Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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==> Mary Conner

Oh, now you're just asking for it, aren't you?

(A/N: Not a bad name, CT, but I kinda want each name to come from a different person)
> Suzy Cander
(A/N: Can I get a 7 letter surname? going once, going twice...)
> Lisa Furlong

Your name is LISA FURLONG and you are about to finally attend your friend's little get together. He's a whiny piece of shit, but he's your whiny piece of shit. Aside from making him mad, your interests include being a GREAT EXPLORER. Okay, that's not true. In reality, you almost never leave your bedroom, and spend most of your time reading up on LOST TREASURES and maps of SPARSELY CHARTED BOONIES.

Having opted out of arriving on time in favor of getting some more thorough preparation done, you are ready for pretty much any scenario that may come about from playing this game. All the essentials are packed away in your COMPASS FETCH MODUS while everything else has been stored in your basement.

Your chumhandle is curiousTerran and you Basically couldn't care less about most other people
> Lisa: Do you have a plan to go to Jack's house?
Lisa: Do you have a plan to go to Jack's house?

Plan? You were probably just going to jump out the window like you usually do.
> Carefully do a YOUTH JUMP out of the window. Or not carefully, really.
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