Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Clay & Jack: Be Kate.

[Image: BaaVQ7K.png]

You are once again KATE GOODMAN. You're sitting angrily in your bedroom now because you've found out where your phone is; Your SIS took it. She looked through your phone and saw you were "messaging boys" again. She doesn't like it when you do that. She says you're too young, despite the fact that you're practically an adult.

She put your phone in her room. You think she's in the kitchen, now.

>Kate: Check computer.
>Kate: Initiate stealth mode.
>Kate: Check computer.
Kate: Check computer.

[Image: ZQTzI8q.gif]

You turn on your computer and are greeted by your DESKTOP. It's pretty tidy. All that's visible are the DISSENT CHAT CLIENT, your web browser of choice, CERBERUS, and the game Jack wanted you to download.

Wait a second... that game...


[Image: bLQzs0I.png]


[Image: VhuDYT3.png]

Oh no...

You're late again.
>Kate: Grab your laptop and run.
Kate: Grab your laptop and run.

[Image: d8Bssjl.gif]

The phone can wait.
> RUN, Kate. RUN!!!!!!
RUN, Kate. RUN!!!!!!

[Image: 8NXENbw.png]

[Image: ix8OcG2.gif]

[Image: q5RwxMh.gif]

KATE GOODMAN joins the party!

>Jack: Pester CT.
> Jack: Pester CT
Jack: Pester CT.


[Image: ExKs2DG.png]

[Image: 7cWojk2.png]

Jack's neighbor finally makes her presence known. Now that she's finished what was previously keeping her busy, she's finally ready to leave her home and join the rest of her friends. But before she can get in on the fun, she needs a name!

What is this girl's name?
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