Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Sburbia Online is a Homestuck fan-venture based around an alternate version of Sburb. The changes will be made apparent as the story goes on. This story is based on Homestuck, but takes inspiration from a bunch of other sources. Lastly, I'm not 100% on where this story will go, so this'll be an adventure for me as well as you guys!

NOTE: Updates do not consistently have pictures until Chapter 3!


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Update: I made an official Discord for this thing while the forums were down. I don't know what exactly I was trying to accomplish, but it doesn't matter anymore because the forums came back up. Come on down! We're pretty active and sometimes we play Minecraft.



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A young man stands in his back yard and can't help but think that the orange blanket of light cast by the setting sun sets the mood perfectly for what's about to go down. Hell yes, he thinks. This is going to be the greatest LAN party of all time.

But what is this kid's name, anyway?

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What? No. That's dumb.

Now we're talking. You're name is JACK JOHNSON. People say your last name is boring but you think its FUCKING SWEET because alliterative names are cool 100% of the time.

You're currently standing in your BACKYARD. Your computer is set up out here because you've planned a TOTALLY EPIC LAN PARTY with you and your FRIENDS, friends that you've now realized are LATE AS SHIT. Seriously, they were supposed to be here half an hour ago! At this rate, everyone's going to have played that HOT NEW COMPUTER GAME except you! The thought alone makes you fume.

You're chumhandle is joystickMotionblur and you're Totally hardcore psyched about epic shit just about 24/7.
==> Jack: Start pestering your freinds to find out where the flip they are.
Jack: Start pestering your friends to find out where the flip they are.

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You turn on your computer and check DISSENT, the chat client you and your friends use for gaming and general communication. It appears none of them have messaged you since the last time you checked. Or the time before that. Fucking slackers.

Which of these chums should you pester?
==> Jack: Pester delicateGreenhouse.
Jack: Pester DG.

You attempt to pester DG to the best of your ability, but alas, she doesn't appear to be at her computer. What could that girl be doing that's so important? And right before the party, no less. You decide to try your hand at pestering someone else.
==> Try Pestering curiousTerran now.
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