Full Version: |Somewhat Experienced RP'er Looking for an RP Buddy!| Can do ships, OC, etc.
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My old RP buddy hasn't been online in over a year, and I think it's about time to find a new one. So, I'm gonna present what I'm all about, and if you're interested, hit me up! Either in private messages or just in the replies.

I usually RP as OC's, weather for HS RP's, other fandoms or even non-fandom RP's. Despite that, I do sometimes try to RP canon characters, though I'm not quite good at it.

I'm okay with ships most of the time, and I like to do a multitude of RPs.

I don't do smut, or fetish stuff.

My fandoms currently include Starbound, D&D, Stardew Valley, Homestuck, Oneshot, and Dragon Ball among many, many others. [/spoiler]
Heyo! I have some nerds that I can roleplay! I'm game if you'd like to hit me up some time
yoo! i have a bronze-blood fantroll that i rp, named Bealox Bolina! you can hit me up any time you like if you want to rp! <3
Hi hello!

I have a jade-blood trollsonas who's a total sweet pea who needs friends!
bump cause i'm looking for rp buds again
I've got a couple of troll beans which i'd love to use for some rping. So just PM me if you're up for it .w.
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