it's up! So if your still having problems, drop me a line.
Hope your parp is running well, if not, i want you to know i dropped a line to some admins and (hopefully) got their attention. So if your life on parp is not on track, were doing what we can, and HEY! the charat's group chats still work if the random chats don't! so there, stay in tune for more updates.
its going back to being broke again cause few minutes ago the as i was chatting with some people, but then it just stop working again
It was working all day for me but not anymore O~O
i dont know what happen when that messed up search thing was in the like 16 and stuff it was working, but it shot up to 100 and above bam stopped working
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